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Samsung WEP 500 Review

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If you’re into miniaturization then there’s no doubt that the new Samsung WEP 500 Bluetooth Headset will prove to be just the accessory that you’ve been waiting for as it’s the most diminutive model that I have come across to date weighing a mere 0.31 oz (8.8 grams).

Samsung WEP 500 Profile

Barely thicker than four stacked quarters (not including earpiece) pictured above and about the size of the face of a quarter, the WEP 500 has undoubtedly been designed to be as discreet as possible when fitted in your ear or carried in your pocket.  The WEP 500 is also even smaller than the (unimpressive) Motorola H9 that I reviewed a few months ago.

Samsung WEP 500 Top View

Although it is extremely small the WEP 500 still manages to offer excellent performance.  For starters it delivers 3.5 hours of talk time (over twice that offered by the Moto H9) as well as surprisingly good inbound and outbound call quality thanks to a set of two microphones fitted on the headset (a Primary and Secondary) designed to better pick up your voice.

Samsung WEP 500 Front Samsung WEP 500 Side

Sadly, although I really like the overall design and performance of the actual headset I am extremely disappointed by Samsung’s implementation of the charging kit.  The WEP 500 headset can _only_ be charged via a relatively bulky cradle (pictured below) and _only_ using another large wall charger – thus almost completly defeating the entire advantage of having such an ultralight headset in the first place.  I really don’t understand why the company didn’t opt for a simple USB charging alternative – it would have made a world of difference.

Samsung WEP 500 Charging Cradle

Leaving the charging kit issue aside the fact is nonetheless that if your primary need is for an ultrasmall and ultralight headset that delivers great call quality then currently my recommendation would be to go with this Samsung WEP 500 as it offers an excellent overall solution.

Samsung WEP 500 On Ear

Having said this, if ultralight and ultrasmall is not your primary need then I would personally still most highly recommend the extraordinary Jawbone headset which has the best overall voice quality thanks to its unique noise cancellation technology.  Other worthwile alternatives include this Motorola H700 as well as the Jabra JX10 II.

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Posted by Andrew on October 22, 2007 at 02:54 PM

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je possede une oreillette samsung wep 500 depuis que j'utilisais avec tous mes mobile, depuis peu j'ai fait l'aquisition d'un nouveau telephone (samsung WAVE) et le comble est que celle-ci n'est pas compatible avec ce portable de sa propre famille !
désolant !

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