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Palm Centro ColoursThe Palm Centro continues to garner excellent reviews from all quarters with many emphasizing that at $99 (with a two year contract) the Centro is undoubtedly the best value smartphone on the market today.

It’s therefore no surprise that all the feedback that I have received to date points to extremely robust Centro sales across all channels and with the official launch of the Ruby Red Centro this past Sunday I am sure that these will continue to rise.

Given the fact that many Centronauts are new to the smartphone arena, one area that has been a bit more complex is finding the right Centro accessories because they don’t immediately understand that the Treo and Centro actually share many of the same accessories such as a car charger for example.

Centro accessories

Although our existing Treo Store already sells all of the available Centro accessories (simply select your device in the top left corner of the screen) we thought that in order to make it easier for Centro owners to find exactly what they’re looking for we should build a dedicated Centro accessories store providing only those products compatible with the Centro.

This Centronauts Store offers a full range of accessories from a Centro case to a Centro charger and my current list of recommendations includes:

Currently the two Centro accessory categories that are unfortunately still very bare relate to cases, batteries and battery chargers. 

Although popular cases such as the SPE P6 Pouch case will accomodate the Centro the fact is that it was not designed specifically for it but a wider selection of cases is expected within the coming month such as this Centro holster by Seidio.

Also, as many will already know the Centro battery does not share the same size or connectors as previous Treo batteries which means that 1) there are not yet any battery chargers available for your Centro nor 2) any spare or extended batteries either (since there’s probably no point in having a spare battery if you can’t charge it…)  Palm have not yet stated if or when they may release a redesigned battery charger nor when they will make spare batteries but the Centronauts Store will obviously stock these as soon as they become available.

Evidently everything would have been a lot simpler if Palm had decided to call this smartphone the “Treo Centro” but that’s a whole other story…

Centronauts always have the very best accessories

Posted by Andrew on November 6, 2007 at 01:01 PM

Palm Centro

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by Julie | Nov 7, 2007 1:44:02 PM

I just called Saunders, manufacturer of RhinoSkins, and asked if they had a release date yet for a RhinoSkin for the Centro. Much to my dismay, I was told that Saunders has decided NOT to make a RhinoSkin for the Centro. My last RhinoSkin saved my Treo 650 from nasty falls many times. Do you have any other suggestions for heavy-duty Centro cases?

by Lou | Nov 7, 2007 8:15:08 PM

I purchased the Ruby Red Centro on Monday. Let me tell you, as a Treo700 owner, my daughter almost lost her Centro. Sleek, small yet very manageable and comfortable in my big hands. Palm has done a good job with the outer shell of this phone. Now they just need to continue on improving the OS.

by dmm | Nov 7, 2007 10:09:18 PM

I'd like to see something like the Smartphone Experts or RexRegina pouches for the Centro.

by Susan Weir | Jan 8, 2008 11:37:37 AM

Is there any new info on when Palm will have spare and/or extended Centro batteries? For now, the Seidio INNODock Jr. Cradle is great, but would like the security of a spare when I don't have access to car, home or desk charger.

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