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Centro Case - Seidio's Centro Holster Review

As I mentioned last week (see Centro accessories), there are unfortunately still too few Centro cases specifically designed to fit this latest much smaller, lighter and thinner Palm smartphone.

Centro Holster

The recent release of Seidio’s Centro Holster therefore makes a much needed and welcome entry in the still rather bare (for now at least) Centro cases category with an elegant, well built and designed holster that is small, sturdy and compact as well as being entirely covered with a rubberized coating which happens to feel great in your hand.

Centro Holster - Back

In terms of build and design this Centro holster is very similar to previous Treo models but I have to admit that I am impressed by some of the additional improvements that have been made on this one.

Centro Holster - Side

For starters, one of the smartest design features is the way your Centro appears to “float” a few millimiters inside the holster (see image below).  At first I though that this was a design flaw but this was before realizing that it had actually specifically been done to ensure that none of the keys or hard buttons would accidentally touch the insdie surface of the holster – thus preventing the screen from repeatedly switching on and draining battery life or answering calls when removing your Centro from its holster.

Centro Holster - Side Full

Another smart improvement is a reinforced belt clip (one which still rotates 180 degrees in six positions) to ensure that it will withstand the most extreme conditions and daily abuse.  As with previous Seidio holsters, I also continue to like the fact that the clip is very slim and that it has a lip at the bottom to prevent the Centro holster from slipping out of your belt.

Centro Holster - top

Additionally, the top flap (above) has a small rubber strip at its end to protect your Centro against scratches and also to ensure that it provides more grip to hold your smartphone in place. 

Centro Holster - bottom

Furthermore, the bottom of the holster (above) has been cutout so as to provide easy access to the power and HotSync connectors as well as a further larger cutout to ensure that any headphone jack can be inserted without any obstruction (this type of holster is actually perfect for listening to music while on the go or if you decide to use a corded headset).

Centro Holster - On Belt

Finally and perhaps more importantly the Centro Holster fits very comfortably by your side (the smaller size undoubtedly helps) and probably provides one of the fastest and most effective ways to quickly reach for your Centro to make or answer calls.

Centronauts always find the best cases

Posted by Andrew on November 12, 2007 at 02:27 AM

Centro Cases

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by Quinnovate | Nov 13, 2007 10:18:42 AM

Have they fixed the top flap's weak point? I had a Seidio holster and the latch to keep it in and let it loose broke after only a short period of time. Then their customer service was so bad I would have a hard time trusting them again.

by Jason | Nov 13, 2007 6:09:47 PM

I have also had terrible fortune with Seidio and swore not to deal with them. My Seidio battery is dead after only one year and I topped it off every night. All my other Seidio products either broke or failed.

But I'm desperate for a case and this one will do, even if it is short term (hopefully it lasts longer...at least 18 months).

by Sean | Dec 9, 2007 12:15:45 AM

I too had a poor experience with Seidio cases. I bought one for my PPC-6700, and it was so sloppy, I had to line the whole thing with felt. Not very high quality. But their's seems to be the only one on the market right now for the Centro, and I hate having my phone in my pocket or in a magnetic case where I can't get to it until the call has gone to voicemail.

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