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Centro Skin Case With Clip Review

The new SPE Centro Skin Case has once again demonstrated the popularity of this type of protection for your smartphone and rapidly (almost instanteously) risen to become the #1 bestselling Centro case.

Centro Skin Case

The Centro Skin Case provides a thick (1mm), smooth and extremely elegant rubber skin (available in Clear, Black and Pink) that has been molded near perfection to fit like a glove around your Centro to protect it against bumps and scratches.

I am also particularly impressed by the overall level of detailing that has evidently gone into the design of this skin case.  For starters, the microdots on both sides at the back (detail below left) provide a much enhanced grip for your device and ensures that it won’t easily slip out of your hands as well as providing a very good tactile feel.

 Centro Skin Case - Microdots Centro Skin Case - Camera

Next are all the molded cutouts for the camera and back speaker (above right), the HotSync connector and headset jack at the bottom (below left) as well as the silent slider (below right).

 Centro Skin Case - Connector Centro Skin Case - Silent Slider

The side buttons (below left) are nicely covered and the cutout for the infrared port and microSD card slot have been carefully and well thought out (albeit Palm really has made it impossible to gain access to the microSD card without removing the battery cover).

 Centro Skin Case - Side Buttons Centro Skin Case - SD Card Slot

Equally well fitted are cutouts for the front speaker and indicator light, the stylus as well as the fully covered navigation keys + 5Way button at the front (detail below right).


The only complaint that I have with the Centro Skin Case is that the profile around the keyboard (detail below) is unfortunately raised instead of recessed which means that your fingers will find it just that little bit harder to hit the keys – particularly if you have large hands.

The kit also conveniently includes two lanyards (a short one for your wrist and a longer one for your neck) which can be easily fitted to your Centro and passed through the skin case.


The SPE Centro Skin Case also features a removable belt clip for those who like the convenience of carrying the Centro by their side at all times.  For those who like me prefer to do without the belt clip you can simply remove the connecting screw at the back – leaving an unobtrusive 2mm circular recess at the back.  Additionally, I found that this way you can easily fit the skin case in the P6 Pouch Case thus combining the convenience of a side case with the protection of a skin case.


Other recommended Centro cases include the SPE TopPouch and Seidio Centro Holster.

Treonauts always have the right case

Posted by Andrew on November 27, 2007 at 05:22 PM

Centro Cases

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by CLINT GROMMETT | Dec 12, 2007 7:14:24 PM

I will be copying and pasting this into every single review I can find on the internet for any and all Centro cases. I've had the Treo 300/600/650/700p and now the Centro. Every one of these devices have a touchscreen, which is very delicate. My first case was a very sweet lambskin beauty with rubberized plastic stretched over the screen, which did naught to protect it when on my hip and bumped a side mirror of a car, while walking very slowly. I immediately bought a RhinoSkin aluminum case, and when upgraded to the 700p, bought a Speck Products ToughSkin. These last two are indispensable because they have solid clear plastic covering the screen. The RhinoSkin had the whole front cover on a hinge, and the ToughSkin has a flip-up shield. Please please please keep an eye out for something akin to what I describe, and include a warning that none of the skins you review offers even a modicum of protection to the most important part of their expensive devices. BTW, I always recommend Treonauts reviews because they DO contain a wealth of knowledge. Thank you very much!

by Heather | Dec 13, 2007 10:41:13 AM

I purchased the same type of case from Boxwave. I really like the design as well, but have to agree that the raised surface around the keyboard definitely makes it hard to hit the outside keys.I find myself taking the case off most of the time if I am doing alot of texting. I also believe that they should have made this case more snug fitting, I dont know if other manufacturers cases are as loose but Boxwave's product keeps sliding around more and more- the longer it is on and I dont even use the holster. If anybody runs in to a great snug fitting case for the Centro in pink, keep me in your thoughts and let me know! Thanks!!!

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