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Thanksgiving Special - 10% Off ALL Treo, Centro & iPhone Accessories!

To celebrate Thanksgiving with you this week we have created a very special 10% Off coupon valid until midnight PST on Monday, November 26 across all of our accessories stores including the Treo Accessories Store, Centro Accessories Store and iPhone Accessories Store.

Simply enter the coupon code TURKEY10 in any of these stores after Checkout under Billing Info to apply this terrific 10% Off discount to your entire cart of Treo, Centro or iPhone accessories.

Below you’ll find a few of my recommendations for each of these devices:

Treo Accessories

Centro Accessories

iPhone Accessories

Separately, we also still have our 20% Off coupon valid for all applications in our Treo and Centro Software Store.  Simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart.

Wishing all Treonauts, Centronauts and iPhoniacs a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day and fun long weekend!

Treonauts are always giving thanks

Posted by Andrew on November 21, 2007 at 02:11 PM

Treo Accessories Offers

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by Janet Hall | Nov 23, 2007 12:21:05 PM

Ya might know I just ordered and received accessories for my new Centro last week...

by Treoshack : Treo Accessories Supplier | Dec 4, 2007 5:53:18 AM

Speedier iPhone in the works

Apple will launch an iPhone next year that can access the Internet at faster speeds than its current model, said Randall Stephenson, chief executive officer of AT&T.

The new version of the iPhone — the much-hyped gadget that combines a Web-capable cell phone with Apple’s iPod media player — will operate on AT&T’s speedy third-generation, or 3G, wireless network, Stephenson said this week. San Antonio-based AT&T, the nation’s largest phone company, is the iPhone’s exclusive U.S. carrier.
For details visit : http://treoshack.wordpress.com/


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