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Treo 500 Unlocked In Europe Soon

Treo 500 WhiteI have been a big fan of the Treo 500 since first laying my hands on it in London a few months ago and later when I unboxed my own unit.

As I mentioned at the time of its release, the Treo 500 is a very slick, slim and light smartphone that feels absolutely great in your hands and is surprisingly simple to use for a Windows Mobile non-touchscreen device – it offers the build quality that I hope all future Treo smartphones will deliver.

Unfortunately the Treo 500 has not yet made it over to the US and according to Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan “there are no plans to make it available in the US”. 

Having said this, Palm Europe Ltd recently announced that the Unlocked version of the Palm Treo 500 smartphone, which runs on a Windows Mobile 6 standard platform, will be made available across Europe in January.  The Treo 500v smartphone, announced in September, was previously only available exclusively on Vodafone’s 3G/UMTS network in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the UK and to Vodacom customers in South Africa.

Treo 500 Unlocked

The Treo 500 smartphone was launched in France in November (image above). Further product and availability details will be made available in January 2007.

I have to assume that Palm is sidestepping the launch of the Treo 500 in the US in favour of the highly anticipated Treo 800w – the first Palm smartphone that will likely incorporate WiFi and possibly also GPS – that “should” become available with Sprint or Verizon as early as February ‘08.

Additionally, aside from the expected releases of the Palm Centro on AT&T and Verizon hopefully in the first or second quarter of 2008 I think that we can safely assume that another high-end Palm OS Treo smartphone will not become available before the end of the year when the new Palm Linux OS will (hopefully) be ready for prime time.

Treonauts always want to know about the future

Posted by Andrew on December 27, 2007 at 06:00 AM

Treo 500

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by sergio | Dec 27, 2007 7:47:45 PM

Bye bye Mr CEO Ed Colligan !

How do you explain that all the world and all companies in the world have mooved rapidly to fully equiped machines except Palm?

How can you trust the leadership of a such CEO ? ...

If you deny your own child ( a Palm with a Palm software and open to Macintosh PC for instance) only because you have been seduced by a Behemoth ( a Window system 5 or 6) you are painted yourself in the corner as you did the last 5 years...

You better have walked on the steps of your own roots...

And if it takes you 2 more years to understand that a WI-FI and many other facilities should be there you are just a dying dinosaure...

When you buy a Microwave oven you intend to cook your food and not to freeze it... so you should better work on a Palm wich does not freeze... and open concentrate on a Smart Palm system ...

You demonstrate a self hatred behavior when skipping your own child from the market... You need to hire a Shrink not an Apple assistant...( it is too late my dear)

You can't imagine my deception... Ask artists how they do work ( designer, stage directors, musicians, choreographers, writers...) instead of selling your imagination to Mr Bill Gate... who does well what he does because he is who he is... and how many more years do you need to understand the Nokia or Google or Apple spirit...

Your company will be always late because you do not work for a dream but only immediate profit... and "fast food" type solutions...
Creation needs time, risk and courage... you have lost your company by being a follower and not a creator...

Bye bye Colligan...

by FLORENT | Sep 16, 2008 10:27:41 PM

I received a treo from Orange France and I want the unlock code to use it in my country. I am from Ivory Coast and I can't to unlock here.

my IMEI/ 357567010442629.


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