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Centro Skinned Holster from Seidio

Centro skin cases and Centro hard cases are typically some of the most popular solutions to protect your smartphone.  However, one of the “problems” is that a Centro with a skin or hard case will not fit in a standard Centro holster because of the added thickness.

Centro Skinned Holster

Thankfully Seidio has just released its Centro Skinned Holster (pictured here) to specifically accomodate cases such as the bestselling SPE Skin Case, Palm Centro Air Case and also its own new Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case (pictured below and which I will review separately in the coming days).

Centro Skinned Holster - Side

Thanks to its large top spring clip the Skinned Holster will hold your Centro firmly and securely in place while still make it extremely easy to access quickly by simply lifting the spring clip a little and pulling your smartphone out.

Centro Skinned Holster - Belt Clip

I also like the fact that the belt clip at the back (image above) offers an extremely slim profile and thus ensures that the holster does not protrude unnecessarily and ungainly from your body.  Additionally, the belt clip offers eight rotating positions (up to 180 degrees) so that you can wear the holster horizontally or vertically on your side.

Centro Skinned Holster - Back

As with previous models I have found this Seidio Skinned Holster to be a robust and elegant solution to carry the Centro by my side with the convenience of quickly having access to it for making or receiving calls.  As you can appreciate from the picture below the combination of the new Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case and the Centro Skinned Holster actually also happens to look quite stunning.

Centro Skinned Holster - On Belt

Centronauts always find the best options

Posted by Andrew on January 2, 2008 at 12:29 PM

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by Quinnovate | Jan 2, 2008 5:32:41 PM

Contrary to your experience, my experience with Seidio's robustness was less than stellar. The top clip on a Treo 650 skin holster snapped off and revealed to have a weak point where only two small connections had to bear all the force (which isn't much, but still it wasn't sufficient to a moderate pull).

Their customer service experience was worse, when after two tries (the second where they acknowledged they found my first request and again promised to get back to me) I couldn't get ANY response. Consequently, I can't recommend going with Seidio for anything.

I've subsequently found Speck to have an effective solution AND great customer service, so I hope they'll come out with a skinned holster for the Centro.

by sergio 2 | Jan 3, 2008 12:56:47 AM


Did you asked yourself how hazardous might be wearing this kind of Seido attachment ? Are you aware about the damage you are doing yo your organes (liver, kidneys, blood etc.) etc) by the daily "shelling" against your organism ?The electromagnetism + the radio waves of your phone sticked to your belt , so closely and directly ?
All these guns (but I admit very smart ) devices around the belt should be banned for your health and security. Asked your surgeon!
I mean it . I feel it . I want Palm to make a public announcement about it.
Stop killing yourself !

by Plugh | Jan 16, 2008 2:33:09 PM

This thing turns a compact pocketable phone into a hideous, monstrous belt-wart. I'm not putting my Centro on Cartman's Weight Gain 4000 plan.

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