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Centro TopPouch Case Review

Until very recently most if not all leather Centro cases in our store were not specifically designed to custom fit this tiny smartphone but were instead cases (such as the bestselling P6 Pouch Case) that had originally been designed for the Treo.

Centro Top Pouch Color RangeThankfully a terrific new range of high quality real leather Smartphone Experts cases including the Centro TopPouch below as well as the CombiFlip case and SidePouch case released last week now offer a very snug and protective fit for your Centro smartphone (each available in a range of five colours from black, dark brown, tan, red and beige pictured here on the right).

Centro Top Pouch Centro Top Pouch - Back

I have to admit that I have been extremely impressed by this new range of Centro cases – the designers have clearly learned from previous complaints that I had and managed to produce a case that I consider perfect in nearly all respects.

Centro Top Pouch - Padding Centro Top Pouch - Back Speaker

For starters the SPE logo is now discreetly stamped at the back instead of the front, the magnet for the front flap is now much stronger, a small round hole has been added at the back to ensure that you will better hear the speakerphone when ringing, the leather covered steel belt clip is extremely sturdy, you have easy access to the audio jack to listen to music with a stereo headset or make calls with a corded headset and finally I also like the felt lining and padding on the inside of the case that helps to smoothly slide your Centro in and out as well as providing excellent protection against both scratches and drops.

Centro Top Pouch - Magnetic Flap Centro Top Pouch - Bottom

Additionally, I like the fact that even though the TopPouch benefits from a nice thick internal padding overall the case still manages to deliver a very slim profile adding only one or two millimeters at the front and back.

Centro Top Pouch - Profile

Finally, the Centro TopPouch just looks great – it’s elegant, displays a very clean high quality leather front, offers easy access to your smartphone and thanks to its strong belt clip and magnetic flap ensures that it’s always securely by your side.

Centro Top Pouch - On Belt

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Centronauts always come out on top

Posted by Andrew on January 28, 2008 at 12:43 PM

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by RichC | Jan 29, 2008 9:23:01 AM

Still holding out for a SPE thin slipcase. Currently I don't carry a Centro -- still using the 700p, but both my wife and daughter enjoy this trim smartphone. A case with a belt clip is not something they need and if I had one, I'd prefer a thin protective slipcase to drop in my pocket as well ... nevertheless, the new "TopPouch" case does look nice.

by KC | Feb 3, 2008 5:27:27 PM

How snug is the fit? I want it snug, but also not too snug. Does it slip in easily or do you really have to cram it in there?

by Andrew | Feb 4, 2008 11:46:10 AM

KC - the SPE TopPouch provides a truly "perfect" fit for your Centro. It is neither too snug nor too loose but fits just right to easily slip your Centro in and out.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

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