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Latest New & Updated Treo and Centro Software

In recent weeks there have been a number of noteworthy new and updated Treo and Centro software titles for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile which I wanted to share with you.

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Bejeweled 2The highly acclaimed, bestselling and totally addictive Bejeweled 2 for Palm OS and Bejeweled 2 for Windows Mobile gets a major update with version 1.30.

In version 1.30, Bejeweled 2 adds much-requested support for 240x240 square screen Windows Mobile devices such as Palm Treo and Centro smartphones and includes support for 320x320 Windows Mobile Professional and Classic devices.

This update also sees the very first release on Windows Mobile Standard devices.  Bejeweled 2, version 1.30, supports 240x320 and 320x240 resolution non-touchscreen devices including the HTC S710, HTC StrTrk, Samsung Blackjack & Blackjack II, and Motorola Q and Q9.

The game has been brought fully up-to-date on Astraware's current games framework and controls have been optimized for play with either 5-way or stylus. Bejeweled 2 is recognised by both public and media as the must-have puzzle game for your Palm OS or Windows Mobile device, and this update supports an even wider range of devices than ever before!

Bejeweled 2, version 1.30, is a free update for registered users.  Players who haven't yet experienced this award-winning classic should at the very least download a trial version to see what they have been missing…

PictureLinkPictureLink is a small, simple and extremely useful tool that allows you to create six unique types of quick shortcut links – Dial a phone number, Launch a URL, Compose a new email, Compose a new SMS, Open an Address in Google Maps and Play a Pocket Tunes Playlist.  Additionally, PictureLink allows you to assign a customized picture for all links that you create (just select any image on your device or SD card).

PictureLinks is essentially a powerful tool to create tiny .prc applications on the fly that can subsequently be launched anywhere just like any application and it also works using 3rd party launchers such as ZLauncher and Launcher X.

AgendusAgendus for Palm OS v12.06
The latest version of Agendus for Palm OS Version 12 includes powerful journaling capabilities, a personal project manager, all new “at-a-glance” or Card views now more colorfully organized and streamlined, a new Contact View "Photo Dialer" mode, support for attaching items (documents, images, etc.) to meetings, tasks, memos and contacts and standalone alarms, just to name a few.

Version 12.06 is a maintenance release introducing full support for the GSM (AT&T) Palm Centro smartphone. In particular, by upgrading to version 12.06, owners of the GSM based Centro will be able to take advantage of Agendus' contact dialing, emailing and text messaging integration capabilities.

Also available is the latest update to Agendus for Windows Mobile v2.2

ToolboxToGoToolboxToGo is a utility that helps you to make PIM data (Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Calendar and Meetings) changes quickly and easily.

Whether you use the best selling Agendus or the regular built-in applications to organize and manage personal information, ToolboxToGo will dramatically accelerate the time spent navigating, tapping, highlighting, selecting and more.

With ToolboxToGo you’ll discover five uniquely-designed tools that you may find you can't live without:

1. Contact Doctor
Keeping contact names neatly organized and formatted while meeting people on the go can be hard. No worries. Just call on the Contact Doctor for help. The Contact Doctor can quickly perform multiple capitalization changes to the formatting of Contact-related fields.

2. Number Doctor
If you like the Contact Doctor, you’ll love his associate, the Number Doctor. This tool allows you to make multiple changes to the display format of phone numbers for your Contacts. No more worrying about having to go back and make sure the numbers look consistent (dashes, parentheses, etc.). The Number Doctor has you covered.

3. Date Sweeper
The Date Sweeper makes it easy to make bulk deletions. This handy tool not only saves time, but it also helps freeing up your device’s memory since it will no longer be cluttered with useless data.

4. Heavy Lifter
How can a task that’s so easy to do on a desktop be such a challenge on a mobile device? Heavy Lifter can be used to quickly perform multiple changes to various fields and/or properties of your Calendar, Contact, Task and Memo entries.

5. Tag Cleaner
Now you have a swift way to reclaim the Notes area of your Meetings, Tasks, Contacts and Memos. By using the handy Note Tag Cleaner, the tags (text created and referenced by Agendus) can be removed with one clean sweep.

Separately, some of the new or bestselling Treo and Centro accessories that I can highly recommend this month include:

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Posted by Andrew on March 28, 2008 at 09:34 AM

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by Andy | Mar 29, 2008 11:17:41 PM

"In version 1.30, Bejeweled 2 adds much-requested support for 240x240 square screen Windows Mobile devices such as Palm Treo and Centro smartphones"

Um, Win Mo Centro?

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