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Nite Ize Backbone Case Review

Best Rugged Treo and Centro CaseFor those people looking for an extremely high quality rugged Treo or Centro case for the great outdoors or just a demanding work environment or weekend the new Nite Ize Backbone case will prove to be more than a terrific solution – it’s one of the very best built cases of this type that I have come across in a while and at only $15.95 it’s an absolute steal.

 Nite Ize Backbone Case Nite Ize Backbone Case - Back

The Nite Ize Backbone case should really be considered more of a mini backpack to carry and protect your smartphone – it actually looks and is built very much like a top end model.

Nite Ize Backbone Case - Profile

For starters the Backbone provides a fully enclosed design with water-resistant zippers (below right), sure grip pulls (above) as well as a super strong flex-clip that rotates 360 degrees.   A robust loop at the top back can also be used with a snap hook for example to attach to a backpack.

 Nite Ize Backbone Case - Molded Structure Nite Ize Backbone Case - Water-resistant zippers

The Backbone case also has a great looking molded back structure (above left) formed by heating the extremely robust ballistic nylon that provides the basics of the outer shell.

 Nite Ize Backbone Case - sure-grip pulls Nite Ize Backbone Case - Protection

Additionally, the padded interior (above right) offers scratch protection and a small inner pocket provides storage space for cash, credit cards, memory cards or even a small set of keys.

 Nite Ize Backbone Case - On belt Nite Ize Backbone Case - Belt open

Although it can’t be considered small the Nite Ize Backbone case is nonetheless extremely compact and comfortable by your side thanks to its super-strong flex-clip and the sure-grip pulls ensure that you can quickly and easily open the case to access your smartphone at any time.

Clearly this case is not for everybody but it’s one that I have very happily added to my own arsenal for those frequent occasions when I go hiking, biking or simply want a rugged case for the weekend – at this price it really was a no brainer.

Separately you may also want to read my previous review of the equally robust and very popular Nite Ize Clip Case as well as my recent Samsung WEP430 review for another top new arrival.

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Posted by Andrew on March 11, 2008 at 11:51 AM

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by Matt M | Mar 11, 2008 7:25:48 PM

Two questions about this case:

1. How low does the phone ride when clipped to your belt? It looks like the clip is placed fairly high on the case, which is good. I like my phone to ride as low as possible so it doesn't jab me in the side when I bend and turn.

2. Is it big enough for an iPhone to fit? I've got a Treo now, but as soon as my VZW contract is up I'll be switching.


by DeLEOcious! | Mar 12, 2008 5:47:47 AM

WOW!!!! nice and perfect You have to get it available in Brazil...

by ENE | Mar 17, 2008 5:27:12 PM

How could we review the case when it has been unavailable to be ordered?

by Andrew | Mar 18, 2008 8:01:31 AM

ENE - unfortunately, the Nite Ize Backbone completely sold out within hours of writing this post... However, it is due to be back in stock very shortly.

Cheers, A.

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