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Privacy Screen Protector Review for Treo and Centro

Privacy Screen ProtectorIf there has ever been a business or personal situation – on an airplane, bus, cab, train, the office or a restaurant – where you had wished that you could protect the privacy of your Treo or Centro screen from prying eyes you’ll be among the first to welcome the arrival of the new Case-Mate Universal Privacy Screen Pro.

According to the manufacturer, this privacy screen offers the maximum security available on the market today and works both with horizontal and vertical viewing angles while competing offerings only work in one direction.

As you can immediately appreciate from the images below, the viewing difference between a normal Treo or Centro display not fitted with a Privacy Screen (on the left) compared to one that has (on the right) is simply staggering – while you have a 100% view in the first you barely have a 10% view on the second.  [Note: both images have been taken under identical lighting conditions and screen brightness].

 WITHOUT Privacy Screen Protector WITH Privacy Screen Protector

The Case-Mate Privacy Screen Pro enhances security further by providing a very narrow 45 degrees viewing angle which greatly limits eyes other than yours from taking an intrusive peek at your screen.  In this respect, the high-tech made in Japan screen protector works flawlessly.

Privacy Screen Pro Kit

The kit of the Case-Mate Privacy Screen Pro (above from left to right) includes a small cleaning cloth, soft applicator card, graph sheet for sizing and the actual 2in x 3in Privacy Screen which needs to be cut to size.

 Privacy Screen Pro - Graph Sheet Privacy Screen Pro - Verify Privacy Screen Pro - Cut

Although I would naturally much have preferred for these privacy protectors to have been pre-cut to the exact size of the Treo or Centro screen it nonetheless proved pretty straightforward to fit.

  1. I wiped my screen clean using the microfiber cleaning cloth
  2. Measured my Centro screen (4x4cm)
  3. Marked the graph sheet and cut it to size
  4. Verified that the graph sheet fit properly (above center)
  5. Cut the Privacy Screen to size using the graph sheet as a reference (I strongly recommended using a cutter or paper trimmer to ensure a better cut)
  6. Peeled both backings on the protector and carefully applied it to my screen with the help of the applicator card

Overall, the high quality Case-Mate Universal Privacy Screen Pro worked exactly as advertised and now provides me with complete protection against prying eyes.  My only complaint is nonetheless that although the company claims that the Privacy Screen “offers crystal clear viewing” I personally found it to dramatically (by some 40%) reduce the brightness of my screen.  Having said this, I guess that some compromises must be made to ensure total privacy…

Treonauts always ensure their privacy

Posted by Andrew on March 26, 2008 at 02:52 PM

Treo Screen Protector

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by Sorian | Mar 27, 2008 3:12:38 AM

This sounds like a great product if you really hate that guy (or girl) always looking over your shoulder.

It also looks like there would be enough extra to either recover your Treo or Centro screen when the first becomes too scratched up, or to add it to a different device.

by deb | Mar 29, 2008 11:28:18 PM

is this removable? does it leave a residue if removed? thx..

by Andrew | Mar 30, 2008 7:17:53 AM

Deb - yes, it's completely removable and leaves absolutely no residue whatsoever.

Cheers, A.

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