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Treo and Centro Software March Updates

There have been a number of noteworthy updated Treo and Centro software titles this month and below you’ll find my Top 5 choices for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile.

Also, as part of our March Software Specials you can use the 20% off coupon that we’ve created (valid until March 31).  Simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart to purchase any of the applications below or choose from the thousands in our store.  [Please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store or Centro Accessories Store].

AgendusAgendus for Palm OS v12.05
The latest version of Agendus for Palm OS Version 12 includes powerful journaling capabilities, a personal project manager, all new “at-a-glance” or Card views now more colorfully organized and streamlined, a new Contact View "Photo Dialer" mode, support for attaching items (documents, images, etc.) to meetings, tasks, memos and contacts and standalone alarms, just to name a few.

Version 12.05 is a maintenance release which reflects the feedback received through our user community. In particular, it contains stability improvements and resolves a problem with alarm dialogs not showing all their buttons occurring in certain instances.

Also available is the latest update to Agendus for Windows Mobile v2.2

Softick Audio GatewaySoftick Audio Gateway v1.20
The latest update to the popular Audio Gateway program which adds Bluetooth Stereo headphones A2DP functionality to Palm OS Treo and Centro smartphones offers an array of bugfixes and optimizations.

Version 1.20 delivers resolved problem with mono sound streams (podcasts, audio books, etc) on some media players; adds support for pre 4.2 versions of Kinoma player and Sprint TV (beta); improves Audio/Video Control Profile (AVRCP) connections; adds support for Fast Forward/Fast Rewind buttons on the headset (Currently supported with Pocket Tunes media player only. Consult your headset user manual if this feature is supported by headset.); added support for Palm Treo 755P Updates and other minor bug fixes.

[Please see my Motorola S9 review or Plantronics 855 review as these are my two top Editor’s Choices for Stereo Bluetooth Headsets and will work great with this Audio Gateway software.] 

PalmaryClockPalmaryClock Wireless v1.3
This latest update of PalmaryClock Wireless includes the following enhancements:

  • New Alarm Manager with completely new design
  • World Time window is redesigned
  • Time Utilites window is redesigned
  • Weather and Events Bars are redesigned
  • Application Preferences are regroupped into new window for more easy access
  • All new devices support
  • Misc bug fixes

Spb Mobile ShellSpb Mobile Shell v2.0 (for Windows Mobile)
Considered by many to be THE must-have application for any Windows Mobile Treo such as the 750 and 700w|wx, Spb Mobile Shell introduces a next generation user interface (including “Smart Gestures” and extensive customization) while keeping all the advantages of a Windows Mobile device. 

This application dramatically improves the standard user interface and adds features that most users expect from a modern smartphone.

If you haven’t yet tried TAKEphONE I strongly recommend that you do as it’s one of the most trusted applications on my Treo and Centro which provides a much faster and intuitive tool to access your Contacts and more quickly and easily make calls.

TAKEphONE is essentially a wrapper for the Palm OS address book application, designed to enhance and simplify the most common tasks – finding phone numbers and creating/editing contacts.  These tasks can be done without the use of a stylus, with just a few taps on the screen or using your 5Way buttons.

Separately, please also take a moment to read my list of the Top 10 Treo and Centro Games (both for Palm OS and Windows Mobile) as well as my list of the Top 100 Treo and Centro Software (for Palm OS).

Treonauts always have the best apps

Posted by Andrew on March 7, 2008 at 10:22 AM
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