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BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway Review

BlackBerry Remote Stereo GatewayThere’s hardly a day that goes by when I’m not listening to music on my Treo or Centro with Pocket Tunes Deluxe.

Overall, music has consistently been one of the favourite functionalities on my smartphone and I’ve always sought to find the best new solutions available to enhance my mobile music experience.

Among others, over the years I have added the following to my arsenal:




Now the latest addition to my Treo and Centro Music Kit is the new BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway – a small and ultralight solution that allows you to wirelessly transmit music to your home or portable stereo (Note: Palm OS smartphones need to have Softick Audio Gateway installed).

BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway - Front

The main advantage of this Remote Stereo Gateway is that it provides a direct connection to your stereo via the included Audio Y Cable (below center) or 3.5mm Stereo Cable (below right).  Music is transmitted wirelessly over Bluetooth to the device from where it’s fed directly to your stereo – thus significantly increasing audio quality over that provided by traditional FM transmitters.

BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway - Kit

In order to keep the weight to a minimum, the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway does not have an internal battery which means that you’ll need to have a mini-USB wall charger (not included) to keep it powered at all times.

 BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway - Back BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway - Profile

Once paired with your Treo or Centro you’ll be able to roam freely in a room, listen to your favourite music streamed to your stereo all the while having the benefit of keeping the smartphone in your hands to forward/skip your tunes whenever you want – perfect if you happen to be in a “music discovery” mode.

Overall, the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway is exactly the solution that I have been looking for but its relative complexity and cost will clearly not be for everyone.  A great and very affordable alternative is simply to combine a 2.5mm Stereo Adapter with a long Audio Y Cable Splitter and plug your smartphone directly into your stereo.

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Posted by Andrew on April 3, 2008 at 12:05 PM

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