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Helix Holster for Centro Review

Helix Holster for CentroWhile the Helix Holster II (see my review) has for some time now been both the overall #1 bestselling Treo case as well as the #1 Treo holster there had thus far not been an equally good Centro holster for me to highly recommend.

Thankfully this manufacturer has now finally released its Helix Holster for Centro (pictured below) which delivers the same superior value, build and quality that we have come to trust with its Treo model.

Helix Centro Holster

For starters, the Helix Centro Holster is extremely light (only 30 grams) and has a very thin but robust profile which makes it ideal to carry your Centro by your side.  The entire body also happens to be covered in a soft-touch rubberized paint to ensure that your smartphone is protected against scratches and it also happens to feel great in your hands.

Helix Holster for Centro - Profile

The Helix Holster for Centro also benefits from two interchangeable rotating belt clip options (image below).  The first is a strong and long spring clip designed for the entire holster to stay fitted to your belt while the second is a shorter clip designed to provide you with the option to remove the holster from your belt with a self-latching mechanism.

Helix Centro Holster - Belt clips

Like all the best smartphone holsters, the Helix Centro Holster ensures that the relatively delicate touchscreen of your smartphone faces inwards – something that not only protects your screen from the occasional bumps but also makes it significantly easier to answer a call as you don’t need to rotate your Centro when removing it from your holster.

Helix Holster for Centro

The holster latch wraps perfectly around the top of your Centro with plenty of pressure to hold it securely in place while still making it quick and easy to remove when needed.  The two bottom rounded corners of the holster (always rubberized) provide leave ample room in the middle to provide full access to the sync & charge connectors of your Centro (the holster is so slim that you can actually place it in the bestselling Centro Cradle by Cellet without any problem).

 Helix Centro Holster - Latch Helix Centro Holster - Rubberized Body

As always, one of the main benefits of using a Centro holster is the fact that you can quickly and easily have access to your smartphone with a single hand – in this respect a holster probably remains the best type of case to rapidly answer a call from your hip.

Helix Holster for Centro

Overall it’s rather easy to understand why the Helix Holster for Centro will prove to be popular – it offers a strong and secure fit, provides added scratch protection thanks to its rubberized coating, includes two belt clips and has an elegant thin and light profile.

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Centronauts always find the best

Posted by Andrew on April 28, 2008 at 09:41 AM

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by charlesgonz | Apr 28, 2008 1:35:10 PM

Does it work with the big butt extended battery?

by Andrew | Apr 28, 2008 5:07:56 PM

Charles - I just tested it and it works perfectly with the Palm Centro extended battery - http://store.centronauts.com/palm-1850-mah-extended-battery-w-door/8A37A3593.htm

Cheers, A.

by dmm | Apr 29, 2008 10:16:11 AM

Isn't the extended battery discontinued, though?

by Sorian | Apr 29, 2008 10:08:39 PM

Is there enough room for the Palm Air Case to be left on while using this holster?

by Andrew | Apr 30, 2008 6:58:16 AM

Sorian - the Helix Centro Holster will only work with a "naked" Centro.

If you would like to use the excellent Palm Air Case http://store.centronauts.com/palm-air-case/4A123A3440.htm then you can use the Seidio Skinned Centro Holster instead http://store.centronauts.com/seidio-spring-clip-holster-skinned/4A24A3456.htm (I've tested it with the Palm Air Case and it works perfectly well).

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by Tom | Aug 5, 2008 6:51:45 AM

I liked the Helix holster I had for my 700P, so when I bought my Centro a few weeks ago I was reluctant to try anything else. I had to have something until I could order a Helix, so I bought the Seidio in a bundle at the Vzw store. Then I ordered a Helix online figuring the Seidio could be my spare. But - there is a slight issue with the Helix that has relegated it to spare. While I appreciate a holster that holds your device securely, I believe that I would eventually break something or wear right through the Centro case because the Helix is too tight. It seems to require two hands to get it out of the holster, and I would wince (for fear of damaging the Centro) every time I had to force it back into the holster. It would loosen up over time, but not before causing damage to the Centro. Or - it might pop out while I am trying to wrestle it in, and fall. If they had allowed about 1/32 of an inch more height, it would have been perfect. In the mean time, I've come to appreciate the Seidio. Fits perfect, holds securely yet is easy to get in and out one handed, and is lower profile than the Helix. Time will tell if it is more durable. When three of us had Treo 700 Helix's in the past, I would always have two spares on hand because holsters do break when they snag on seatbelts, etc. I do like the fact that the Helix leaves the ringer switch accessible, while the Seidio does not. In conclusion, buy both since you do need a spare - and decide for yourself.

by Mike Lowrey | Sep 9, 2008 12:30:06 PM

I bought this holster for the centro. I must admit that it has easily broken on me twice, including the alligator clips. I HATE THIS HOLSTER! HELIX CANT AFFORD A MORE DURABLE MATERIAL.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS! IT WILL ALSO SCRATCH THE TOP OF PHONE WHEN INSERTED. GARBAGE!!!

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