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New & Updated Treo and Centro Software - April

This month there have been more than a few noteworthy new and updated Treo and Centro software titles for both Palm OS and Windows Mobile which I wanted to share with you.

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Mac Version of SplashID and SplashMoney Now Available
SplashData has announced Mac OS X versions of its popular SplashMoney personal finance application and SplashID 4 secure password manager.  Both applications synchronize with their respective mobile applications.

SplashMoneyWith SplashMoney, Mac users now have access to a complete personal financial manager that enables them to securely record transactions, track account balances, generate reports and budgets, and manage finances while on the go. SplashMoney features wireless access to online bank accounts - an ideal feature for laptops and smartphones, a streamlined user interface, charting of financial data, the ability to assign icons to transactions, transaction filtering, and bank account reconciliation.

SplashIDMac users of SplashID have been anxiously waiting for the release of SplashID 4.0 (see my review), which includes substantial updates such as Web Auto-Fill, a feature that simplifies entering user names and passwords by using a web browser to go directly to a site and then retrieving the username and password directly from SplashID to auto-fill in the record.  Other key features in SplashID 4 include improved ways to view and find information, such as the new Panel and Tree views, and an Auto Search feature that retrieves records simply by entering a few letters in the Find box.
Advanced users of SplashID 4 can use the new Database Sync feature to select multiple databases to synchronize with on the Mac desktop and easily share data with other users, even across a network.

Also available: SplashID for Windows Mobile and SplashMoney for Windows Mobile

Softick Card Export 3.10 for Windows Mobile Released
Softick Card ExportSoftick Card Export for Windows Mobile is a tiny application that allows you to use Windows Mobile Treo smartphone as a convenient USB card reader – thus allowing you to access your files and folders on memory cards inserted into Windows Mobile device just as you would with a USB thumb drive.

This updated version of Softick Card Export supports the latest Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Professional firmware and provides a new modern user interface and also shows available space on your SD cards in real time.

Also available: Softick Card Export II for Palm OS

Agendus for Windows Mobile v2.21 Released
AgendusAgendus for Windows Mobile has been designed from the ground up with one goal in mind: to bring order and piece of mind in the busy life of today's windows mobile phone users.  It accomplishes such goal by seamlessly unifying schedule, contact management and task organization in a homogeneous, straightforward and pleasant to use interface.  Its out-of-the-box ready to use functionality is complemented by a variety of fine tuning options and preferences aimed at satisfying the novice as well as the power user audiences.

Version 2.21 is a maintenance release containing various improvements and functionality refinements.  Particular attention has been given to the localized versions, thanks to feedback and suggestions recently received through Agendus’ User Community.

Also available: Updated Agendus v12.07 for Palm OS

New Astraware Platypus for Palm OS and Windows Mobile
PlatypusAstraware and Idigicon announced the release of the squishiest shoot-em-up ever with Platypus for Palm OS and Platypus for Windows Mobile smartphones.

Based on the cult classic for PC and Mac, Platypus is a fast, frantic and fun side-scrolling arcade shooter with a difference - the entire game is made from clay!  The vast continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis has finally reached the limits of its expansion, and tall buildings cover every available space.  The Collosotropolan leaders have decided the simplest solution is to invade the neighbouring country of Mungola.  They don't anticipate much of a struggle - Mungolans are simple, earthy types without much love for industry. I n fact, Mungola's entire defence force consists of a single squadron of fighter planes - the venerable F-27 'Platypus'.

Your mission is to pilot your trusty Platypus and save peaceful Mungola! Fly across the squashy fields and trees, avoid the snowy mountains and protect your planet. Shoot down the enemy ships and marvel as they disappear in a splat! Collect fruit bonuses and a range of power-ups to aid you in your quest.

Iambic Releases New TripTracker 4.0 for Windows Mobile
TripTrackerTripTracker 4.0 provides a convenient way to carry along your trip essentials on your Windows Mobile Treo smartphone.  Along with handling your itinerary (hotel, airline, rental car) and frequent flyer account details, it also includes handy utilities like a currency converter, world time clock and a time calculator that simplifies scheduling appointments across time zones.  Version 4.0 has been updated to seamlessly synchronize with Microsoft Outlook and the desktop version of TripTracker.  It also has a brand new user-friendly interface.

SplashTravel Professional Edition for Palm OS
SplashTravelRecipient of multiple awards, SplashTravel Professional Edition provides 15 must-have tools when you travel or anytime you have to deal with different time zones, currencies, measurements or country codes with a stunning user interface. 

When you are on the go, you need information at your fingertips and SplashTravel includes clocks, calculators, converters, and all sorts of data that you’ll find handy while catching a flight, waiting for a train, or sitting in a cab on your way to a meeting.    Now with Live Weather, Currency, and Flight Info.

Power Hero v1.1.8 Released
Power HeroThe bestselling Power Hero has been designed to help you get the most out of your Treo battery or Centro battery.  Power Hero provides you with a simple and easy to use console from which you can instantly see the status and control any one of the six main power-draining functions on your smartphone to help you deliver an estimated additional 20% power.

This latest update includes various log file improvements, memory optimizations and several UI changes and fixes.  (See my review)

TreoWeatherTreoWeather v1.1 Released
The popular TreoWeather application provides precise weather data for most world cities with some of the best and richest user interface that delivers a vibrant weather display as well as full customization such as custom backgrounds as well as custom fonts and overlays.

This latest update includes some minor bug fixes and full support for the latest Centro smartphone.

USB Modem v1.60 Update
USBModemThe rather useful USB Modem software allows you to transform your Palm OS Treo and Centro smartphones into a USB modem for connecting a desktop or notebook computer to the Internet.

To surf the Internet from your PC you will only need a USB cable (such as the bestselling SPE Retractable S&C Cable) and a Treo or Centro with GPRS/EDGE service or CDMA 1x/EvDO data plan.

Using this application will help you to avoid paying your carrier’s expensive monthly “Phone as Modem” fees – thus this software solution easily pays for itself in less than a month.

Separately, some of the new or bestselling Treo and Centro accessories that I can highly recommend this month include:

Treonauts always want something new

Posted by Andrew on April 23, 2008 at 07:54 AM

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by Eric | Oct 18, 2008 4:45:05 PM

USB modem is great, I replaced my dsl with USB modem, since it was a one-time fee and waaay faster than ATT dsl (3 times as fast) because they limit ALL their plans to about 70-80kbps no matter how much you pay according to what I've experienced (70kbps downloading podcasts w ATT, vs. 210kbps w USB modem) and read on the web.

USB modem with Sprint got 1.5Mbps per speedtest.com!

Sprints proprietary tethering program is slower than ATT, 30-40kbps, and you have to manually reconnect after receiving a phone call. USB modem will sometimes stay connected even during a call, and if not able to, automagically reconnects you after you hang up. I haven't had good luck with USB modem staying connected during a phone call after buying the non-trial version, with either centro or 755p even with 55+mb of memory free. YMMV. (USB modem claims that connectivity during a phone call is variable depending upon how much memory on the phone is available.)

I did identify a compatibility issue between USB modem and Fileprog (freeware), which would cause fileprog to crash phone and reset when exiting the program.

I solved it by using Linkstart (freeware) to auto-import/export USB modem to and from the external card as needed so it's not resident on device memory when using Fileprog.

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