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Treo 500 Launches On O2 in UK

Treo 500Palm yesterday announced that the Treo 500 smartphone aimed at business users with high-speed 3G/UMTS mobile Internet access is now also available on the O2 network in the UK.  The device, which comes in charcoal grey, is available free from O2 on all Pay Monthly tariffs.

This is great news on a number of fronts.  For starters this is the first time in years that Palm has managed to get one of its smartphones on the O2 network – the largest carrier in the UK which also happens to be the exclusive iPhone service provider – so we can expect to see Palm generating some meaningful sales from this (the Treo 500 has previously only been available from Vodafone as the Treo 500v). 

Additionally, this latest deal opens the door for both the Treo 550 and Treo 800w to also become available on O2 later this year – something which should on the one hand help to further promote Windows Mobile powered Palm smartphones in the UK as well as to give Palm a partner with which to possibly launch its next-generation Nova OS devices in 2009.

Palm Treo 500

Running on the Windows Mobile 6 Standard platform, the Treo 500 offers business users viewing and editing capabilities for Microsoft Word and Excel documents, a full keyboard for quick and easy messaging, a large full-colour screen (not touchscreen) and a comprehensive multimessaging functionality covering email, IM, SMS, phone, and contact and calendar capabilities – all in a very compact form factor.  

Tim Weston, head of Marketing for XDA & Data Devices, O2 UK stated: “We are delighted that O2 customers will now be able to benefit from everything the Treo 500 has to offer. The Palm Treo 500 smartphone broadens our offering to business customers looking for an intuitive, fully functional smartphone”.

Palm Treo 500 Smartphone Features

  • All-in-one phone and messaging device
  • Access to Gmail, Hotmail/MSN and Yahoo! email
  • Full keyboard for fast and easy typing
  • Large, high-resolution screen
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile web browser
  • Windows Live online services, including MSN Messenger
  • Up to 3G speeds
  • Organiser with address book, calendar, to-do lists, and notes
  • 2.0-megapixel camera for capturing photos and video
  • Windows Media Player Mobile for music and videos
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard operating system
  • Microsoft Office Mobile for viewing and editing Microsoft Word and Excel® documents and viewing PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files
  • 150MB of user-available memory, expandable with microSD expansion card
  • Microsoft Direct Push technology for delivery of Outlook email
  • Bluetooth wireless technology

Having said all this, don’t expect to see the Treo 500 in the US anytime soon as it is unfortunately a smartphone that Palm is making available only in Europe…

Treonauts are always launching something

Posted by Andrew on April 29, 2008 at 03:13 PM

Treo 500

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by Serge | Apr 30, 2008 3:16:07 AM

The Centro 500 in UK googd news - Congratulation for the rest of European customers! But again Palm forgot ""the rest of us""... I was trying the last 5 years to get a Palm smartphone in France with WI FI ... Guess what ? I sadly had to betray Palm. I finally bought an expensive Nokia E90 only because Palm is too smart or too sold to Telephone Companies to add a Wi-Fi capability ( of course WI-FI access is free and less money for telephone providers...)
This is how, with that narrow mentality or "fast money making" politic that Palm has lost it supremacy over the world and got this year a 24 million $ deficit...When are you understanding that the rest of us is also needing smart machines ( no freezing screen like my Lifedrive, bad sound like my Treo 650... illisible Wi Fi access like my Pam TX, etc etc... Bad images no dictaphone etc.)
I will not start a speach about imitation of Iphone... I bought a very smart Nokia...Try to find a smart Palm with everything... in Paris, Nice or Italy or Israel.... NOTHING !
I went to discuss it at the famous Fnac boutique in the Champs Elysées of Paris They said to me : A Palm, what for ? Palm is obsolete !...

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