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Super $9.95 Treo Case Sale

For a limited time (SALE [NOW EXTENDED!] ENDS Monday, April 14th at Midnight PST) you can get your hands on any one of the four terrific Treo Cases below for only $9.95 each!  (While quantities last.) 

Smartphone Experts UltraSlim Skin Case for Treo 680
UltraSlim Skin CaseThis ultra slim case offers half the thickness and better keyboard access of competing products.  The keyboard cut-out now follows the side of the Treo rather than overlapping it, so usability of the keys located on the sides of the keyboard (Q,A,Fn, P, Return, Backspace) are improved.  (See my review.)

Available in - Frosted Clear, Future Blue, Lady Pink, and Executive Grey.

            Sale Price $9.95  

Palm Form Fit Case for Treo 700p, 700w|wx, 650
Palm Form Fit CaseA functional, fitted leather case with belt clip.   Designed for in-the-case use of your Treo 700p, Treo 700wx,Treo 700w, or Treo 650 Clear front panel protects screen from dirt and scratching and allows full use of the keyboard.  A rotating clip allows for adjustment on your belt and also latches securely to belt, but is easy to remove.

            Sale Price $9.95 

Smartphone Experts ActiveLife WorkoutCase for Treo 755p, 750, 680
Treo Workout Sport CaseThe SPE ActiveLife Workout Case keeps your Treo sweatfree.  This neoprene case has an opening at the top, where you slide-in your Treo and secure it in place with its velcro latch.  There's an opening at the bottom so your headphone jack is readily accessible.  A clear plastic covering offers protection for your keyboard and screen. The sides of the case are rubberized for easy gripping. And it comes with a velcro armband that keeps it securely fastened, no slippage, no matter how much you bounce around.  (See my review.)

            Sale Price $9.95

Speck Products SkinTight w/ Holster for Treo 650
Speck SkinTight Treo CaseThe stylish SkinTight rubberized case has a very sleek profile and protects your Treo against scratches, dings, and damage. On the side of the case you will find molded ergo-grips that
improve thumb typing comfort, and the rubbery skin material makes gives your Treo more grip on slippery surfaces!  A hinged crystal clear plastic window protects your screen without affecting visibility, and simply flip the window open for full access the screen.  You can also remove the plastic window completely.  Bundled with the SkinTight case is a swivel clip holster, that perfectly holds your rubberized Treo.  The holster’s sturdy construction and strong belt clip keeps your Treo secure.  (See my review.)

            Sale Price $9.95

You may also want to look at these bestselling cases and other accessories for your Treo or Centro:

Top 5 Treo Cases

  1. SPE P6 Pouch Case
  2. Helix Holster II (for Treo 755p, 750, 680)
  3. Palm Side Case
  4. Seidio Swivel Clip Holster
  5. Speck Products SkinTight with Holster (for Treo 755p, 750, 680)

Top 5 Centro Cases

  1. Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case
  2. Smartphone Experts Skin Case
  3. Palm Air Case
  4. Seido Centro Holster
  5. Smartphone Experts Centro SidePouch

Top 5 Other Treo Accessories

  1. Palm Pen Stylus
  2. SPE Retractable S&C Cable
  3. Aliph Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth Headset
  4. Treo Screen Protectors
  5. Freedom Keychain GPS 2000

Top 5 Other Centro Accessories

  1. Seidio 2–in-1 Pen Stylus
  2. SPE Screen Protectors
  3. SanDisk 4GB microSDHC Card
  4. Cellet Cradle Dock
  5. Palm Stylus

Also check out the terrific new Jabra BT 3030 Bluetooth Stereo Headset that has in one short week become the #1 bestselling Bluetooth Stereo Headset in our store and which I will review in the coming days.

Treonauts are always super

Posted by Andrew on April 10, 2008 at 08:48 AM

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by Bill Johnson | Apr 10, 2008 11:27:27 AM

I just received a reply from TomTom that Navigator 6 is not compatible with the Centro. I have been using it for years with my 650 and 700 from Sprint.


by Andrew | Apr 10, 2008 11:54:46 AM

Bill - that's very strange as I have been using TomTom 6 on my Centro without any problems whatsoever...

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

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