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Palm Store Sale - Up to 50% Off!

Palm Store OffersIn terms of value and product selection both our Treo Accessories Store and Centro Accessories Store always seek to provide you with the best deals and the widest, often unique, choice of products for your smartphone available anywhere on the web today.  With an outstanding customer service record, a great shopping experience and over 300,000 orders under our belt it’s clear that our stores continue to deliver on their promises.

Having said this, the Palm Store currently has some rather unbeatable special offers with discounts ranging from 20% to 66% Off a wide selection of products (listed below) for your Treo and Centro which I thought you should know about.  This sale ends Wednesday, May 28 so hurry and get the accessories that you need today!

> Special Offers for all Treo & Centro Smartphones:

Palm Wireless Headset Series 3Palm Wireless Bluetooth Headset Series 3 – 35% Off
ONLY $45.49! (Originally $69.99)
The Palm Wireless Headset Series 3 with Bluetooth Wireless Technology is the perfect companion for your Treo or Centro smartphone. A choice of three sizes of soft gel ear tips allows you to find your best fit for comfortable conversations. Convenient controls let you easily adjust the volume, receive and end calls, and mute the line. And with the included charging adapter, you can charge your headset with your standard smartphone charger or a Vehicle Power Charger.

>>> If you’re looking for the best-of-the-best Treo and Centro Bluetooth headset then make sure to check out the bestselling Jawbone instead.

Palm 2in1 Stereo Headset ProPalm 2 in 1 Stereo Headset Pro – 50% Off
ONLY $24.99! (Originally $49.99)
This fully functional smartphone headset is specially designed to deliver amazing sound quality for digital audio content. Enjoy your favorite tunes with rich, dynamic stereo sound through the high-performance earpieces.

Palm 4GB microSDHCPalm 4 GB microSDHC Card – 20% Off
ONLY $47.99! (Originally $59.99)
Now you can add more memory anytime, anywhere. Easily store an extra 4 GB of music, photos, videos, e-books, software, and more. The included adapters allow the microSDHC card to fit in microSDHC, miniSDHC and SDHC expansion slots.

Palm Wireless KeyboardPalm Wireless Keyboard – 30% Off
ONLY $69.99! (Originally $99.99)
When you're on the move, sometimes you need a faster way to compose longer messages, reports, and even spreadsheets on your Treo or Centro smartphone. This compact yet full-size wireless keyboard folds up for portability, while giving you the benefits of true touch typing. Plus, the freedom of Bluetooth Wireless Technology allows you to work with or without your Treo smartphone docked on the pull-out easel.

Palm Travel ChargerPalm Travel Charger – 30% Off
ONLY $18.99! (Originally $29.99)

It's the charger kit for the jet set crowd. Includes an ultra-slim international travel charger for 110-240 voltages and a handy six-foot cord. Plus, you get automatic voltage and frequency adjustment and plug adapters for the U.K., Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

>>> A much better alternative to this travel charger however is the ultra-convenient SPE Retractable Sync & Charge Cable.

> Special Offers for Palm Centro:

Palm Centro Air CasePalm Centro Air Case – 40% Off
ONLY $11.99! (Originally $19.99)
Protect your Centro with this strong, lightweight, and practically invisible case. Made of durable polycarbonate, it's sleek and smooth, yet surprisingly strong. Best of all, you can access all of your Centro's features while it's safely inside the case.

>>> Consider the bestselling Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case instead.

Centro Skin CaseCentro Skin Case – 50% Off
ONLY $9.99! (Originally $19.99)
Stylish protection in silicone. These elegant, durable "skins" are light, durable and fun. Plus the anti-slip, soft gel helps keep your Palm Centro smartphone securely in hand.  Available in Graphite, Black, Red, Pink and Translucent.

Body Glove Centro CaseBody Glove Scuba II Cellsuit for Centro – 50% Off
ONLY $9.99! (Originally $19.99)
Your Centro smartphone will be thoroughly protected from the elements with the Body Glove Scuba protective case. The water-resistant scuba material fits your Centro snug and like a glove to help prevent scratches and nicks.

Palm Centro Cradle

Palm Centro Desktop Cradle – 25% Off
ONLY $22.49! (Originally $29.99)
Place your Palm Centro smartphone in the cradle, then connect to your AC wall adapter to charge or connect to your computer to charge and/or synchronize.

>>> Consider my Editor’s Choice Cellet Cradle for Centro which for only a couple more dollars includes a built-in Centro battery charger.

Palm Silver Heart CharmPalm Silver Heart Charm – 30% Off
ONLY $6.99! (Originally $9.99)
Show your style and set your phone apart with a silver-plated heart charm. Itýs the perfect gift for someone special--and that includes yourself.

Palm LanyardsPalm Lanyard Kit (3 Pack) – 40% Off
ONLY $11.99! (Originally $19.99)
Add a little attitude to your Palm® smartphone with a lanyard to match your mood. Available in black, white, or silver, a Palm lanyard shows off your personal style while preventing slippage.

> Special Offers for Treo & Centro GPS Navigation:
Below are two absolutely unbeatable offers.  If you’ve ever considered adding GPS Navigation to your Centro or Treo you won’t find a better time to get the gear that you need.

Palm GPS NavigatorPalm GPS Navigator with Garmin Mobile XT – 36% Off
ONLY $139.00! after $20 mail-in rebate (Originally $249)
Get voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions right to the front door with the Palm GPS Navigator featuring Garmin Mobile XT software. With the latest NAVTEQ U.S. and Canadian maps, it's easy to find fuel, restaurants, parks, airports, and other destinations.

Palm GPS Navigato rCar KitPalm GPS Navigator Car Kit – 66% Off!
ONLY $99.99! (Originally $299.99)
The Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit cradle with integrated GPS receiver, microphone, speaker, and echo and noise cancellation DSP electronics allows you to make speakerphone calls while charging your Treo 680 or 700p smartphone and holding it securely in place. The suction-mounted cradle is easy to install and remove right on your dashboard. The car kit can also be setup for automatic hands-free call answering.

>>> If you already own some GPS Navigation software for your smartphone make sure to check out the bestselling and ultrasmall Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 Receiver.

> Special Offers for Treo Batteries:

  Treo 755p Battery  Treo 755p Extended Battery  Treo 650 & 700 Battery  Treo 680 Extended Battery  Treo 680 & 750 Battery

> Special Offers for Treo Accessories:

Treo Crystal Clear Screen ProtectorPalm Crystal Clear Screen Protector – 30% Off
ONLY $9.99! (Originally $14.99)
This screen protector is pre-cut to fit Treo smartphone screens, and won't bubble, making it exceptionally easy to apply. And because the adhesive is composed of a newly developed, static cling polymer plastic, it can be easily removed without leaving any messy residue behind.

>>> Also consider the better value 3–Pack SPE Treo Screen Protectors.

Palm Treo Cradle KitPalm Treo Cradle Kit – 40% Off
ONLY $35.99! (Originally $59.99)
This three-in-one kit includes a stylish cradle, spare battery charging drawer, cable, and 110-240 volt charger with international adapters. Charging and synchronizing is fast and easy. Plus, you'll get your phone and extra battery charged all at once so you're always ready to go.

Body Glove Rhythm CaseBody Glove Rhythm Horizontal Case – 38% Off
ONLY $8.99! (Originally $14.99)
Crafted from easy-grip wetsuit material, the water-resistant Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal case provides protection from bumps, scratches, and moisture. The convenient side-loading design keeps your Treo™ smartphone horizontal when clipped to your side so it stays out of the way when you're sitting or driving.

Body Glove Treo Cellsuit CaseBody Glove Scuba II Cellsuit Treo 680/750/755p – 38% Off
ONLY $8.99! (Originally $14.99)
Slickly sewn from easy-grip wetsuit material, the water-resistant Body Glove Scuba II Cellsuit shields your Treo smartphone from bumps, scratches, and moisture. Rapid release, locking swivel clip keeps your phone handy, while intelligent design provide instant access to your smartphone's features.

> Special Offers for Treo & Centro Software

Below you’ll find a selection of popular games and a dictionary which Palm is offering for free after a $9.99 instant discount and mail-in rebate:

> Unique Treonauts and Centronauts Store Accessories

As I mentioned earlier, our stores offer you a unique selection of accessories not found in the Palm Store and among others I can highly recommend these:

> Treonauts and Centronauts Software Store Offers

Shop for any of the thousands of applications in our Treo and Centro Software Store at a special price using the 20% off coupon that we’ve created (valid until June 15).  Simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart.  [please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store or Centro Accessories Store].

Treonauts always get the best offers

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by Paul Naseth | Jun 11, 2008 5:41:59 PM

Does anyone know if we will see Treo 850 this year!

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