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Palm Zeppelin and Skywriter

Palm Semi-Officially Announces Forthcoming Launch of Two New Treo Smartphones.  Codenames: Zeppelin and Skywriter

A tipster has provided a copy of a document from Palm addressed to select software developers that now categorically confirms the forthcoming release of two Palm smartphones currently codenamed Zeppelin and Skywriter (which are in all likelihood codenames for the Windows Mobile Treo 800w and Treo 550 that we’re expecting to be released in July and September respectively).

Additionally, the document contained a mock-up image (below) of one of these Windows Mobile smartphones [please note that I very seriously doubt that this picture might be indicative of the real final product].  Having said this, the most interesting part of this image for me is the fact that not one but two buttons appear at the top of the device which might be indicative of the Ringer Slider + WiFi Slider configuration that some rumours had previously pointed to.

Treo Zeppelin or Skywriter?

The actual document (excerpt below) highlights a developer program that allows a select group of Palm’s favorite software developers to make their applications ready for the two new devices.

“Palm is pleased to invite you to participate in the launch of Zeppelin and Skywriter.

As a launch developer, you can participate in additional marketing and sales program opportunities with Palm for your eligible application.

Your application is eligible for these programs if:
- Your application is ready at the time of device launch
- Your application has successfully passed Designed for Palm Products (DFPP) compatibility testing.

Please let your relationship manager know if you plan on participating and when you have submitted your application for compatibility testing so we can expedite your application through the process.

Carrier Sales Training Materials
Information about your application will be included in the materials prepared for carrier sales training about the device. This opportunity lets the carriers and the carrier sales teams know which applications Palm has approved for use on Zeppelin devices.

How to participate:
Fill out the attached PowerPoint template. Drop in a screen shot in the screen area of the device. Return the template to your relationship manager.

Submission due date: Friday May 30th

We look forward to working with you on getting your application part of our Zeppelin and Skywriter launches. Please feel free to contact me any questions you might have.

Finally, because the document states that “All applications must be submitted by May the 30th” we seem to have further confirmation that the launch of these devices will be in Q3 2008 (on schedule for the Treo 800w in July and Treo 550 in September).

To be honest at this stage I would simply be happy for Palm to release “anything” new to demonstrate that they have been working hard at developing and releasing an entirely next-generation of smartphones.

Palm Zeppelin and Skywriter enter launch process [via TamsPPC]

Treonauts always want to be part of the next generation

Posted by Andrew on May 7, 2008 at 08:58 AM

Treo 800w

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by John Sutton | Oct 28, 2010 3:00:48 AM

The Treo Skywriter was to be supplied on contract by Vodacom South Africa but has been withdrawn because of software incompatibilities. Why is this and will the phone be available from other agents?

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