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Ringo Pro Ringtones Review

The Best Treo & Centro Ringtone Player

Best Treo & Centro Ringtone PlayerRingo Pro for Palm OS (as well as Ringo Mobile for Windows Mobile) has been the #1 Centro & Treo ringtone utility for nearly three years now as well as consistently being one of the Top 3 overall software titles in our store.

It’s not difficult to understand why Ringo Pro has been so popular and successful – it’s simply the easiest and most complete ringtone customization tool available for your Treo or Centro smartphone.

 Ringo Pro Ringo Pro - Ringtone Selection

For starters the main Ringo Tones page (above left) which manages and controls all your standard default ringtones makes it really quick and easy to change the ring on your phone, the text message tones as well as the picture for your incoming calls. 

Thanks to Ringo Pro there’s no need to go grubbing in your smartphone's settings or preferences to change your ringtones and message tones.  Ringo Pro brings this fun task right to the fore, with a nice, easy-to-use application which lets you concentrate on finding the right tone for the right occasion.

Additionally, an important feature is that Ringo Pro lets you use any MP3 song you have on your phone or SD memory card as a ringtone (image above right).  Next time you hear a great tune in your favourite MP3 player - you can go straight to Ringo and set that same song as a ringtone.  Ringo Pro also provides you with over 50 free ringtones that you can download directly to your Treo or Centro.

 Ringo Pro - Contacts Ringo Pro - Contact Settings

Another unique feature is that Ringo Pro lets you set tones for individual Contacts (screenshots above) as well as Groups (below).  With Ringo Contacts you can thus set a unique ringtone, SMS tone and picture for any person in your phonebook – making it easier to know exactly who’s calling you before even answering the phone.

 Ringo Pro - Groups Ringo Pro - Groups settings

Ringo Groups (above) for its part allows you to set another unique ringtone, SMS tone and picture for an entire category of contacts (your Treo and Centro holds up to 15 categories).  You can for example set a special ringtone just for those people listed in your “Work” category and so easily distinguish this group from other callers.

 Ringo Pro - Ringtone Mixer Ringo Pro - Do Not Disturb

If you’d like to try your luck building your own ringtones, Ringo Pro offers a basic Ringtone Mixer (above left) that lets you choose from 14 drum patterns, 10 lead patterns and a staggering 129 lead voices as well as a tempo meter which can be set from 40 to 240.

An addition in the latest version of Ringo Pro is also a “Do Not Disturb” option which allows you to set a time of the day and week during which you may not want your phone to ring at all.

Overall, Ringo Pro for Palm OS (as well as Ringo Mobile for Windows Mobile) offers an elegant, clean and fast utility to personalize and manage all of your ringtones from a single application as well as providing you with deeper levels of customization for individual contacts and groups.

Separately, to find out how you can create your own MP3 ringtones please read Treo and Centro Ringtones: Quick, Simple & Free with MiniTones.

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Posted by Andrew on May 14, 2008 at 02:02 PM

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