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The Charm of Centro Charms

As you might know there is a very high proportion of Centro owners (compared to other smartphones) that are women and it should therefore not be surprising that a new range of Centro Charms have been released to help personalize and accessorize her smartphone.

Palm Silver Heart Charm

The first of these was the rather beautiful Palm Silver Heart Charm (pictured above) which offers a solid and heavy heart that dangles from the lanyard hook at the bottom right of the Centro.  Inserting the charm’s cord into the hook is pretty easy but will ideally require a needle.  Once the first charm is inserted you can easily add as many more as you like by attaching it to the first.

Centro Charms

The current collection of charms (selection above) is typically focused on hearts and stars but I’m sure that other variations will become available in the future as well.  In the meantime, I think that women will find these rather charming and if you happen to be looking for a small gift for your significant other or a female friend or colleague they will undoubtedly hit the mark.

Although as a man I would evidently not be about to attach a “cute little heart” to my own Centro I have to admit that the experience of having one for a short while gave me the idea that perhaps some types of male charms might actually be both appropriate and fun.

Monopoly Charms

For example, I wouldn’t mind at all having some Monopoly charms like those included in the keyrings pictured above…  Other alternatives that I have come across include cars, planes, trains, Scrabble letters (with your initial for example).

Treonauts always know how to be charmng

Posted by Andrew on May 15, 2008 at 10:32 AM

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by Jack | May 15, 2008 3:43:36 PM

Nope, even the cool Monopoly gadgets wouldn't find their way dangling off of my Centro. I did order the heart charm the other day for my wife. I'm certain she'll love it.

by Nate | May 15, 2008 4:03:28 PM

How about some real man charms:
* Beer bottle opener.
* knife for opening envelopes, boxes etc.
* Something to contain tiny bluetooth headsets?
* corkscrew
* tape measure
* dental floss

by Jack | May 15, 2008 4:13:25 PM

Hey Nate, add a miniature remote control for the TV to your list. That'd make a pretty complete manly list I'd say. If we had them all attached the Centro would weigh ten pounds! lol

by Roberto | May 16, 2008 4:15:59 AM

How about a bluetooth GPS receiver / WiFi interface charm? Then nobody will be able to slam our Centros for not having every kitchen sink built in! If anyone should design such a charm, I hope they will consider cladding it in rubber so it won't scratch the screen when pocketed. Oh yes, and in Ferrari red please... the only unlocked GSM Centro one can buy in Europe is black. Classy black, but a bit boring.

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