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Treo 800w ETA July 22

Following the recent news that Palm was Beta testing the Treo 800w, the trickle of leaks about the forthcoming Palm Treo 800w continues apace with this latest round pointing to an “assured” launch of this high-end business-class Windows Mobile smartphone on Tuesday, July 22nd.

Treo 800w

In addition to this supposedly firm launch date we also get a Treo 800w “spy shot” (above left) giving us a (blurry) glimpse at the “official” Charcoal Black color that it will have (but more colors are also likely).

Furthermore, a few more Treo 800w specifications pointing to a high-end smartphone with:

  • Threaded SMS (similar to that found on Palm OS Treo smartphones)
  • Runs Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Autonomous built-in GPS
  • Full QWERTY keyboard (larger than Centro but slightly smaller than Treo 750)
  • Keyboard backlighting still available
  • Very (very) fast user interface (no delays)
  • 320x320 resolution touchscreen
  • High-speed wireless EvDO Rev A
  • Built-in 802.11g Wifi
  • 256MB/128MB Memory

On the downside:

  • No QChat (a Sprint Push-To-Talk technology)
  • No hardware WiFi slider (like the top Treo Ringer button)
  • No Picture Mail/MMS (yet)
  • Touchscreen is not completely flush (slightly recessed)

The big question is whether Palm will have put enough design effort (particularly on the “shell”) and high-end specifications into the Treo 800w to truly appeal to the millions of Windows Mobile fans out there…  I really hope that Palm is able to succeed here as it has with the bestselling Centro and demonstrate that it is still an important player in the smarpthone space.

Sprint Treo 800w Release Date [via WMExperts]

Treonauts are always part of the revolution

Posted by Andrew on May 6, 2008 at 01:41 PM

Treo 800w

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by Jack | May 6, 2008 3:56:10 PM

So how do we know the interface is super fast? This is one of the things I weigh against WinMo versus Palm OS. If this sluggishness is truly fixed, then this may indeed be a device that could convert me over (the HTC Mogul could not).

by K.C. | May 6, 2008 4:38:59 PM

I'll need to wait quite awhile to see how quality plays out on any new Palm products after being burned so many times in the past. Each new launch over the years has promised to be great, only to disappoint with an avalanche of issues that make many of us question why Palm couldn't delivery quality. I've been with Palm since the Treo 600, and replacing well-cared for handsets every 6 months has gotten old. When my 700p and it's contract are up, I'm leaving for a competitor who delivers, not one who tells me to reboot daily to reduce file corruption. No thanks, Palm.

by Dave | May 6, 2008 6:01:24 PM

if it is EVDO, that is Sprint / Verizon,correct? Any word on AT&T?

by SAW | May 7, 2008 10:59:41 AM

This is put up or shut up time for Palm. I've suffered for two years with this piece of garbage 700w. Slow, crashes, freezes. They rushed this thing to market with inadequate memory and no way to upgrade. I know what to look for now, so I will give the 800 a LONG test drive, but I'm so resentful of Palm at this point I'll probably go for the 3G iPhone.

by Jack | May 7, 2008 11:02:45 AM

Hey K.C., I hear what you're saying, as an owner of the Treo 700p myself. However, I also have the Centro and I have to say that Palm did a great job this time. I've found it to be very stable, speedy, and it has great sound quality and volume. It is what the 700p should have been. It does give me hope that Palm has learned its lesson, and will produce an 800w that will be stellar. Crossing my fingers now....

by Tony | Jul 10, 2008 11:52:04 PM

It's about time Palm came out with something new. I'm not particularly impressed by it's design but it's better than I expected. I had a 700WX for almost two years and just switched to new phone about two weeks ago, only because I got tired of carrying something so heavy.

They have these phones in the Sprint store now, but they aren't allowed to show or sell them until Sunday. If it gets good reviews, I may switch back to a Treo. I certainly hope it does, because I don't like this Touch I have now. It's a real PITA.

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