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Sprint Treo 800w Official Image and Specs

First official Sprint Treo 800w image from Palm + Full specifications comparison

In the past couple of months we’ve had a rather steady stream of Treo 800w leaks and (blurry) images but thanks to an official Sprint Treo 800w “Technical Overview” presentation we now get not only a full specifications sheet but also the first official Palm image (below) of this latest Windows Mobile 6.1 Treo smartphone due to be released on or around July 13.

Sprint Treo 800w

Although the Treo 800w has very similar looks to previous models the fact is nonetheless that Palm has completely revamped this smartphone.  As you can appreciate from my comparison chart below, the Treo 800w offers improvements in almost every single area including:

  • Latest version 6.1 of Windows Mobile Professional including threaded SMS Chat
  • More memory
  • Faster processor
  • Higher resolution touchscreen
  • Considerably thinner body
  • 12.5% lighter than Treo 750 and just 20 grams heavier than the much smaller Palm Centro
  • Offers Bluetooth v2.0 for greater compatibility with all Bluetooth accessories
  • microSDHC memory card expansion up to 8GB
  • Micro-USB 2.0 sync & charge connector
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • First Palm smartphone to offer built-in WiFi (including dedicated On/Off button) and GPS
  • EvDO Rev. A for even faster wireless data connectivity
  • Dedicated Calendar and Messaging buttons

Treo 800w Comparison Chart

This other leaked screenshot below also allows us to get a view of the back of the device as well as for the first time the famous new Micro USB 2.0 sync & charge connector at the bottom that so many people have been talking about – principally because it means that it will require a whole new range of Treo accessories (such as chargers, cradles and headsets).

Sprint Treo 800w specifications

Overall I have to admit that the more Treo 800w information and images come out the more excited I’m getting.  Leaving aside the looks which are still somewhat underwhelming Palm has clearly made very significant and meaningful improvements to the hardware.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one in a couple of weeks time to take it for a proper spin…

Treo 800w spec sheets and training materials [via Engadget Mobile]

Treonauts are always improving

Posted by Andrew on June 30, 2008 at 09:04 AM

Treo 800w

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by Ehsan | Jun 30, 2008 10:02:25 AM

What I like on this photo is today screen with "location based service search box" right on the screen. I would love to find cheap gas, find pizza shop etc right from the screen with GPS built in. Now I know there are lots of phones out there do all things before 800W even comes out. But please tell me how many have today screen so rich with options and how many phones still let you call right from main screen without first going into phone menu first or pop out keyboard? Exactly! That is why I like Palm even I would have love MMS, better processor and larger battery.

by Jess Stratton | Jun 30, 2008 10:06:05 AM

Thanks for posting this! While I was hoping the final version would be shiny black instead of matte, I guess it will have to do.
The one thing that really worries me is the MicroUSB slot. Right now, I have a car charger and a headphone jack so I can listen to my MP3s in the car. However, if I have to charge this with the microUSB slot, does this mean I can't charge and it listen at the same time?
Sadly that's a deal breaker!
Does anyone know another way around this problem? Currently my headphone jack goes to an RCA adapter, which goes to the car stereo.

by Andrew | Jun 30, 2008 2:50:01 PM

Ehsan - I totally agree with you, the Today screen on Windows Mobile devices is absolutely great and I have yet to figure out why so few others (including Palm OS devices) have not copied this. The direct dial from within Today without going to Contacts probably makes it one of the fastest smartphones to dial a number (and I've secretly always been jealous about this).

Jess - Thanks for the kind words. I wouldn't worry about the MicroUSB slot as there are cable which combine Sync + Charge + Audio in one so that you can do everything you want (charge and listen at the same time for example).

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by cat dumas | Jul 1, 2008 5:04:58 PM

now that i'm drooling when are they going to make the palm version? i'm sold on just the base ram. of course 2.0mpx camera is also a plus. and i LOVE the mini usb port.

by Stefan | Jul 2, 2008 9:11:26 AM

Your comparison is not 100% correct, for the Treo 750 you should have WM6 as OS and the GSM version now has HSDPA @ 1.4MBPS (instead of WM5 & EDGE @ 600kbps)/


by Redgrrl | Jul 2, 2008 8:28:27 PM

When my Sprint Treo 650 died, i decided to try something different and was seduced by the Mogul which is a Microsoft Mobile system. i liked it for a while. But found that everytime i ran any program, whether on purpose or by accident, that program continued to run even after i exited from it. Consequently, my battery life was very short. i learned that each time i exited a program, i would have to go through several menus to a system menu that would allow me to shut down the running program or shut down all running programs. This was a REAL pain. So i sold it and bought a Sprint Treo 755.
i wonder, since the 800 is a Microsoft Mobile system, if it will have a similar problem. Whenever i exit a program on my Treo, the program closes and stops running. i don't have to go through 4 different screens to get to a place i can shut down the program. Do you know if the 800 shuts down programs when you leave them, or do you have to go somewhere else to shut it down in order to preserve your battery?

by Sheldon Richman | Jul 2, 2008 9:19:59 PM

It looks great. I have a 755p. Will I regret going to a w? I hope not. My Treo turns itself off and hangs up too often. I need a change. I think this is it.

by Mike | Jul 3, 2008 7:06:26 AM

There is a freeware app you can get called Magic Button that shuts down apps on exit and provides one touch access to the running apps screen. Works well for me.

by Victoria | Jul 4, 2008 12:19:01 PM

Hi I think I'm going to upgrade to this from the 700p. Can anyone tell me if there if the Windows browser is better than the palm OS browser? Thanks in advance.

by chris | Jul 5, 2008 8:12:38 AM

How can I get one from Sprint right away? Nobody has heard of the 800 locally. The main reason I want the 800 is for the infra red port that I need for work. I have a 650 that is ready to stop being used. It's out of memory, the case is cracked and it crashes or freezes regularly. GPS will be useful to me, (I'm a realtor) and I'm hoping windows mobile will be a plus, but I'm not sure of the benefit over palm os. Will it crash less?

by Steve | Jul 5, 2008 10:21:40 PM

I think the Treo 800w looks like a fantastic package of features. Previous Treo's have generally been missing several desirable features by the time they hit the market, and then they get farther behind as time goes on and technology develops. This time, it looks like Palm took all of the criticisms and shortcomings to heart, and built a Treo that has more cutting edge features than any other device out there right now. I have not seen any competition that has a better combination of features, at least for what an adult business user would want. I don't mind that it looks generally similar to most previous Treo's. Many people criticize Treo's for not looking new or different. The Treo design is very functional, and I really don't care that it doesn't have a "new look". I don't buy something like this for its looks. I buy it for what it does. I have a Treo 700p right now, which has been a great device, and the 800w has many improvements in many areas.

by Stephen White | Jul 8, 2008 8:29:32 PM

I was just at a Sprint Store a few days ago and asked the Sprint tech when they would be getting the Treo 800w... he said "before the end of the year". I said that I heard it would be out sometime in July (2008) and he replied that the delivery date was pushed back 6 months. Has anyone else heard this?

by chris | Jul 8, 2008 11:12:11 PM

The 800 will be out this week. The 13th at the latest. I'll buy one. Time for the 650 to go.

by Marcus | Jul 10, 2008 1:26:06 AM

I work at sprint took a training on the phone. Whats nice about it is its advanced MMS messaging thread. It can actually send pics. Which is the first windows mobile phone to do that on sprints network in almost a whole year. It also has a dual integrated operating system so you can use things like gps navigation and also text at once.

by Curtis | Jul 10, 2008 4:31:38 AM

"There is a freeware app you can get called Magic Button that shuts down apps on exit and provides one touch access to the running apps screen. Works well for me."

Just hold down the OK button. Takes you to the same screen.

by Brian | Jul 12, 2008 1:26:27 PM

I was just at my local Sprint store and they have received the new 800w phones. They were able to take one out and show it to me, but they said they can't sell it until tomorrow (Monday 7/13).

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