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Super Special Software Offers

Every month a select group of developer partners make their titles available in both our Treo Software Store and Centro Software Store at significantly reduced prices.  On this occasion, we have a selection of 25 titles with discounts ranging from 50% to 75% and many now available for only $4.95!

Do you like to travel? Do you track your travel time and expenses?
Now Only $4.95 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%)

Penguin PanicPenguin Panic
Enjoy a frozen treat for your Palm! Drag and drop ice blocks to create rows and columns. Collect trophies by generating massive combos or performing other outstanding feats!
Now Only $4.95 (Was $19.95 – Save 75%)

Hexagon DeluxeHexagon Deluxe
Hexxagon is one of most popular animated board games of strategy,
Now Only $4.95 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%)

Zombie AttackZombieAttack
Zombie attacked citys of world, and are running rampage! They can infect any human that gets next to them.
Now Only $4.95 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%) 

Table FootballTable Football
Soccer is a very popular game with millions of admirers worldwide.
Now Only $4.95 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%)

Convertor DeluxeConvertor Deluxe
Convertor Deluxe is a convertor manager 
Now Only $4.95 (Was $14.95 – Save 66%)

Sudoku DeluxewareSudoku DeluxeWare
A deceptively simple game of logic, Sudoku is puzzling players all over world. Whether you're new to this fun and addictive game or you're already hooked.
Now Only $4.95 (Was $14.95 – Save 66%)

Exact IIExact II
eXception eXact! eXcellent game! full eXaltation! eXciting gameplay for your spend time. 
Now Only $4.95 (Was $14.95 – Save 66%)

Caribbean PokerCaribbean Poker
The Caribbean Poker conforms to the standard rules that apply in Nevada casinos.
Now Only $4.95 (Was $14.95 – Save 66%)

Bowling DeluxeBowling Deluxe
Whether you''re a novice or an expert bowler, Bowling Deluxe is the game for you! 
Now Only $9.95 (Was $19.95 – Save 50%)    

Travel DeluxeTravel Deluxe SE
Multifunctional travel software include Multi-zone clocks, Time Calc, Alarm Clock, Currencies converter, Sizes converter, Measurments converter, Packing list and more at your hand.
Now Only $9.95 (Was $19.95 – Save 50%)

Easy-TourEasy Tour
EasyTour is a high-end program for people who enjoy travelling or whose work deals with frequent trips. EasyTour includes a lot of facilities which you may need both in your trip and everyday life.
Now Only $4.95 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%)

Health-CalcHealthCalc Pro
HealthCalc Pro contains over 50 useful tools with a friendly interface to help you reach and maintain your health and weight. Supports both Metric & Imperial.
Now Only $5.00 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%)

Click-DeluxeClick Deluxe
This is a cool game for all age groups. Your goal is to remove as many balls as possible by clicking on groups of balls with the same color. Sounds easy? 
  Now Only $4.95 (Was $9.95 – Save 50%)

Pool-DeluxePool Deluxe
Pool Deluxe features great 3D graphics, realistic physics, intuitive controls and smooth gameplay guaranteeing many hours of fun and pleasure. 
Now Only $9.95 (Was $24.95 – Save 60%)

You can also see our list of Top 10 Treo & Centro Software this month where you’ll for example find the bestselling Softick Audio Gateway which provides full A2DP support for your Treo and Centro so that you can enjoy using Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for wireless music while on the go…

Finally, please also remember that you can buy any one of the thousands of other applications in our Treo Software Store and Centro Software Store at a special price using the 20% off coupon that we’ve created (valid until June 30th).  Simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart.  [please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store or Centro Accessories Store].

Treonauts always make the best offers

Posted by Andrew on June 17, 2008 at 11:59 AM

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