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BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers Review

BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers - Top ChoiceExcellent New Portable BlueAnt M1 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Provides Wired & Wireless A2DP Streaming Music With 28 Watt RMS Power & More

BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers

I had briefly mentioned the arrival of the impressive new BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers System last week (see Bluetooth Stereo Roundup) and now that I’ve had the opportunity to put this accessory through its paces I thought that I should share my rather positive experiences with you.

BlueAnt M1 - Back

For starters there is the fact that the BlueAnt M1 happens to be a rather beautiful object with its angle base and curvy “tube” looks as well as the use of very high quality materials, ultra-solid build and refined detailing.

 BlueAnt M1 - Controls BlueAnt M1 - Body Materials

There are actually few images here that can do the BlueAnt M1 justice as it’s really only when you hold it in your hands that you can truly appreciate how well crafted it is – in terms of design alone the M1 undoubtedly ranks way up there with the best speakers on the market today.

BlueAnt M1 - Connectors

It’s hard to explain but the M1 is an object that you _want_ to hold, touch and play with.  From its large volume knob and other audio control buttons at the front to its power port, audio line in and subwoofer opening at the back as well as its overall shape and weight (solid at 1.14kg) the BlueAnt M1 just “feels” great in all respects.  For example, there is the convenient dedicated button for extra Bass and the fact that all buttons are covered with matt black rubberized paint.

 BlueAnt M1 - Side 1 BlueAnt M1 - Side 2

Having said this, a great look and feel is but one of the M1 benefits as it also happens to have an impressive set of specifications including: A2DP, SBC Stereo Streaming, AVRCP, a play time of up to 10 hours (at medium volume level) and thanks to a powerful internal NiMH rechargeable battery pack it also happens to offer a staggering 1500 hours of standby time.

 BlueAnt M1 - Profile 1 BlueAnt M1 - Profile 2

Additionally, all the speakers on the BlueAnt M1 are magnetic shielded (thus no buzzing interference from your phone) with a powerful internal subwoofer (12 Watts RMS) that uses a Neodyne high efficiency system and left and right internal speakers (2 x 8 Watts RMS) with a parabolic membrane that will provide you with enough blasting power for any occasion indoors or outdoors.

BlueAnt M1 - Kit

Aside from the great looks, terrific design and high end specifications the main appeal of the BlueAnt M1 Speaker System also lies in its huge versatility.  Not only can you, for example, use it powered by its wall charger and plugged into your PC with the included 3.5mm wired audio cable but you could instead also choose to take it out on the terrace or garden to listen to music wirelessly using Bluetooth A2DP and the M1’s internal battery.

 BlueAnt M1 - Carry Case BlueAnt M1 - Carry Case

Another rather nice touch is the fact that aside from the included travel-sized wall charger and 3.5mm audio cable the BlueAnt M1 accessory kit also comes with an elegant padded protective carry case.  This case conveniently offers an elastic band at one end to carry your M1 plus openings at the back to access all the ports and subwoofer as well as a full velcro strip at the front to keep it securely strapped inside – making it extremely practical for use outdoors.

BlueAnt M1 - Carry Case Open

Overall the BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers System is one of the most attractive and well designed solutions that I have come across to date.  Not only does it deliver clear and powerful sound but it also happens to be extremly versatile thanks to its two wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (3.5mm) audio connectivity options as well as its two power options (wall charger or internal battery) that allow you to conveniently and simply use this unit both indoors or outdoors.

Lastly, please note that only Windows Mobile Treo smartphones (excluding the Treo 700w) offer built-in A2DP wireless audio streaming capabilities.  Having said this, you can enable your Palm OS Treo or Centro with A2DP by getting the excellent Softick Audio Gateway (see my review and Bluetooth Stereo Roundup for more detailed information).

Separately, if you’re looking for other more essential accessories for your smartphone here are a few of my best recommendations below.

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  2. Centro stereo adapter: essential if you want to listen to music on the go using a standard 3.5mm headset of your choice.
  3. Retractable Sync & Charge Cable: simple, extremely practical with the retractable system that avoids the mess of cable and terrific value.
  4. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: keep it in your pocket every day and use it to quickly wipe those smudges and face oils from your touchscreen.
  5. SanDisk MobileMate SD+ Reader: if like me you cannot live without a high-capacity memory card then I can’t more highly recommend this small and light pocket card reader.
  6. Centro Stylus

6 Essential Treo Accessories

  1. Treo screen protectors
  2. Treo stereo adapter
  3. Retractable Synch & Charger Cable
  4. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  5. SanDisk MobileMate SD+ Reader
  6. Treo Stylus

Treonauts are always excellent listeners

Posted by Andrew on July 28, 2008 at 09:57 AM

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