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Cellet Emergency Treo & Centro Charger Review

Cellet Emergency ChargerThere are plenty of Treo & Centro chargers and cables available (for your office, car and battery) but the new Cellet Emergency Charger is without a doubt one of the most elegant and best designed accessories of this kind that I have come across to date.

It provides the peace of mind to know that no matter where you might find yourself you’ll alway have that extra “emergency” power for your smartphone at hand – particularly if you don’t yet own a spare battery.

Centro Emergency Charger

As you would expect, the design of the Cellet Emergency Charger is deceptively simple – something which adds to its beauty.  For starters the cylindrical housing which is made of aluminium (reminiscent of the famous Maglite flashlight) is extremely strong and yet very light (only 35 grams including cable).

Treo Emergency Charger

Emergency Charger Battery

Emergency Charger LightYou just unscrew the bottom of the unit, insert an AA battery, plug the cable into your Treo or Centro (image below) and you’re ready to go on talking, playing or working for a little while longer.

I also particularly like the clear housing at the top of the unit (image right) which allows you to see through the electronic components and includes a small red light to indicate that the AA battery is providing a charge.

Cellet Emergency Charger

My experience is that a completely depleted Treo or Centro battery will take about 20 minutes to charge up to some 10% capacity with the Cellet Emergency Charger.  Having said this, you don’t really need to wait that long to start making calls with an empty battery – just give it a couple of minutes and you’ll be ready to talk again.

Overall the Cellet Emergency Charger is a terrific and extremely well designed accessory that will appeal most to people who have chosen not to buy a spare battery and are looking for a good value alternative as well as for those people who can absolutely never find themselves without power while on the go.

Separately, my top recommendations for Treo and Centro chargers and cables include:

  • SPE Retractable Sync & Charge Cable: probably the single best value accessory in our store.
  • Palm Cradle Kit: charge both your Treo and spare battery simultaneously.  Always top value for a great accessory that I have used for years.
  • Cellet Cradle for Centro (finally back in stock!): my Editor’s Choice cradle for Centro that also includes a spare battery charger.
  • SPE Car Charger: everyone should have one of these in their car…  Pretty basic really and yet so incredibly important.
  • Portable Treo Battery Charger: probably one of the best designed Palm accessories ever.  Ultralight and ultrasmall to power your spare battery while on the go + also doubles as a case for your spare battery.
  • SPE Wall Charger: this ultralight spare wall charger will give you all the power that you need at home, the office or while travelling.

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Posted by Andrew on July 1, 2008 at 09:51 AM

Treo Charger

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by Linda Abraham | Jul 1, 2008 12:33:45 PM

How many charges can you get out of a AA battery? Does one battery have enough power to fully charge a Treo or is it really for emergencies and that quick call that one just must make when out of juice?

by Andrew | Jul 1, 2008 12:50:19 PM

Linda - I have yet to test this fully but my sense is that one alkaline AA battery will charge a Centro battery (1200mAh) at between 30% to 50% of capacity (assuming that your smartphone is off and you're letting it charge with the Cellet Emergency Charger).

Thus, as you point out, this product is principally designed to provide you with emergency juice and not to fully recharge your smartphone. Having said this, 30% to 50% allows you to make plenty of calls...

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by Nr.Clean | Jan 30, 2009 6:14:13 AM

pls let me know if there's such a emergency charger which recharge fully yr fone
p.s same i wanna know about ipod emergency tnx pls answer me by my email

by Mr.Clean | Jan 30, 2009 6:31:21 AM

sorry my email is [email protected]

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