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Palm Centro Battery Charger Review

Best Centro Battery ChargerCentronauts can finally rejoice in the fact that a terrific new – ultralight, ultrasmall and thus ultra-portable – Palm Centro Battery Charger has been released to power their spare batttery while on the go.

As with the existing Palm Treo Battery Charger (see my review), the Centro Battery Charger in my opinion offers one of the very best accessories to have been designed by Palm.  Not only is the battery charger ultracompact (barely larger than the actual Centro battery) but it also doubles as a convenient carrying case for your spare battery by simply folding the protective cover.

Palm Centro Battery Charger

Adding to the convenience and overall minimalist elegance of the design is the fact that you can use the standard Palm Centro power tips (found on the Wall Charger and Car Charger for example) to charge your spare battery.  Unfortunately, Palm did not also include a USB charging cable in this kit – something which I would have liked to charge my battery via a spare USB port at my PC.

Finally, for some reason Palm has chosen (for now at least) to make this Centro Battery Charger available exclusively bundled with a spare Centro battery and not yet available on its own.  While this will be ideal (great value considering that the battery alone is $29.99) for people who do not yet have the benefit of a spare battery it will nonetheless leave those who like me already do have one scratching their heads and venting a little frustration.

Having said this, overall the fact remains that the Palm Centro Battery Charger is an absolutely terrific accessory that offers great value and has the added benefit of being the smallest, lightest and most compact battery charger that you’re likely to find anywhere – particularly recommended if like me you’re always on the go.

Centronauts always look for simplicity

Posted by Andrew on July 11, 2008 at 12:21 PM

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by dmm | Jul 11, 2008 1:39:17 PM

One thing I particularly like about charging a spare battery in the cradle is the red/green light to show if it's done. Does this charger have that too? (I don't see it shown in the pictures or mentioned in the commentary.)

If not, I guess there's always the option of setting an alarm or a countdown...

by Peter | Jul 19, 2008 3:09:45 AM

No need for an additional charger, I got extended battery from megacapacity.com and it holds 2-3 days with heave use


by Lisa Nevez | Feb 26, 2009 1:59:20 AM

Thanks Peter for providing the link for the Centro battery. I actually received my order few days ago and can't be any happier. The battery life is amazing I absolutly love it. The shipping from MegaCapacity did take a while but it was free so for the total price I paid I can't complain at all.

by south india tour package | Apr 19, 2011 6:37:42 AM

It is very interesting article. There are many feature in the Palm Centro Battery Charger like charge and sync your palm centro, charge the second centro battery and led light indicator.

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