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Sprint Treo 800w Now Available!

Palm and Sprint Introduce the Treo 800w Smartphone – the first Windows Mobile 6.1 Treo smartphone offering a slimmer and lighter body, fast 3G EvDO Rev. A data speeds, built-in WiFi and GPS, 2.0 Megapixel Camera, Bluetooth 2.0, high resolution 320x320 touchscreen, 256MB user memory as well as unique Palm software enhancements.

After months of rumours and anticipation, Palm today finally introduced the Sprint Treo 800w – Sprint’s newest smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional which provides a very powerful device for new Treonauts as well as a significant upgrade (understatement) for previous Treo 700w|wx owners.

Sprint Treo 800w

Designed principally for high-end business users who depend on their smartphones for high-speed productivity on the go, the Palm Treo 800w operates on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network and comes out of the box with support for EV-DO Rev. A data speeds (capable of average download speed of 600 kbps to 1.4 Mbps) as well as WiFi (with dedicated Instant On/Off button) for data and full GPS capabilities.

Sprint Treo 800w - Front View

According to Palm, The Treo 800w is the company’s most business-friendly phone yet.  IT departments can simplify infrastructure and lower costs (always welcome) with a direct connection to Microsoft Exchange Server, giving users up-to-date email, contacts, calendars and access to other productivity applications while on the move.  Palm designed the Treo 800w for easy-to-use mobility with a full QWERTY keyboard, five-way navigation and one-touch buttons to the most-used applications (including two new dedicated Calendar and Messaging buttons) – making it not only a smartphone people want to use but one that they can use easily.

Sprint Treo 800w - Back Rotation

EV-DO Rev. A, WiFi for Data and GPS

As Sprint’s first smartphone to ship immediately with EV-DO Rev. A network support, the Treo 800w offers customers the ability to quickly browse the web and send and receive emails – even those with large attachments – at broadband speeds.  The vast majority of Sprint’s Mobile Broadband Network has been upgraded to EV-DO Rev. A technology, providing Treo 800w users blazing-fast speeds on the nation’s largest mobile broadband network (based on covered square miles).  According to Sprint, its Mobile Broadband Network (inclusive of data roaming) reaches more than 246 million people, 16,022 cities and 1,506 airports and brings customers instant gratification so they can work fast and on the go.  With EV-DO Rev. A, peak network download data rates increase to 3.1 Mbps and peak upload data rates increase to 1.8 Mbps; average download speeds improve to 600 kbps to 1.4 mbps and average uplink speeds increase to 350-500 kbps.

Sprint Treo 800w Wifi

Palm’s WiFi hardware and software innovations make it easy to get online fast and manage network connections and power usage.  The one-touch WiFi button provides a clean, uncluttered WiFi experience that gets Treo 800w users rapidly connected at home, in the office or in WiFi hotspots.  It includes 802.11b/g WiFi and built-in Internet Explorer Mobile, which means faster, more secure access to web-based data.

 Treo 800w GPS - POI Treo 800w GPS - Maps

With integrated GPS and Palm software enhancements, the Treo 800w smartphone offers maps (above right), point-to-point directions and point-of-interest (POI) searches for locations such as restaurants or stores.  POI search is available directly from the Today Screen (above left) and is integrated with contacts, giving customers one-touch access to the places they want to go.  Treo 800w also supports Sprint Navigation for turn-by-turn directions as well as other popular third-party location-based services applications.

Robust Business Productivity Features

Companies looking for more control, centralization and security will find the Treo 800w an attractive choice. It connects directly with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 or 2007 and works within a company’s existing Microsoft infrastructure, eliminating costly middleware or the maintenance of additional servers. The Treo 800w extends business capabilities by providing a familiar Microsoft Windows experience while on the go to keep employees productive. With thousands of applications available for Windows Mobile, businesses can extend mobility beyond email to optimize business processes whether in sales or out in field.

The Treo 800w comes fully equipped with easy-to-use professional email. Microsoft Direct Push Technology is available out of the box and gives users connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server fast, automatic wireless updates from their email, calendar, contacts and tasks.  Users can download email attachments to view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files, view PowerPoint and PDF files, and open ZIP files.

The Treo 800w is compatible with Microsoft’s System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, which delivers increased security and easier smartphone management as well as access to information on the corporate network via mobile VPN. IT professionals can confidently manage large Treo 800w deployments the same way they would expect to manage PCs with a low-cost, reliable solution that fits seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructures.

The Palm Experience on Windows Mobile 6.1

“Palm is adding a unique stamp to the Windows Mobile experience with the Treo 800w,” said Stephane Maes, vice president, product marketing, Palm, Inc. “It’s an easy-to-use feature-packed smartphone that will keep users happy, empowered and productive.”

 Treo 800w Voicemail controls Treo 800w - Today Screen Dial

In addition to Palm’s WiFi and GPS enhancements, Palm innovations on top of Windows Mobile include:

  • Today Screen enhancements – call, text, email, perform a web search and map a contact’s address, all directly from the Today Screen;
  • Dial from the Today Screen – (my favourite Palm enhancement by far above right) enter the contact name, select the number and dial. Add text or picture speed dials for one-touch calls to family and friends, or use the physical or touch screen number keys to dial the number directly;
  • Voicemail controls (image above left) – VCR-like icons, such as rewind, delete and fast-forward, for easy navigation;
  • Ignore with text – ignore a call quickly by sending a text message, such as “In a meeting” or “Can’t talk right now”;
  • Superior phone and call management (image below)– dedicated mute, speakerphone, conference calling icons, or dial any number in an email or webpage, all with just one touch; and
  • Palm ease-of-use features – hard buttons for email and calendar, a five-way navigation button and on/off ringer switch.

Treo 800w Palm Enhancements

Exclusive Sprint Content and Services

“Sprint recognizes that businesses must stay productive and competitive with quick, always-accessible information and assistance for their own customers,” said Michael Hahn, vice president of device operations for Sprint. “With instant access to email, messaging services and the web on the nation’s largest Mobile Broadband Network, Sprint provides its customers the mobile tools they need to increase productivity and improve competitiveness now.”

In addition to the valuable business-friendly features delivered through Palm and Windows Mobile 6.1, new business applications are being created through Sprint’s newly launched Professional Developer Program and with tools such as the Titan platform for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.  A growing community of application developers who may previously have focused on desktop services are now finding it easier to generate services that can perform on both the desktop and mobile devices.
Treo 800w customers can leverage the speed of the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network to access Sprint content, including:

  • Sprint TV allowing users to watch live TV or video-on-demand with full-motion video or catch the latest news, sports, weather, entertainment and movie trailers on the go. Choose from more than 50 live television channels and watch programs such as CNN mobile, FOX sports and E! Entertainment; access NFL Network and special programming via Sprint Exclusive Entertainment.
  • Sprint Navigation delivers turn-by-turn voice-guided and on-screen driving directions, 3-D moving maps similar to an in-car navigation system or personal navigation device, as well as local search, intelligent traffic alerts and one-click rerouting.
  • Pocket Express to retrieve customized, up-to-date web content such as sports, weather, news, money and movie information with the push of a button.
  • Sprint IM extends instant messaging to the Treo 800w with access to Yahoo! Messenger, AOL’s AIM service and MSN Messenger.

Pricing and Availability

Sprint Treo 800w Pricing

The Treo 800w is available today for consumers and businesses at Sprint Stores and Palm online and through Sprint or Palm’s B2B sales organizations.  It will be available for $249.99 after discounts and rebates with a two-year contract.

Palm Treo 800w

To receive the best value and experience the full capabilities of the device, customers must subscribe to a pricing plan offering unlimited data.  Customers can choose from Everything plans for individuals ranging from $69.99 per month for 450 voice minutes and unlimited data or the Talk/Message/Data Share plans for families starting at $129.99 per month for 1,500 voice minutes (shared between two lines) and unlimited data. Sprint also offers its signature Simply Everything plan offering both unlimited nationwide voice and data services for just $99.99 per month. Customers may also choose one of Sprint’s Individual Talk Plans and add on the $30 per month Pro Pack to take advantage of data capabilities.

Treo 800w Review (Coming Soon!)

Sprint Treo 800w In My Hand

Thanks to a rather messy and frustratingly late shipment of my Treo 800w review unit from Palm I have unfortunately barely had this smartphone in my hands for an hour…  I will naturally write a full review within the next 24 hours but for now at least I can tell you that my first impressions are very good!

The Treo 800w is _much_ slimmer and lighter (you can barely feel the weight difference with a Palm Centro) than any previous Windows Mobile smartphone from Palm and is without a doubt a _huge_ improvement over the Treo 700w|wx on pretty much all fronts (pictured below).

Treo 800w vs. Treo 700w Comparison

Based on looks alone, the Treo 800w may not immediately appear to be an object of beauty but after holding it in your hands you will soon realise that its comfortable form factor is certainly not ugly either.  This smartphone just appears to have been designed with the practical and pragmatic user in mind – one who cares more for actual performance than flashy effects.

While I prepare my full Treo 800w review you may want to have a look at Dieter’s very good video overview below:


You may also also want to read up on these other Treo 800w posts below and naturally if you’re lucky enough to already have one of these terrific new Palm smartphones in your hands I look forward to reading any comments and first impressions that you might have!

Sprint Treo 800w Preview
Treo 800w Specifications
Verizon Treo 800w

Treonauts are alway ready to launch

Posted by Andrew on July 14, 2008 at 09:05 AM

Treo 800w

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by dmm | Jul 14, 2008 11:05:54 AM

I actually like the shape of the buttons on the 800w better than the round ones in the 850 pics. Splitting hairs, maybe... still, I like them.

That twig stylus, though, has to go!

by Waiting for800p | Jul 14, 2008 1:33:46 PM

Where is the 800p?

by heyhilbo | Jul 14, 2008 4:08:58 PM

When will Verizon release their version?

by dmm | Jul 14, 2008 5:52:49 PM

Don't think there's going to be an 800p per se. The word on the street is that Palm's going to have 3 product lines with 2.5 OSes--make the Treo line Windows Mobile only from here on out, offer Garnet on the Centro line, and Nova (the new Linux-based OS) on a new line that some have dubbed the Quattro. That makes me wonder, though--if Treo is a play on "trio" and refers to 3 functions or capabilities of the device, what's the 4th that a Quattro would add?

And Verizon will almost certainly be able to launch in about 3 months--whether or not they do right away. Sprint almost always gets exclusives from Palm on CDMA-device launches (the 700w being the primary if not only exception).

by Jay800 | Jul 15, 2008 8:40:13 AM

I'm currently on the old sprint's power vision plan. I had treo 650 & wish to upgrade to treo 800. Do I need to change my plan!

by Strawmanl | Jul 15, 2008 8:49:09 AM

I've had my 800w for a little under a day now. So far so good. I really like the feel of it, even though I despise the cheapo stylus. I've tried the navigation, gps search, texting, synced (contacts, calendar, etc.), and programmed email. All of which have gone well, though when I run my gmail I still get in and outgoing messages in my inbox, I'll have to figure out how to stop that, I remember that as an old problem. On the "visual voicemail" question from a few posts back, I actually like the Instinct's version better because you can drag back the message to a particular point, but what the treo runs is still an improvement from past models (I upgraded from a 700p).

My goals for today: 1)Try to "push" my email frequently, it's currently set to manually download (not my personal preference, but I'll give it a run later today and see how it treats my battery life). 2)Try the wifi, 3)Suggestions?

by Dan | Jul 15, 2008 9:02:16 AM

I've been waiting for a Windows Mobile Treo with these features. One thing that I didn't see - maybe due to my excitement - is whether or not this phone can be used as a modem without buying an extra data package. PLEASE make sure you cover that in the review, as I'm about three seconds from pulling the trigger and upgrading :)

by Jeff | Jul 15, 2008 10:56:25 AM

I have a 700p now. I am not crazy about the 800- new OS, change from sd to microSD cards (I'm carrying 20+ gigs of music and TV shows RIGHT NOW, as I sit here), new batteries/cases/headsets...If I am going to have to change to WinMo anyways, why shouldn't I wait for the HTC Touch Pro? Palm kind of screwed up by forcing users to buy new EVERYTHING if they want to 'upgrade'; they might find it's a lateral move away from the brand.
In the next review, please talk about real-world battery life, media player and GPS speed and the ability to sync with Mac or Linux OS.

by Dave N | Jul 15, 2008 11:57:32 AM

I have the 700p too and am considering the HTC Tilt. I agree with you 100% Jeff. If I have to buy all new accessories, why not move to a new platform. What's the HTC Touch PRO about?

by John Whorfin | Jul 15, 2008 4:23:24 PM

So... it's $50 more expensive than the new iPhone 3G - even after the hassle of an annoying $100 mail-in rebate?

And it has a smaller screen, far less memory, and a woefully inferior OS and UI?

This is just sad.


by Jake | Jul 15, 2008 4:35:23 PM

Does anyone know when the 800 (with wifi and gps functionality) will be available for AT&T?

by chris | Jul 15, 2008 11:16:10 PM

The 800 has been in my hands for 3 days now, and it works great for me. Since my metal stylus would fly out of my old 650 regularly, I love the light plastic stylus. This stylus works and it snaps in, so I won't lose it. I'm happy. Lots of features to learn. I think I'll get used to win mobile. Windows appears to be robust. The phone qualtiy is awesome, the ability to be on the web and talk on the phone is cool. GPS rocks. This is a winner. Palm was easier to use and easier to read, but crashed. A lot.

by Don | Jul 15, 2008 11:50:40 PM

I've been using a Palm OS device just about every waking hour since they came out in 1996. Lots of hardware and software in that time. I haven't carried a pen and paper for years. Everything is in the handheld computer.
Latest Palm os device was a Treo 700p.
I've been a big fan of the Palm os and the apps that run on it. But it's getting old and it's time to change.

I got the 800w as soon as the store opened on Sunday. Love it and Win Mobile so far.

Win Mobile is a more natural feeling OS.
There have been complaints that it takes more steps to do something than in the Palm os but what I've seen is that some things take more steps, some take less.

Quick rundown.
I get as good or better battery life than on the 700p. Not using wifi. See below.

Bluetooth is MUCH MUCH better. My Plantronics paird immediately in both headset and A2DP modes. The Jawbone paired perfectly. I haven't gotten out of range yet, at least 20 feet in one test - no signs of signal problems. The 700p was out of range if it was on the opposite side of my body from the headset.

The GPS works very well. Worked fine in DT Houston in the middle of all the tall buildings. My Garmin 305 running watch never has a problem except in DT.

More new apps are available for Win Mobile (and you can get them from anywhere, not just one store) than there are for the Palm. News Gator RSS reader for example.

IE is better and faster than Blazer.

The wifi is a non-issue for me. I doubt that I'll use it. I connected at home to test it but the EVDO Rev A is everywhere I go (bus, parks, etc.) and is very fast.

Something I found tonight is that you can do quick searches in emails. Just start typing and it will filter. Immediately. Practically no lag.

The camera is nice. 2mp is noticeably better than the 1.3mp on the 700p. It also has brightness settings. Same 2x zoom as on the 700p.

The device feels better than the 700p. It's smaller and thinner.
I like the rubber back. The keyboard is better.
The stylus is crap but it's worth using to avoid a bunch finger smudges on the screen.

by Niles | Jul 16, 2008 2:28:54 PM

Used it for four days and it is going back. The poor battery life is really something. This "mobile" practically needs to be be plugged in all the time. If you are an exec on the go this is an unacceptable problem.

The commenter above who says battery life is the same as a 700p is completely off the mark. Not half as much life by a long shot.

I am looking around on Sprint and Treo forums and everyone is saying the same things: "Where can I get a cheap spare battery," "when, if ever, will an extended battery come out" "Why is this battery life half as much as previous Treos?" etc.

by kd | Jul 17, 2008 8:22:04 AM

2 Strawman: Visual Voicemail on the 800w?
2 chris: Talking and surfing web pages at the same time. I tried this and a message appears telling me I must end the call to access web. You sure?

by FYI | Jul 17, 2008 12:12:13 PM

Apple iPhone has longest lasting battery of any 3G phone.

Palm fails.


by Bob Hudson | Jul 17, 2008 11:29:57 PM

I've had the 650P and now 700P and use the heck out of them for my ebay and other online business. One thing that has been very important is USBModem which lets me use my Treo as a laptop modem without having to buy any special plan from Sprint: just my regular voice and data service. Is there anything comparable that can be used on an 800W? The only thing I've seen so far indicates I'd have to buy yet another plan from Sprint to use the 800W as a modem.

by pcmedix | Jul 19, 2008 3:31:41 AM

Got the 800w in an effort to move towards another device instead of the 1st version iPhone. Abeit the unlocked iPhone offers quite a large sum of missing features from the native iphone, the 800w looks like it could give it a run for its money.

After using the 800w for a day, here are very obvious observations:

No mms/picturemail. The 700, 755p have it. The unlocked iPhone has it. The 800w does not. Caveat...the feature appears greyed out when looking at options to send pictures do as with any winmo phone, a registry hack may unlock this feature

OS is slow: typical winmo. Anytime u see a memory manager app you know you will run into memory management problems. This is ad old as winblows 3.1/95

Battery life is a dud: its a 1100ahm bat what do you expect? They cut a big corner here

Battery/dock port sux: its different from all other treos so toss your accessories and spend more $

I was hoping for a decent phone to pull me away but in the end its anemic to the iPhone unlocked or the instinct.

by BIB | Aug 7, 2008 5:53:50 AM

On my 2nd week using Treo 800W and its mix bags of reviews for me. 1. Road warrior - plan on packing alot of power for the road, ie extra battery(s), car charger, to keep this baby turned on! Battery life is nil and even when it's plugged into the Car AV, if you are using the Treo, the battery will NOT recharge..as a matter of fact the battery life continue to reduce..go figure..! 2. It crashes..ALOT.. and to reset this baby..don't go searching for a reset button..you have to remove the battery (for a few seconds) and place back..! Try doing this several times a day while on the road..or better yet driving!! Yikes. and 3. No adapter to use your wired headset and power up at the same time..just make sure your blue tooth is a good one.
everything else on this Treo is okay... but it has its problems. If you need your Treo with you all the time in critical situations because of your business or your situation...make sure you buy all the extra power because your Treo will not last a day on just one battery!

by scoot03 | Aug 14, 2008 12:03:04 PM

I'm so new starting w/an lg 160 in oct/07 & now have a centro & an 800w. I LOVE my 800w. Reading the assorted blogs on the 800w is nice but this phone compared to All the others. WOW! Thank you Palm. Shame there aren't any updates or news anyone wants to say but at the moment that's OK. Go Palm Your coming Back!

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