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Sprint Treo 800w Preview

Sprint Treo 800wLeaked Treo 800w User Guide for Sprint Confirms WiFi, GPS, Memory, Bluetooth 2.0, Enhanced Today Screen, Threaded Messaging and Many More.

For a brief moment Sprint’s website yesterday “accidentally” leaked the full copy of the forthcoming Treo 800w User Guide – a document containing a wealth of information (all staggering 436 pages of it!) about this latest Palm smartphone which is expected to hit the market “within days” according to most sources (Sunday, July 13th likely).

After spending literaly hours reading through this document I have to admit that I’m extremely excited and simply cannot wait to get my hands on my very own Treo 800w to provide you with a full review.  In the meantime, below you will find plenty of Treo 800w information to wet your appetite…

Treo 800w Front View

  1. Indicator Light provides status information for your Treo based on the color of the light.
  2. Volume Button adjust the volume level for the earpiece, speaker, and ringer.
  3. Side Button opens the Notes application by default. You can also reassign this button to open your favorite application.
  4. Left Softkey gives you quick access to the options available for the current screen.
  5. Phone/Talk dials a phone number that you select or enter, and answers an incoming phone call. When you press Option + Phone/Talk , the Internet Explorer Mobile application opens.
  6. Start opens the Start menu to access all the applications on your Treo. When you press and hold Option + Start , the Camera application opens, so you can take a picture or switch to video mode to record a video.
  7. NEW! Calendar Button opens the Calendar application, so you can view and manage appointments.  When you press and hold Option + Calendar , the Contacts application opens.
  8. ENHANCED! Microphone serves as the mouthpiece on your Treo.
  9. ENHANCED! Earpiece lets you hear your phone calls. Hold the earpiece to your ear to listen, unless you’re using the speakerphone or a headset.
  10. Right Softkey gives you quick access to the options available for the current screen.  Typically, pressing this softkey opens a menu.
  11. OK confirms any information you entered and closes the current screen. It then returns you to the previous screen. When you press and hold Option + OK , the Task Manager screen opens.
  12. Power/End turns the phone feature of your Treo on and off, wakes up and turns off the screen, goes to the Today screen when the screen is already awake, and hangs up calls.
  13. NEW! Inbox Button opens the Inbox application, so you can write and read email messages. When you press and hold Option + Inbox , the Messaging application opens, so you can write and read text messages.
  14. 5-way Navigator with Center Button gives you one-handed access to move around on the Treo screen and select options. After highlighting an item with the 5-way, you can select or activate it by pressing Center.
  15. Option enables you to access the characters that appear above the letters on the keyboard.

Please also note that the Treo 800w is the first Windows Mobile Palm smartphone for a CDMA network with a 320 x 320 pixels resolution colour touchscreen.

Additionally, although only the dedicated Calendar and Inbox buttons are truly new additions the fact is that Palm will very likely also have upgraded less obvious elements such as the microphone and earpiece for example (just as it did with the Centro).

Finally, it is also worthwhile pointing out that that the keyboard has changed a little and also that all navigation buttons have now been flattened in order to make it faster and easier to access your most frequently used applications.

Treo 800w Back View

  1. ENHANCED! 2MP Camera Lens enables you to take pictures and videos using the built-in camera.
  2. IR (Infrared) Port uses infrared technology to transmit information to and receive information from other infrared-enabled devices that use compatible software.
  3. CHANGED Expansion Card Slot allows you to expand the capabilities of your Treo using a microSD card or microSDHC card.
  4. External Antenna Port enables you to connect an optional external antenna (sold separately).
  5. Self-Portrait Mirror enables you to include yourself in a picture.
  6. ENHANCED! Speaker plays ringtones and alarms, and serves as the speaker for the speakerphone feature and other audio playback.
  7. Battery Door protects the compartment of your interchangeable Treo 800w battery.
  8. NEW! MicroUSB Connector enables you to attach the sync cable, the AC charger, or a hands-free headset to your Treo. Use only headsets that are compatible with your Treo.

Treo 800w Top View

  1. NEW! Wi-Fi Button turns the Wi-Fi feature on and off and enables you to search for and connect to available Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Ringer Switch controls the ringer setting.  When the Ringer switch is set to Sound Off , it silences all sounds at once, including music; so you don’t need to navigate through menus to turn sounds on and off.
  3. Stylus allows you to tap options on your Treo screen. To use the stylus, slide it out of the slot and hold it as you would a pen or pencil.

Although I am naturally super happy to see Palm finally include WiFi (802.11 b/g here) in a Treo smartphone I have to admit that I’ve often wondered under what conditions I would actually use it.  The user guide was quite helpful in this respect pointing out that a WiFi connection is especially helpful in the following situations:

  • You’re outside a coverage area and you want to access the Web.
  • Your Sprint service plan incurs additional charges for data services and you want to minimize data service charges by using a Wi-Fi connection instead.
  • You’re inside a coverage area but outside a Sprint Mobile Broadband Network.  (A Wi-Fi connection may provide faster throughput than a 1xRTT data connection.)
  • You want to maintain a Web connection while talking on the phone.

Finally, thanks to the convenient dedicated WiFi button at the top of the device you can quickly turn it On/Off while on the go (a WiFi icon will also appear on screen) to access both Open and Secure networks (includes WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2–PSK as well as full data encryption).

Treo 800w accessories

This Sprint User Guide also includes the first look at one of the many new Treo 800w accessories that will be released in the coming weeks.  Here above we have the opportunity to see a Palm Stereo Headset (possibly included in the package) with built-in 1) Microphone; 2) Headset Button and 3) Speakers.  Among others you will now be able to “swap between calls if the second call is an incoming call” and “create a conference call if the second call is an outgoing call”.

Also, the new headset specifications include:

  • Your Treo works with headsets that have a microUSB standard B connector that is USB 2.0 compatible. To use a headset with a 2.5mm, 3-pin connector, you must attach an adapter (sold separately).
  • Headsets designed for previous Treo smartphone are not compatible with the Treo 800W.

The Treo 800w is also compatible with all Bluetooth accessories including wireless Bluetooth headsets (such as my favourite New Jawbone) and Bluetooth speakerphones (such as the Jabra SP5050).  Thanks to Bluetooth 2.0 you can also use a Stereo Bluetooth Headset (such as the Motorola S9) that is A2DP-enabled to listen to MP3 files while on the go.  However, you cannot use a mono Bluetooth headset to listen to MP3 files.

Additionally, in the User Guide Palm lists recommendations to purchase the following Treo accessories (an early indication of what will become available soon):

  • Vehicle Power Charger: A charger that enables you to charge your Treo in your vehicle using the car lighter socket.
  • Replacement Battery: A backup battery that you can use if your primary battery becomes drained, is charging, or has reached the end of its useful life.
  • Battery Charger: A charger that enables you to charge a spare battery.
  • USB Sync Cable: A replacement or spare cable (your Treo comes with one USB sync cable).
  • Extra AC Charger: A 100-to-240-volt AC charger for your Treo.
  • Palm Treo 800 Power/Audio Adapter: An adapter that enables you to charge your Treo and use a wired headset at the same time.
  • MicroUSB/2.5mm adapter: An adapter that enables you to connect a wired headset with a 2.5mm connector to your Treo.
  • International Travel Adapters: Snap-on adapters that enable you to use the Extra AC charger in continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. (For use with the Extra AC Charger only.)
  • Palm Leather Side Case With Belt Clip: A case that you can clip to your belt or bag that provides quick access to and protection for your Treo.
  • Stylus: A replacement or spare stylus for your Treo.

Sprint Treo 800w Today Screen

  1. Title Bar and Status Information: Displays Signal Strength and Phone Status
  2. Dial Lookup: Enter a few letters of a contact’s name to look up a number, or simply enter the number itself. Press Phone/Talk or Center to make the call.
  3. NEW! Point of Interest Lookup: Enter the type of location you want to find and press Center to view a list of search results.
  4. Speed-Dial Entries: Select a speed-dial button—either a picture or text—to call the number assigned to it. (Speed-dial buttons are not displayed by default)
  5. Inbox Status: View the number of unread email messages for each of your email accounts. Select this field to open the Inbox application.
  6. Messaging Status: View the number of unread text messages. Select this field to open the Messaging application.  Scroll down to access more fields:
  7. NEW! Live Search: Enter a term you want to look up, and press Center or Return to view a list of search results from the Internet (data services connection required).
  8. Calendar Status: View upcoming appointments. Select this field to open the Calendar application.

Additionally, the Treo 800w now also allows for “dialing from a web page or message” making it that much faster and easier to place a call (instead of having to copy/paste or write down a number and then dial it separately).

Separately, it appears that the Treo 800w also contains significant other improvements while making and receiving calls.  Among others, there are now on-screen buttons to quickly Mute or switch to the Speakerphone.  You can also much more easily manage multiple calls (call waiting, making a second call and making a conference call) as well as a new Flash Mode (typically used during a conference call when one of the calls has ended but the other remains connected).

Treo 800w Threaded Messaging

Treo 800w MessagingWhen you exchange more than one message with a single contact, the messages you exchange with that person are grouped into a chat session. When you select a chat session from your message list, the upper part of the screen displays all the messages you’ve exchanged with this contact, and the lower part provides a text entry area.

Additionally, now when you receive a text message that contains a telephone number, email address, or URL, you can dial the number, send an email message, or go to the Web page immediately. Your Treo automatically opens the appropriate application from the link.

Treo 800w GPS
As most seasoned Treonauts will already know by now, the Treo 800w is also the first Palm smartphone to include a built-in GPS chip (in this case one of the best with AGPS) which allows you to conveniently look for a Point of Interest (POI) such as “pizza, post office, petrol station or ATM) near your present location directly from the Today screen (screenshot below left).

 Treo 800w Point of Interest Treo 800w GPS Mapping

Additionally, you can also search for a POI near another location (above right), use maps (below left) as well as the excellent Sprint GPS Navigation service (powered by Telenav).

 Treo 800w GPS mapping 2 Treo 800w Sprint Navigation

Separately, you can also quickly find directions and view maps to a Contact’s address directly from the Today screen.

Treo 800w Microsoft Exchange

The Treo 800w is squarely targeted at the enterprise market and as such fully supports Exchange Server 2007 or Exchange Server 2003 upgraded to Service Pack 2 users who can synchronize email wirelessly and take advantage of the additional features of Microsoft Direct Push technology.

Microsoft Direct Push is a two-way wireless delivery method that keeps your Outlook information always up-to-date and provides more efficient communication between the server and your device. It includes features such as Global Address List (GAL), Tasks Over The Air (OTA), and IP-based push updating of Microsoft Outlook information (Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks).

Thanks to the updated Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional inside the Treo 800w and Microsoft’s System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, IT professionals can now also benefit from new security features and improved control over Windows Mobile devices for their businesses and employees.

Among others, Mobile Device Manager:

  • Helps protect sensitive information if the device is lost or stolen
  • Performs instant remote device wipe to help reduce security risks (when connected to WiFi or a carrier network)
  • Provides security enhanced behind-the-firewall access to mobile users
  • Helps lower maintenance and troubleshooting costs and management complexity
  • Provides greater scalability with support for thousands of users on a server
  • Gives IT Professionals a robust development platform, improved reliability, and better application access and control for Windows Mobile devices

Sprint Treo 800w Coverage Map

Finally, as you can see from the dark green areas above, Sprint provides an excellent coverage across the US.  Your Treo 800w will display an “EV” icon when you are in an area that supports mobile broadband (EVDO) data services.  EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) is a wireless broadband technology that is designed for very high-speed data transfer, with average download speeds of 400 to 600Kbps.  It is capable of reaching download speeds up to 3.2Mbps and upload speeds up to 1.8Mbps.

Please note that you can unfortunately not use the Sprint network to open a Mobile Broadband (EVDO) or Sprint 1xRTT data connection during a call (a limitation for all CDMA networks) – you can only use the Sprint network for one activity at a time (phone or data).  Then again, now that you have built-in WiFi you can instead maintain a (WiFi) Web data connection while talking on the phone!

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Treonauts are always the most professional

Posted by Andrew on July 9, 2008 at 11:42 AM

Treo 800w

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by Dave N | Jul 9, 2008 12:25:43 PM

Do you think it's going to be possible to use GARMIN Mobile XT or TOMTOM or some other GPS software on this phone too?

by Andrew | Jul 9, 2008 12:36:34 PM

Dave - I can't confirm that third-party GPS software solutions will work on the Treo 800w yet. Having said this, considering that it has a full GPS chip inside my guess is that you will be able to install GPS navigation solutions such as Garmin or TomTom.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by Dave N | Jul 9, 2008 12:54:37 PM

Thanks. I just don't know if I am willing to move from 700P to another Treo running Windows. I really like the larger screen of the ATT Tilt, but I have been a long time Treo user. If I'm going to have to buy new accessories (battery's and chargers) I might as well go to something else. I'm really up in the air at this point.

by Scott | Jul 9, 2008 2:50:56 PM

Dave N,

Want Multitasking? Windows Mobile

Want full Exchange Server support? Windows Mobile

Want all information available from one screen? Windows Mobile

Want dial by name or number from main screen? Windows Mobile

Want fully functional web browswer? Windows Mobile

Want calendar items created on phone to be in outlook on desktop as well? Windows Mobile

Want to be able to have contacts, calendar, email etc all back on the phone instantly and wirelessly after a hard reset with no need to install anything first or connect to a PC first? Windows Mobile

Want a faster phone? Windows Mobile

I know a lot of people complain that windows mobile is slow, these are the same people that have no idea they have 13 programs still running in the background chewing up their memory. Properly managed, a Windows Mobile phone FAR out performs a Palm OS phone. I have the 755P now, this was my last attempt to like Palm OS after trying the 700P when it first came out and the Treo 650 years ago. I've also had a 700w, 700wx and a 750 - The Windows Mobile Treo's are just hands down better than Palm OS in every imagineable way IMO - There's a reason Palm is not making any more Palm OS smartphones (until they come up with a new Palm OS).

If it's the "evil Microsoft" thing keeping you away from windows mobile, there will likely be no convincing you otherwise. If however that is the case and you can get over that (and make sure you are closing programs you're not using anymore!) I think you'll really like Windows Mobile.

I have the 755P now only because I got bored of my 700wx and couldn't remember all the reasons I didn't like Palm OS, figured I'd give it another shot (while waiting for the 800w to come out) so I got it . . . Wish I would have stuck with the 700wx and now I CAN'T WAIT ditch this 755P for the 800w in a few days.

by Chris | Jul 9, 2008 4:35:49 PM

Great job scouring the 400-plus page manual for those of us too lazy to do it. I'm very excited about this phone. My first smartphone!

by DeAnna | Jul 9, 2008 4:50:45 PM

Pardon what is perhaps a stupid question. my friend got me hooked on my 700wx and I have nearly worn it out. Does anyone know if the 800 will have maps loaded or just the chip? I have a bluetooth gps receiver I use with my 700wx and love that I can use this phone in this manner. I can't wait for the 800 to come out!

by Neo | Jul 9, 2008 5:46:26 PM

The hardware on this phone looks great, but I've had a hard time finding joy in using windows mobile. I'll pass for a PalmOS phone despite all the cool features.

by Mike Wrob | Jul 9, 2008 5:53:36 PM

Why does Palm keep producing phones that do not have a standard stereo jack? I realize you can use and adapter, but that's one more thing you have to carry. That's why I use a smartphone, to decrease the number of things I have to carry.

by Izlu | Jul 10, 2008 4:00:32 AM

Andrew, do you have any idea when an unlocked GSM version will be released and how much will it cost?

Also, does WM6 support other languages? Treo 680 doesn't so sometimes it's pain in the ass trying to read some web pages, e-mails etc.

I know that I can localize my phone by installing additional software but I don't like the idea very much. For instance, iPhone can display other languages right out of the box.

by obvious | Jul 10, 2008 11:16:55 AM

Want a BETTER smartphone?



by egbenj | Jul 10, 2008 12:50:37 PM

Does the phone have visual voicemail like the sprint instinct? I'm thinking of switching due to the instinct inability to sync outlook calendar, but the visual voicemail has grown on me.

by Andrew | Jul 10, 2008 1:02:55 PM

egbenj - yes, the Treo 800w has the full visual voicemail feature.

Cheers, A.

by rudeboy360 | Jul 10, 2008 3:58:02 PM

I'm at the store now picking one up!

by techgeek32 | Jul 10, 2008 6:54:43 PM

Just picked up 2 new 800's at my local Sprint store today. My first impression is very positive. The size is great! Not much bigger than the Centro, much thinner and not as wide as the 700wx. 72mb of RAM and 160MB of storage RAM at bootup. Screen is much crisper than the old 700wx. Keyboard is better, great bluetooth, WiFi. My biggest complaint is that Palm includes an all plastic stylus that is very flimsy so it bends when you try to use it. I don't use a stylus much so it won't bother me but I am sure we will hear some complaints about it. The screen doesn't seem to get as bright as the 700wx so I will need to test outside. The speed is comparable to my HTC Touch but the one handed usability and PALM custom features are really going to set this phone apart from others. It will definately need a larger battery. Hopefully Seidio will come out with one soon. All in all I am much more impressed than I thought I would be with this phone. Run to your local store and try to get one before they sell out.

by techgeek32 | Jul 10, 2008 6:54:48 PM

Just picked up 2 new 800's at my local Sprint store today. My first impression is very positive. The size is great! Not much bigger than the Centro, much thinner and not as wide as the 700wx. 72mb of RAM and 160MB of storage RAM at bootup. Screen is much crisper than the old 700wx. Keyboard is better, great bluetooth, WiFi. My biggest complaint is that Palm includes an all plastic stylus that is very flimsy so it bends when you try to use it. I don't use a stylus much so it won't bother me but I am sure we will hear some complaints about it. The screen doesn't seem to get as bright as the 700wx so I will need to test outside. The speed is comparable to my HTC Touch but the one handed usability and PALM custom features are really going to set this phone apart from others. It will definately need a larger battery. Hopefully Seidio will come out with one soon. All in all I am much more impressed than I thought I would be with this phone. Run to your local store and try to get one before they sell out.

by Chris | Jul 10, 2008 9:11:06 PM

Just placed my order. Andrew, this is my first Treo smartphone (and let me say I'm VERY excited to hear this has visual voicemail), but my question is this: How long is it usually before there are some skins available for most Treo phones? I'm almost half surprised I don't see any out already.

by Scott | Jul 10, 2008 9:18:16 PM

techgeek32 - Where you at that you could actually get one today? The 5 stores I called (went into 2) all refused to sell until their playbook they get on Saturdays tells them when they can sell it. One store TRIED to sell it to me and the system wouldn't let them complete the order.

by Scott | Jul 10, 2008 9:18:55 PM

Same goes for rudeboy - where you at that you can get one?

by Chris | Jul 11, 2008 12:54:47 AM

Also, can you clear up with size microSD/SDHC card this phone will accept?

by rudeboy360 | Jul 11, 2008 5:38:24 AM

I was in Towson, Maryland. The rep didn't even know that noe did they have a display for it.

by DL | Jul 11, 2008 12:02:01 PM

Got one last night.

First impression: All good except WHAT is with the battery life? It chewed through the battery in less than two hours. Unbelievable and unacceptable.

On comments above, yes they seem to have decided to save $0.10 per unit on the stylus by making it laughable. I tried SDHC 8 Gb and it addressed, read and wrote all fine.

Also cannot get voice dialing via BT working no matter what. I hope they come out with a bug fix on this or it will really hurt sales.

In any event battery life is a real serious problem.

by dgarts | Jul 11, 2008 12:33:09 PM


I appreciate your post, but as one of those people who considers himself a devotee of Palm OS (albeit a most frustrated one) and who has sworn never to capitulate and use Windows, allow me to try to explain why.

I've worked in front of a computer for a while now (15+ years). I use Windows 95% of the time. Picking up my first Palm Pilot didn't take long to "get it", in terms of usability. After some experience in front of a Windows machine, I expected to pick one up and feel relatively comfortable doing something. Didn’t happen for me.

Palm OS was a mobile platform from the ground up. Windows took several iterations of trying to jam their Windows approach into a PDA skin.

If your experiences allow you to enjoy the Windows interface, all the power to you. Just looking at a Windows screen on a PDA annoys me.

As an example, you mention that Windows isn’t really slow, it’s just that people who complain don’t realize they’ve got so many apps running. I recognize that Windows is attempting to support multi-tasking, and that Palm just doesn’t have this problem because it really isn’t a multi-tasking environment, but Windows should know that entering the pda space means people will expect to not have go around closing apps – this, to me, just demonstrates the lack of thought for the space on Microsoft’s part

I try to be reasonable, and can concede this accusation really is a matter of opinion. I’m capable of conceding that nothing is perfect and a multi-task environment is familiar to anyone who has used a Windows computer. It really shouldn’t be a big deal, then, to be familiar with having to close something you open. Fair enough.

I think disdain for Microsoft is what’s coming to the fore. I was a Lotus Ami Pro user, and it was an amazing word processor. Microsoft foisted Word upon us, and they’ve managed to sponge up the market share with an inferior product. What they can’t develop properly themselves, they’ll acquire and then ruin. I remember when Hotmail was independent, and it was cool. Before too long, the richest software company on earth allowed smaller competitors to offer unlimited storage (Yahoo! Mail and Gmail) for free while M$ charged their clients for less storage, even though they could afford more than anyone to offer more to the user.

I am a die hard Opera browser user. Firefox isn’t a bad alternative, and I hate MSIE. While Opera developed multi-tab browsing (and is still offering a true version much better than what Firefox offers) many years ago, it took Microsoft forever to “get” that tabbed browsing makes sense (among all the other features that Opera brought onstream). Microsoft’s response certainly wasn’t to just make a better browser, but to write code that makes websites “optimized for IE” which is their way of saying “won’t work with Opera”. Even with the new browser, surfing the web is a royal pain with MSIE. Again, not the best product, but leveraging their business prowess to foist inferior stuff on people.

I just kinda hoped the PDA space would be safe from M$ encroachment, and although Palm appears determined to keep M$ hopes alive, at least the BBs and Apple entrants are providing enough alternatives to slow the unfortunate inevitable.

by Bobby | Jul 11, 2008 1:01:29 PM



cry some more...
i love palm too but man is palm os crap.
apple iphone is not a business phone
BB have an extra charge for monthly usage.

I'll try the windows mobile. I have plenty of IT guys at work swearing by it

by Scott | Jul 11, 2008 1:08:37 PM


Reading you're post I've summed it up to one thing..."Evil Microsoft"

You're certainly entitled to share that opinion, mine however is that I will use whatever product best suits my needs to be efficient, able to communicate easily, share data easily, intuitive, fully functional etc and right now Microsoft (like it or not) is king in that regard.

I've never understood why users will insist on downloading and installing firefox when IE is already installed and ready to go...I see no difference in their performance and in fact in my opinion firefox is clunky, prompts with strange messages on downloads etc and just flat doesn't seem to be any easier or better than IE. So for me, why bother...IE works perfectly fine for me, I rarely have a problem with it. I've used firefox & opera, I still think IE is a better browser. In my experience as a systems administrator for about a decade I've come to three conclusions about why a user would insist on firefox:

1) They are an Apple user at home
2) They distain anything "big bad business" (whether that be Microsoft or anything else but this is part of the "evil Microsoft" attitude)
3) They just like being different, right down to the programs they use on their computer

I guess I just lack the "evil microsoft/big business = bad" attitude, maybe that's my problem...But then again, I don't see that as a problem.

If it works well, I'll use it. Palm OS does NOT work well, WM does.

by dgarts | Jul 11, 2008 1:39:17 PM

Hey Scott,

Well, not quite "evil M$". I've done spreadsheet consulting and managed millions in MS Excel, and collaborated on whiz-bang databases with MS Access in the backend and Excel on the interface, slick, solid.

I hate Lotus Notes, much prefer Outlook. I use Windows, not Macs.

So, I'm not just spraying bullets into anything labelled MS.

Hey Bobby -- yeah, it seems like I'm whining, but I'm not. You can use and enjoy WM, feel free to go ahead. But there are plenty of people in this blog who just don't like WM, and my thoughts here are not my own alone. Again, if it's personal preference, so be it. But for those who don't like it, it's more than just "I don't wanna."

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