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I hope that you’ve managed to have a super fun and relaxing long 4th of July weekend and that you’re filled with renewed energy for this exciting week ahead of us which, among others, promises to give us Palm’s official announcement of the Sprint Treo 800w.

In order to continue the celebrations and start the week in style, we’ve created a very special 10% Off Coupon valid [EXTENDED] (until midnight PST on Tuesday, July 8th) across all products in our Treo Store and Centro Store.  Just enter the coupon code CHOICE08 during Checkout to apply this terrific 10% discount to your entire cart.

Editor's Choice RoundupGiven the huge (sometimes overwhelming) selection of accessories available for your Centro or Treo today I thought that it might be helpful to provide you with a very selective list of the top accessories in my own arsenal – one exclusively limited to those that I consider to be my Editor’s Choice products below.

Treo Cases

Treo Cases

SPE P6 Pouch Case
This has been the bestselling Treo case for as long as I can remember and it has without a doubt withstood the test of time.  Top marks and terrific value.  (See SPE P6 Pouch Case review)

Helix Holster II
Both the original Helix Holster and this updated version have proven to be one of the best solutions to keep your Treo by your side and access it quickly with one hand.  (See Helix Holster II review)

Nutshell Natural Leather Case
Probably one of the most robust yet simple Treo cases ever made the Nutshell has recently regained a serious following even though it is one of the most expensive models available today.

SPE UltraSlim Executive Pocket Pouch
While some people have complained about the overall build of this pouch I still consider it one of the most convenient protective leather cases for my Treo and continue to use it on a daily basis – I wouldn’t be without one and my only wish is that one for my Centro would become available.  (See SPE UltraSlim Executive Pocket Pouch review)

Centro Cases

Centro cases

SPE SidePouch
Like its TopPouch sibling, this bestselling SPE SidePouch offers a convenient top quality leather case to keep the Centro securely by your side.  I particularly like the large front magnetic flap which makes it a snap to insert and remove your smartphone.  (See Centro TopPouch Case review)

Helix Holster
The new Helix Holster for Centro ticks all the right marks – it’s elegant, sturdy and makes it extremely quick and convenient to answer calls while always having the Centro by your side.  (See Helix Holster for Centro review)

SPE Centro Skin Case
This extremely well built Centro skin case provides thorough scratch protection and great grip in your choice of three colors.  (See Centro Skin Case review)

Palm Air Case
I particularly like this Centro hard case from Palm – it is extremely well designed, solid and provides some of the best small details on a case of this type.  (See Palm Air Case for Centro review)

Treo and Centro Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth accessories for Centro, Treo

New Jawbone Noise Shield Bluetooth Headset
The latest – much smaller and lighter – version of this bestselling Bluetooth headset, the New Jawbone has made me and many others extremely happy.  Its noise cancellation technology is so good in fact that it’s become extremely hard to compare other headsets – there’s simply no other that comes close to matching its capabilities.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  (See New Jawbone review + New Jawbone or Original Jawbone?)

Jabra SP5050 Speakerphone
If you’ve ever thought that it was time to drive “hands free” and would like to have a dedicated solution in your car to quickly make and receive calls then you’ll just love the Jabra SP5050 – it’s the best and most beautiful Bluetooth speakerphone that I have tested to date.  (See Jabra SP5050 review)

Freedom Keychain GPS Receiver
Until the day that Palm provide us with a Treo or Centro that has built-in GPS the best alternative will be this ultrasmall and ultralight GPS receiver that easily fits in your pocket…   (See Freedom Keychain GPS review)

TomTom Navigator 6
You simply cannot take a wrong turn with the TomTom Navigator 6.  This GPS receiver + software bundle from TomTom has all you need to start enjoying travelling faster and without getting lost.  A Treo GPS kit is one of my most trusted solutions and I never travel without one.

Motorola S9
This A2DP stereo Bluetooth headset is not without its faults but it’s nonetheless still the lightest, most comfortable and most attractive one that I have come across to date.  (See Motorola S9 review)

Treo and Centro Chargers & Cables

Chargers & Cables for Treo, Centro

SPE Retractable S&C Cable
This product is probably the best value accessory that you will find in our store.  It charges and HotSync’s your smartphone via your PC’s USB port and the combination of its retractable cable, small size and lightweight makes it ideal to take with you on the go.  (See SPE Retractable S&C Cable review)

Treo Battery Charger (not for Centro)
This ultrasmall and ultralight portable battery charger is probably the best accessory ever designed by Palm and is ideal for charging your spare batteries while on the go.  (See Treo Battery Charger review)

SPE Wall Charger
You can never have enough chargers and this compact and light one is perfect when you travel or simply if you’re looking to have a spare one at home or the office.

Palm Cradle Kit
This 3 in 1 charger, HotSync and battery charger cradle from Palm is not only elegant but also extremely practical.  It has always been one of the bestselling accessories in our store.  [Please note that a spare Centro battery cannot be charged via this cradle.]

Cellet Cradle for Centro
This cradle finally delivers the level of quality, design and value that has quickly and very easily allowed me to award it with my Editor’s Choice for Best Centro Cradle. (See Centro Cradle by Cellet review)

Palm Car Charger
Pretty simple and a complete no brainer if you want to ensure that your smartphone is fully charger at all times while you’re driving.

Treo and Centro Headphones, Adapters & More

Treo Centro Accessories

Palm Hybrid Headset for Treo and Centro
Thanks to its superb build quality and convenient 2 in 1 (audio + microphone) design this headset has rapidly become the #1 bestselling product in its category and won many fans.  (See Palm 2 in 1 Stereo Headset Pro review)

SPE Stereo Adapter 
If you ever want to use a standard 3.5mm headset with your smartphone then you’ll need this 2.5mm adapter.  It’s one of the first and most basic accessories to add to your kit [for Treo and Centro].

Treo Screen Protectors + Centro Screen Protectors
A small price to pay to protect your screen.  It takes a couple of minutes to fit but you’ll be thankful you added it.

3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
You will have noticed that your smartphone accumulates dust, dirt and skin oils during normal use.  This microfiber cleaning cloth makes it all disappear…

BodyGuardz Protective Skin for Treo and Centro
If you’re concerned about scratches to your smartphone then you’ll welcome the magic of these clear and ultrathin plastic films that are perfectly pre-cut to fit your device.  An additional benefit is that it enhances the grip you have on your smartphone. (See BodyGuardz review)

iGrip Custom Fit Flexible Mount (not for Centro)
If you want to keep your smartphone easily within sight and reach in your car then this iGrip solution is my favourite as it also offers a light custom fit cradle for any Treo model.  (See iGrip Custom Fit review)

Arkon Vehicle Mount Kit (fits Centro)
This universal car kit is the best one that I’ve found for my Centro and although it is slightly more expensive than the iGrip above it provides an extremely solid build and also a vent mount.

Treo Stylus and Centro Stylus
Your small Treo or Centro stylus may have a bad habit of “disappearing” and you’ll find that keeping a spare set at hand will come in handy.  Additionally, many of the spare styli in our store offer a convenient Pen-Stylus alternative – ideal to quickly jot something while on the go.

Treo Battery and Centro Battery
I’ve stopped counting the number of spare batteries that I own.  It’s evident that they provide you with the most convenient way to get back up to full speed when you’re running looking on your charge.  I recommend getting a spare battery with the highest mAh capacity for your smartphone.

Separately, if you’re also looking for some great Treo and Centro software titles with a very special 20% off then make sure to check out my Top 100 Gold List.

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Posted by Andrew on July 7, 2008 at 07:50 AM

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