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Top 10 Treo & Centro Software - July Specials

To celebrate the release of the Treo 800w (see my review) this month, we’ve created a 20% off coupon that you can use to purchase one or more of this month’s Top 10 bestselling applications for your smartphone listed below or any of the hundreds of titles in our Treo Software Store and Centro Software Store.

On this occasion we have five new terrific titles entering the Top 10 list with Solitaire Mania (#4), TouchLauncher (#5), Weather (#7), AFK WordSearch (#8) and the latest version of Zagat To Go (#10).

This offer is valid until August 31st – simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart [please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store or Centro Accessories Store].

1. CallRec (New #1!)
CallRecCallRec is a small and extremely easy to use application that will record important phone calls, a voice memo or any other sound coming in or out of your Treo or Centro at the simple push of the Side Button so that you can listen to them later. 

CallRec is the premier voice recording application for your smartphone. This simple-to-use application also allows you set an option to automatically record all your phone calls and it store files directly to the memory card and recording duration is limited only by free space on the card.

Read my full review: Treo Call, Sound & Memo Recordings with CallRec

2. Advanced Brain Trainer 1Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 1  (Bestselling Game!)
Advanced Brain Trainer 1With Advanced Brain Trainer Edition 1, enjoy 5 training modules to improve your calculation, focus, memory, logic and reaction time.  A coach will analyze your results, motivate and guide you through your mind’s enhancement.

You can choose from three game modes:

  1. Exam: train five minutes daily with different training modules.
  2. Practice: you can freely exercise your brain with the different modules before or after each Exam.
  3. Arcade: this fun bonus mode will test your skills to the limit as only a limited number of mistakes are allowed.

Also available: Brain School Brain Trainer for Windows Mobile

3. Softick Audio Gateway (Enables A2DP!)
Softick Audio GatewaySoftick Audio Gateway’s is the first and only solution available for your Treo and Centro that delivers full support for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile support (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) so that you can easily control Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down and Next/Previous track directly and wirelessly from your Bluetooth Stereo Headphones your without the need to touch your smartphone while listening to your digital music while on the go.

4. Solitaire Mania   (Hours of Fun!)
Solitaire ManiaSolitaire ManiaA high-quality collection of 12 world''s most popular solitaire card games with excellent graphics and animation.  All your favorite solitaire games are implemented: Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Pyramid, Towers, Arizona, Golf, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Westcliff and Block Ten.

The games offer selectable background and card backs, undo, replay, save game and much more.

Also available: Spider Solitaire for Windows Mobile

TouchLauncher5. TouchLauncher 
TouchLauncher is a new launcher for Palm OS 5. It sports a beautiful user interface and combines basic launcher features with new ideas. TouchLauncher can be used to run applications on your device with your fingers, as well as perform other basic tasks with them.

For Windows Mobile I highly recommend the absolutely terrific Spb Mobile Shell

6. VolumeCare Pro (Boost Your Volume!)
VolumeCare ProMany people have complained about low volume input and output while on a call in different environments.  As usual, it should not be too surprising that a small third-party utility called VolumeCare has sprung up to correct this issue becoming one of the bestselling Treo applications in the process – one which countless Treonauts bless every day. 

Read my full review: Loud & Clear with VolumeCare

7. Weather  
WeatherMake your own weather station on your Treo or Centro now! Weather offers current condition for the entire world (and for specific regions) updates every 15 minutes.  Forecast information updates every 6 hours.  Weather probably offers the very best and rich graphics for this type of software.  The auto update mode helps to keep the weather data timely. Additionally, "Weather-guard" will improve Palm's standard KeyGuard and give the access to the current condition or 7-day forecast in an easy way.

8. AFK Wordsearch  (Addictive!)
AFK WordSearchAFK Wordsearch is a relatively simple game which has been developed for your searching pleasure. Find the words hidden within the puzzle board to gain points and then challenge your friends to beat your top score.

AFK Wordsearch features over 30 word categories (animals, computer, games, sports, movies, etc) as well as an unlimited number of generated word puzzles .  Find words horizontally, vertically, diagonally and even backwards (skill based).  The game offers multiple skill levels and board sizes as well as various color schemes.

9. Ringo Pro - Treo Ringtone Player (#1 For Ringtones!)
RingoProThe obvious practical aspect of Ringo is that it will allow you to bring your Treo alive with amazing MP3 ringtones - and set personal tones and pictures for friends and groups. 

Ringo Pro lets you add the magic of MP3 ringtones to every call - bringing your smartphone to life, every time it rings.  You can use your favourite music, or explore the world of "real tones" to add some great new call effects to your phone.

Read my full review: Ringo – Personalize your Treo with Ringtones

Zagat To Go10. ZAGAT TO GO (Best Restaurant Guide!)
ZAGAT TO GO was already the most comprehensive restaurant and entertainment guide for your Palm Powered device. Now, it's even more useful with Lifestyle Guides for Movies, Golf, and NYC Shopping. With regular, automated content updates offering the freshest reviews, you'll always be "in the know" when you're "on the go."

Also available: Zagat To Go for Windows Mobile


Separately, below is a selection of some Editor’s Choice products which contains the bestselling and highest rated accessories for your smartphone:

Essential Accessories for your Treo & Centro

Special Offer: get 20% Off on any one of the three essential items below by using Coupon Code ESSENTIALS at Checkout.

  1. SPE Retractable S&C Cable (see my review)
  2. SanDisk MobileMate SD+ Reader
  3. 2.5mm Stereo Adapter

Editor’s Choice Treo & Centro Accessories

Best Centro Accessories

Best Treo Accessories

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