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Swiss Mobility Legion Organizer Case Review

Swiss Mobility Legion : Best Luxury Organizer Case for Treo and Centro

Best Luxury Organizer Treo CaseConsidering the number of Treo cases and Centro cases variations that have been released to date I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to get my hands on the popular new Swiss Mobility Legion Smartphone Case – a very elegant organizer case that offers style, great design and convenience in one package.

Swiss Mobility Organizer Treo Case

This Swiss Mobility organizer case offers genuine fine grain leather throughout and the front (abvove) is accented with ballistic nylon details to give it a modern and sporty look while the metal logo adds to its overall sense of quality and style.

Swiss Mobility Organizer Centro Case

When closed, the back of the case also offers some fine details.  For starters there are the two top latches delicately embossed with the Swiss Mobility cross and a strong yet ultraslim fixed belt clip.  More importantly and interestingly though the back of this case sports two thick rubber pads on either side of the belt clip which are designed to ensure that 1) the case doesn’t get scratched by your belt (and vice-versa) and 2) the case has additional grip when worn by your side.  I’d like to see more of these pads make their way in future Treo side cases.

 Swiss Mobility Case - Open Front Swiss Mobility Case - Open Back

The Swiss Mobility case is large enough to accomodate all Treo smartphone models (with or without antenna) as well as the Palm Centro.  The only thing that could be improved at the front (above left) is the magnetic button – I would have much preferred a large magnetic flap like that found on the bestselling P6 Pouch Case.

The back of the case (above right) for its part can comfortably accomodate business cards, credit cards an ID card as well as some cash via a number of pockets that conveniently open in two sections.  Here again though my most significant complaint is simply that I would have preferred two magnetic flaps instead of the buttons.

 Swiss Mobility Treo Case - Front Detail Swiss Mobility Treo Case - Side

 Swiss Mobility Treo Case - Bottom Swiss Mobility Treo Case - Back Detail

Above you can appreciate some of the details of this Swiss Mobility Case including the ballistic nylon, embossing and rubber pads as well as side and bottom views.

Swiss Mobility - Belt Clip

As I mentioned earlier, the very thin belt clip (above) is undoubtedly a plus considering that such organizer cases will by definition always be a bit bulky.  Having said this, even fully loaded with my Treo, business and credits cards as well as some cash the Swiss Mobility Case felt perfectly comfortable by my side (below).

Swiss Mobility Case - On Belt

Finally, the design of the back organizer section (below) conveniently allows you to open the case to access your cards/cash without the need to remove the case from your belt – very cool.

Swiss Mobility Treo Case - On Belt Open

Overall, leaving aside the minor detail of the lack of magnetic flaps, this Swiss Mobility Legion Smartphone Case has proven to be rather impressive – one that in my opinion delivers the best luxury organizer case to date.  It’s elegant, extremely well built, offers some beautiful and practical details (such as the back rubber pads) and is ultimately extremely convenient if you want to carry both your smartphone and cards/cash by your side.

Separately, if you’re looking for alternative Editor’s Choice cases for your Treo or Centro please see these other reviews: P6 Pouch Case, Nite Ize Backbone and Nite Ize Side Office.

Treonauts are always the most organized 

Posted by Andrew on July 3, 2008 at 08:05 AM

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by Sloop John B | Jul 3, 2008 11:38:13 AM

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the very informative review. I do have a few questions, though... I noticed on the product info page that it has a Multidapt clip system. Is this the same that Krussell uses? If so, that would be very cool b/c I have a whole mess of Krussel clips, etc. already.

Also, how does well does a 650 fit in there? It would seem that it would fit in the review, but there is a bit of a size difference b/w the 650 and a Centro. It would seem to be that either the 650 would be extremely tight (i.e., hard to get in/out), or that the Centro would be floating in it. I currently have a 650, but am thinking about a Centro. I'm currently resisting b/c the keys on the Centro are so small and close together that my fingers cover several of them at once...

Finally, how about theft? I like the idea of having some IDs, etc. with the phone (one less thing to carry), but I do worry about having all that stuff on the belt...

by Andrew | Jul 3, 2008 12:07:26 PM

John - thanks for the kind words.

Yes, I did indeed forget to mention that you can use the full range of Krusell (Multidapt) clips with this Swiss Mobility Legion.

You can find these clips here:

Also, the Treo 650 fits like a glove in this case.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by Andrew | Jul 4, 2008 5:31:36 AM

An interesting comment from Tekvet about my gripe for the magnetic flaps:

"I just finished reading your review on the Swiss Mobility Legion case and am quite intrigued. I've been craving a side loading case with room for hotel keys and business cards!

However, you commented that you'd like to have a large magnetic flap than small button magnets. Be careful what you wish for! After popping a hotel key card in a case with a magnetic flap I can tell you that [magnetic flap] + [mag strip on key card] = [dead key card]. ;-) "

You have a point... I guess that this case will be perfect for your needs then.

Cheers, A.

by patrick | Aug 4, 2008 9:45:21 PM

does anybody know how big this is. i work in a hospital and don't need something huge on my scrub pants, because then they start draggind down (imagine handy man crack except worse).

plus how much does the centro float in this thing? i want a case that can hold my centro pretty snug yet still be able to carry a few credit cards/id.

by dwem | Sep 2, 2008 10:54:52 PM

I have a love hate relationship with my swiss mobility legion case. I love the idea of having my wallet and treo incased together. The flaws in design are mainly with the clips. The OEM clip does not secure your phone to your waist as you would assume. I tried several clips and finally got the leather swivel kit which secures your phone, however the plastic acceptor on the case itself will easily break after a while. Basicly this is a great idea with a poor design.

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