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Astraware Casino Review

Bestselling Astraware Casino Features 11 of the Most Popular Games Found in casinos Around the World

The best way to describe Astraware Casino is to say that you’ve basically got Las Vegas in your pocket without the downside of potentially losing your shirt…  With a rich collection of 11 of the most popular casino games all in one pack it will give you hours of fun for those idle moments while on the go.

 Astraware Casino - Slots Astraware Casino - Video Derby

I have to admit that I’ve never been a particular huge fan of Slots but the version within Astraware Casino is so well done with top graphics and sounds that I became completely addicted – eventually recouping all the money I had lost elsewhere here and tripling my cash in the process.

Video Derby
With 6 horses racing to reach the finish line first you have the option to win or lose some money by betting on the one that you believe will win.  After steadily losing I managed to make up for it by betting on the least favourite with 50:1 odds…  I was happy.

 Astraware Casino - Craps Astraware Casino - Three Card Poker

I barely had any knowledge of Craps before and yet after just a few trials I seemed to consistently win by placing bets on the 8.  The overall graphics are great and the dice rolls and sounds are superb.  One of my favourites.

Three Card Poker
Again a game that was basically unknown to me and which I am still struggling to fully comprehend.  After losing a couple of hundred bucks I decided to head over to the next table…

 Astraware Casino - Baccarat Astraware Casino - Blackjack

Here I finally knew how to play the game but somehow all the luck seemed to be on the Bank’s side and I won fewer than 20% of the hands – further depleting my reserves…

Possibly my favourite card game, the Blackjack table finally allowed me to sit back and relax a little while enjoying the well deserved free drink that I received from the house.  Possibly because of my subsequent intoxication neither my luck nor concentration seemed to improve much though…

 Astraware Casino - Roulette Astraware Casino - Texas No Limit

A terrific rendering of a roulette table with a spinning wheel and winning number detail appearing overlaid on the screen.  It’s certainly not the place where you’ll make up for your losses but nonetheless a lot of fun.

Texas Limit & No Limit Hold ‘em Poker
Although I really like playing Texas Hold ’em I have to admit that this is probably the weakest of all games contained in Astraware Casino.

 Astraware Casino - Video Keno Astraware Casino - Video Poker

Video Keno
After selecting your fifteen numbers on the board just sit back and wait for your winnings to come to you.  In my case I never managed to get more than 7 matches and with my single bets limited to $5.00 (you must play a while for the $25 to become available) I wasn’t about to recoup any losses here…

Video Poker
Leaving another favourite for last, the Video Poker presentation is virtually identical to the one you would find in a casino.  I promise that I didn’t have to work too hard to get the Four of a Kind winnings above…

Overall Astraware Casino is good fun and offers not only a combination of 11 excellent games with superb graphics, action and sounds but thanks to our current MobileHeist promotion also terrific value reduced 50% to only $9.95 (that’s less than $1.00 per game).

BTW: After starting with $1,000 in my virtual wallet I’m glad to say that I was up to $5,773 by the time I finished writing this review… ;-)

Treonauts always take the largest winnings

Posted by Andrew on August 14, 2008 at 11:33 AM

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by Mens Shorts | Apr 21, 2011 3:10:39 PM

The roulette table with a spinning wheel that appear on the screen, and the winning number is in the detail covered a render. Certainly where your lost but still a fun thing I'll do is not a place.

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