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Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth Headset Review

Innovative New Bluetrek Bizz Provides World’s First 3–in-1 Bluetooth Headset + Built-In USB Flash Device + Direct USB Charging

Bluetrek Bizz

Perfectly demonstrating the benefits of miniaturization, the tiny and lightweight (only 10 grams – 0.36 oz) new Bluetrek Bizz is the world’s first Bluetooth headset to offer an integrated microSDHC card reader which quickly and simply transforms this headset into a portable USB Flash drive.

Bluetrek Bizz - Card Reader

The Bluetrek Bizz package includes a 512MB microSD card (pictured above) and this card or any other one of your choice (supports up to 8GB microSDHC capacity) can be inserted in a slot within the USB plug of the headset and from there into a free USB slot on your PC (image below) where the headset will also conveniently be charged.  Colour LED (Red, Blue & Green) on the headset provide the status of charge, end of charge, low battery, stand-by or communication and a dedicated yellow LED indicates data transfer.

Bluetrek Bizz - Card Reader

As a Bluetooth headset (image below) the Bluetrek Bizz offers a very comfortable fit and thanks to patented Ergobud ear buds (4 different sizes are included) the headset can be worn with or without an ear hook and remains comfortably in place even when wearing glasses.  Additionally, the Bluetrek Bizz headset benefits not only from very clear inbound and outbound call quality but also offers a very reasonable 6 hours of talk time and 10 days standby. 

Bluetrek Bizz - Closed

The Bluetrek Bizz headset is pretty basic (a good thing actually) with only one large button on the unit to Switch On/Off, make a call (supports voice dialling), pairing (in headset or handsfree profile), take a call, end a call, call redial, reject a call and call waiting.  There are no volume buttons but you can still easily increase/decrease the volume using your Treo or Centro smartphone’s side buttons.

Bluetrek Bizz - Accessory Kit

Finally, the Bluetrek Bizz also offers a very complete accessory kit with a neck strap, four Ergobuds, two ear hooks (S, L), a short flexible USB extension cable and a USB car charger.

Bluetrek Bizz - On Ear

I have to admit that when I first received my Bluetrek Bizz I was ready to be thoroughly disappointed as I simply did not think that such a 3–in-1 solution with a built-in card reader could be any good because too many compromises would surely have had to be made.  I was wrong.

Overall, the Bluetrek Bizz proved to be not only a very comfortable, small and light headset but also one that provides very good call quality (albeit with no real active noise cancellation) and an excellent accessory kit.  The fact that it can plug directly into my laptop to be charged and doubles as a microSDHC reader for my Centro memory cards is also a bonus.

Separately, my Editor’s Choice Bluetooth headset remains the New Jawbone (now available in Silver).  Other worthwhile alternatives include the Motorola H700 and Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset.

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Posted by Andrew on August 13, 2008 at 08:28 AM

Treo Bluetooth Headset

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by ekauq | Aug 13, 2008 8:55:39 AM

now if you could use the headset as a bluetooth flash drive that would really be something

by ebzster | Aug 13, 2008 3:30:59 PM

Talk about all-in-one-rs... You can simply sneak a flash drive into an office without anybody suspecting you are carrying one... Sounds kinda cool but scary on the other hand...

by Anil Saraswat | Oct 7, 2011 2:53:18 AM

I need this particular model with a MOQ of 5k pieces.Kindly revert me back with ur contact details and ur msn contact id.

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