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MobileHeist August Special Offer

Special MobileHeist Offers 25 Bestselling Palm Applications for Treo & Centro Reduced to Just $9.95 For One Week Only – Save up to 65%

Centro Software Special Offer

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, thanks to the kind support of some of the largest and best Palm software developers below we’re happy to be able to offer you 25 of the bestselling Palm applications for only $9.95 each!!! 

This special promotion provides an average discount of 42% with some discounts as high as 67%.  But hurry, this offer ends Sunday, August 17!

PIM & Contacts Management Software

AgendusAgendus for Palm OS Standard Edition 
Imagine if your contacts, calendar, and to dos were completely integrated so you could link contacts to meetings, calls, and tasks, even generating a complete contact history.
Was $29.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $20.00 – 66%

Find/Call/Edit contacts fast & easy. No stylus (one hand) operation. Enhanced telephony (call-cards, pauses) & search capabilities.
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

PictureIDPictureID - Full screen Pic callerID 
Finally a full screen picture caller ID application for the Treo and Centro PalmOS smartphones.
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%

UltimatePhone is where your Treo experience begins and ends. If features a one of kind Phone application, it provides a gateway to web 2.0 and takes the features you are used to and makes them better
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

Speed up your work with one of the most mature contact applications for Palm/Treo/Centro. Impress your friends with 2Cool4U
Was $15.00 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.05 – 50%

“Today” type application with focus on SmartPhone operation - one screen with all the information you need, and all the action options you want.
Was $12.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $3.00 – 23%

LightwavLightWav - MP3 Ringtone+CallerID Manager 
The ultimate mp3 ringtone, pictureID and callID manager for the Treo 600/650/700p/755/680/Centro
Was $24.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $15.00 – 60%

Communication Software

MunduIMmundu Interoperable Messenger (IM) - for Palm OS 
Wireless communication technology that lets you stay connected across messengers, devices & geographies. Its unique interoperability gives you access to MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo,Gtalk & Jabber IM services
Was $11.00 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $1.00 – 10%

Record important phone calls or voice memo and listen to them later
Was $19.99 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

VoiceDialItVoiceDialIt - Voice Dialing for your Treo 
VoiceDialIt™ is the premier voice dialing application for the Treo™ 600, 650, 680, 700p, 755p and the new Treo™ Centro smartphone.
Was $24.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $15.00 – 60%

Software Utilities

Softick-Audio-GatewaySoftick Audio Gateway 
A2DP/AVRCP Profile support for Palm OS. Listen to stereo music via bluetooth!
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

Butler - the assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard, Hide Popups, Business Card Beam and Much More.
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%

PhoneTechnicianPhone Technician 
Take control of your Treo. Sound booster boosts your volume so you can hear your calls, Mp3 Ringtones, Escalating ringtones and more.
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%

BackupBuddyBackupBuddyVFS Professional
Secure Mobile backup to your Memory Card!

Was $24.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $15.00 – 60%
Treo-LauncherTreo Launcher 
Treo Launcher optimizes for Treo with application search with the qwerty keyboard. It comes with 2 modes [123] [abc] and supports wallpaper. Fast and small.
Was $12.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $3.00 – 23%

Card-ReaderCard Reader 
Use your Palm-powered handhelds as an ordinary USB card reader.
Was $11.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $2.00 – 16%

Power HeroPower Hero 
Power Hero helps you squeeze the last bit of power from your Treo or Centro battery...
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%

RingcareRingCare Desktop 
RingCare Desktop lets you create your own ringtones from the .MP3 music files in your library and then transfer them your Treo such that RingCare Mobile can play these fantastic ringtones
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%
Softick-Card-ExportSoftick Card Export II 
Turn your Palm into handy USB card reader and access files stored on SD/MMC media from the desktop leaving card in expansion slot
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%

USB-ModemUSB Modem (Palm) 
Use Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p or Centro smartphone as a GPRS/EDGE or CDMA 1x/EvDO USB modem for PC or Mac
Was $24.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $15.00 – 60%

Information Software

Beiks-DictionaryBEIKS English Dictionary and Thesaurus for Palm OS 
The bestselling English Dictionary and Thesaurus now at a significantly discounted price!
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

PalmaryClock is a multifunctional clock of variable design. It can be transformed into either classical, digital or alarm clock, watches or calendar according to your wishes.
Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $5.00 – 33%

PalmaryClock WirelessPalmaryClock Wireless 
Timing is everything, and the right clock can help. Look weather around the world, convert currencies, set an unlimited number of alarms and timers round out this timely offering.
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%
PalmaryClockWirelessTreoPalmaryClock Wireless for Treo 
Timing is everything, and the right clock can help. Look up weather around the world, convert currencies, set an unlimited number of alarms and timers round out this timely offering.
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

Software Games

Astraware-CasinoAstraware Casino for Palm OS 
Try your luck with 11 of the best known casino games in one pack!
Was $19.95 – Now Only $9.95
You Save $10.00 – 50%

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Treonauts always get the most special offers

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