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TouchLauncher Review

New TouchLauncher for Treo & Centro Offers Enhanced Set of Functionalities to Browse & Run Applications at the Touch of Your Finger

As I pointed out in my Top 10 Treo & Centro Software post a few weeks ago, there is a new application called TouchLauncher which has extremely rapidly and somewhat surprisingly become the #1 bestselling title in our software store.

 TouchLauncher TouchLauncher - Slider

At its most basic TouchLauncher is an application that attempts to deliver the same type of “screen-scrolling” experience to your Palm Treo or Centro smartphone as that found on Apple’s iPhone for example.  You simply place your finger at the bottom of the screen and move it left or right to scroll through your collection of installed applications (images above).

 TouchLauncher - Drag & Drop TouchLauncher

The other thing that you can easily and quickly do (only in the ALL category though) is “drag-and-drop” individual application icons anywhere you like so that you can organize each screen with exactly the programs that you want.  In the example above I just dragged the Camera icon and switched its placement with Backgammon.

 TouchLauncher - App Management TouchLauncher - Dynamic Icons

Next, both a Dynamic Calendar Icon and Dynamic Messaging Icon allow you to respectively see the current date (Wednesday 6th in this case) and the number of unread SMS messages (one unread here).  To use the dynamic icons you just need to add the relevant Calendar or SMS Custom Icon (image above left) via the Manage menu.

 TouchLauncher - Categories TouchLauncher - Web links

Finally, TouchLauncher allows you to manage your applications with functionalities such as creating a Custom Name, removing the app, filing it in your preferred Category and more.  Among others, you can press the Home or Space bar to bring up a list of your Categories (image above left) and also create WebLinks (image above right) to quickly launch your favourite websites using the Blazer browser.

Thanks to its set of innovative and fun features and functionalities  TouchLauncher should clearly continue to prove extremely popular for some time to come – particularly at its present low price.  Having said this, there is no doubt that TouchLauncher is a “young” application which is currently still no match for other (albeit more expensive) best-of-breed launchers such as my Editor’s Choice Propel (see Propel Launcher review).

Treonauts are always launching new touches

Posted by Andrew on August 6, 2008 at 06:00 AM

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by beaconseries | Aug 6, 2008 2:46:58 PM

If you want an iPhone so badly that you are making your Treo look like an iPhone for poor people then just get an iPhone... First Post

by ken | Aug 7, 2008 6:29:26 AM

Same for the original iPhone which had a Palm emulator created for it so the phone would not just look pretty showing the net, videos, & music; it would be useful as a phone also.

by Dave | Aug 8, 2008 10:44:22 AM

I bought this launcher yesterday, primarily because I am a sucker for new launchers. What I have found is that it is painfully slow in terms of its load times. For now, it will remain resident in memory until the developer can further enhance it. It does, though, look like a good idea.

by mstein | Aug 11, 2008 4:50:17 AM

@ken touche. shame they can't do the same with the batteries and memory cards. mind you you could use the emulator to cut/copy and paste...

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