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The Beautiful Bonus of my New Treo Pro Case – Using an Ultraslim iPhone Case for This Ultraslim Palm Smartphone

I can hardly begin to tell you just how absolutely thrilled and delighted I have been playing with my new Treo Pro over the weekend and judging by the staggering 92% positive votes cast by almost 1,000 Treonauts it would seem that nearly everyone is as happy as I am about this stunning new Palm smartphone. 

The Treo Pro has actually been something of a revelation for me on so many fronts and after years telling myself that I would not likely ever be able to switch to Windows Mobile I am now rather seriously (Blasphemy! I know.) considering to do just that…

Treo Pro Case

Aside from installing over a dozen software titles and exploring many of the new Treo Pro functions and capabilities, I have to admit that (for obvious reasons) one of the greatest kicks that I also got was the ability to use an iPhone case and convert it into my new Treo Pro case – as it is almost exactly the same size and thickness.

Treo Pro Case - Front

Best Treo Pro CaseNaturally, I didn’t choose just any case for my Treo Pro but carefully selected the Incipio ORION Sleeve Case (pictured above) which provides a super elegant, extremely well built and ultraslim (adds only 1mm all around) pocket pouch to protect your smartphone in your pants, bag or jacket while on the go.

Treo Pro Case - Top

Everything about the Incipio ORION case makes a quality statement.  From the soft fine grain leather (below left) which has been perforated to give it a more modern and sporty look (reminds me of racing gloves) to the embossed logo at the front and the extremely solid stitching (below right) all around, this is a case that feels absolutely great in your hands.

 Treo Pro Case - Leather Treo Pro Case - Stitching

Additionally, this Treo Pro case offers a pull-out tab (below left) which makes it quick and easy to remove your smartphone.  At the same time I particularly like the fact that you can insert your device with the keyboard first or screen first (below right) in order to have access to the 3.5mm stereo jack at the back to listen to music while on the go.  A nice bonus is that the soft lined interior also cleans your flush touchscreen every time you slip it in the case.

 Treo Pro Case - Tab Treo Pro Case - Music

Overall, aside the fact that I’m naturally delighted to be able to fit my Treo Pro in an iPhone case (quite an achievement for Palm actually!) I have to say that for now at least this Incipio ORION will be one of my favourite new Treo Pro cases thanks to its beautiful leather, slim profile, lightweight design and practical pull-out tab.

Treo Pro Case - Back

Separately, here are the links to find your Centro cases and other Treo cases.

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Posted by Andrew on August 25, 2008 at 11:09 AM

Treo Pro Cases

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by tgwaste | Aug 25, 2008 3:03:30 PM

We waited all weekend for a review on an iphone case?

Lets see the good stuff! :D

by Andrew | Aug 25, 2008 3:30:13 PM

tgwaste - you will need just a little bit of patience as my review is coming in the next couple of days... In the meantime you can enjoy dreaming about what your new Treo Pro will look like in that iPhone case ;-)

Cheers, A.

by random9q | Aug 25, 2008 3:59:35 PM

The real test for me of this design is whether or not it sells well enough that Palm is looking healthy by about February.

That's when my contract is up, that's past when NovaOS SDK estimated to be released to developers, that's well past when the Android based devices have hit the market. I'll be looking to see if (1) Palm is healthy enough to stay with as an OS vendor and (2) their next-gen OS is stable enough to be relatively frustation free.

This looks like a nice enough device to give them a shot at need #1. Hope it pans out. Still need both.


by tgwaste | Aug 25, 2008 4:02:04 PM

ha ha.. berry funny ;)

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