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Editor's Choice Specials - September '08

Exclusive Treonauts Special Offer Allows You to Get One or More “Editor’s Choice” Treo and Centro Accessories at 10% Discount

Editor's-Choice 10% OffOver the last few months there have been more than a dozen new Treo and Centro accessories that have earned my coveted “Editor’s Choice” award and to help you experience some of these for yourself we’ve created a very special 10% Off Coupon that you can use towards the purchase of any of these top Treo and Centro accessories listed below.

This coupon is valid until midnight PST on [Now Extended!] Sunday, September 21.  Just enter the coupon code SUPERCHOICE during Checkout to apply this terrific 10% discount to any of these products in your cart.

Jabra-BT530Jabra BT530 Review
The most surprising new Bluetooth headset to emerge for your Treo or Centro smartphone in quite some time, this Jabra BT530 offers absolutely terrific performance and functionality in a small and light body.  I particularly love the convenient dedicated Power On/Off slider switch which allows you to extend your talk time while on the move.

Buy NowJabra BT530 
Was $89.95 – Now Only $80.95 (You Save $9.00)

Body-Glove-Side-CaseBody Glove Side Case Review (for Centro & Treo)
This excellent new Body Glove Side Case offers not only a very elegant and modern solution to carry your smartphone by your side but it is also extremely well built, feels great in your hands and happens to deliver one of the most convenient ways to access your device thanks to its large magnetic flap.

Buy NowBody Glove Side Case 
Was $24.95 – Now Only $22.45 (You Save $2.50)

Moto-EQ5Motorola EQ5 Review
The Motorola EQ5 is not just beautiful but also rather powerful.  For starters, you will be surprised to hear just how loud and clear the speakers are for such a tiny unit.  In this respect, it’s worthwhile noting that the EQ5 delivers high definition stereo sound powered by SRS WOW HD technology.  Additionally, it offers 6 hours of music play time.

Buy NowMotorola EQ5
Was $109.95 – Now Only $98.95 (You Save $10.99)

Nite Ize Backbone caseNite Ize Backbone Case Review 
Although it can’t be considered small the Nite Ize Backbone case is nonetheless extremely compact and comfortable by your side thanks to its super-strong flex-clip and the sure-grip pulls ensure that you can quickly and easily open the case to access your smartphone at any time.  While this case is not for everyone, I have very happily added to my own arsenal for those frequent occasions when I go hiking, biking or simply want a rugged case for the weekend – at this price it really was a no brainer.

Buy Now: Nite Ize Backbone Case
Was $15.95 – Now Only $14.35 (You Save $1.60)

Cellet Centro CradleCentro Cradle by Cellet Review
Overall, the Cellet Centro Cradle is without a doubt the very best cradle + HotSync + battery charging solution available today.  It offers the greatest value with the added benefit of a very elegant design and solid build in the slimmest form factor.

Buy Now: Centro Cradle by Cellet
Was $24.95 – Now Only $22.45 (You Save $2.50)

Centro Helix HolsterHelix Holster for Centro Review
Overall it’s rather easy to understand why the Helix Holster for Centro has proven to be so popular – it offers a strong and secure fit, provides added scratch protection thanks to its rubberized coating, includes two belt clips and has an elegant thin and light profile.

Buy Now: Helix Holster for Centro
Was $19.95 – Now Only $17.95 (You Save $2.00)

Phoneo Cradle SpeakerPhoneo Speaker Cradle System Review (for Centro & Treo)
The Phoneo Cradle Speaker System offers terrific value.  The design is extremely appealing, the build quality excellent, the speakers ultra powerful, the speakerphone loud and clear while a built-in sync & charge cradle specifically designed for your smartphone and a complete accessory kit combine to make it not only one of my favourite accessories but also the Best Treo & Centro Speaker System that I have come across to date.

Buy Now: Phoneo Cradle Speaker System
Was $99.95 – Now Only $89.95 (You Save $10.00)

Cellet Emergency ChargerCellet Emergency Charger Review (for Centro & Treo)
Overall, the Cellet Emergency Charger is a terrific and extremely well designed accessory that will appeal most to people who have chosen not to buy a spare battery and are looking for a good value alternative as well as for those people who can absolutely never find themselves without power while on the go.

Buy Now: Cellet Emergency Charger 
Was $12.95 – Now Only $11.65 (You Save $1.30)

Swiss Mobility Legion CaseSwiss Mobility Legion Organizer Case Review (for Centro & Treo)
Overall, leaving aside the minor detail of the lack of magnetic flaps, this Swiss Mobility Legion Smartphone Case has proven to be rather impressive – one that in my opinion delivers the best luxury organizer case to date.  It’s elegant, extremely well built, offers some beautiful and practical details (such as the back rubber pads) and is ultimately extremely convenient if you want to carry both your smartphone and cards/cash by your side.

Buy Now: Swiss Mobility Legion Organizer Case
Was $24.95 – Now Only $22.45 (You Save $2.50)

Belkin Mini Surge ProtectorBelkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger Review (for Centro & Treo)
Because I have too frequently had to experience the lack of available outlets (or poorly positioned outlets) during my trips plus the fact that I also have concerns about potential electrical damage to my laptop, smartphone and accessories I certainly feel that the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger will provide me with all the protection that I need and it has thus now been added to my kit.

Buy Now: Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger
Was $24.95 – Now Only $22.45 (You Save $2.50)

BlueAnt M1 SpeakersBlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers Review (for Centro & Treo)
Overall, the BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers System is one of the most attractive and well designed solutions that I have come across to date.  Not only does it deliver clear and powerful sound but it also happens to be extremly versatile thanks to its two wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (3.5mm) audio connectivity options as well as its two power options (wall charger or internal battery) that allow you to conveniently and simply use this unit both indoors or outdoors.

Buy Now: BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers
Was $159.95 – Now Only $143.95 (You Save $16.00)

Arkon Weighted Dash MountArkon Weighted Dash Mount & Holder Review (for Centro & Treo)
Overall, this Arkon Dash Mount is not only beautifully designed and built but more importantly it provides an excellent alternative to the traditional windshield mount.  Finally, considering that you’re getting both a dash mount and a windshield mount in one package this accessory also offers terrific value.

Buy Now: Arkon Weighted Dash Mount & Holder
Was $29.95 – Now Only $26.95 (You Save $3.00)

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Posted by Andrew on September 17, 2008 at 12:00 PM

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by Fashion clothing store | May 16, 2011 5:14:36 AM

Rather actually! Overall, the BlueAnt M1 Stereo Speakers System is one of the most attractive and well designed solutions that I have come across to date.

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