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Sprint Centro in Green & Rose Soon

Palm’s “Cheapest Keyboard Smartphone in History” Centro Soon Available in Green & Rose For Sprint

It appears that sales of the Palm Centro continue to climb at a very healthy pace and after crossing 2,000,000 units at the end of July we may very soon be celebrating the three millionth sale…  This is certainly the impression that I get from seeing Sprint and AT&T regularly trying to outdo each other with the introduction of yet another unique color for their Centro smartphone lineup.

Centro Green & Pink for Sprint

While the score currently stands at 3:3 with AT&T offering its Centro in Electric Blue, Black and White (pictured below) and Sprint offering Pink, Black and Red (pictured further below) according to some leaked images it appears that Sprint may soon take the lead with the introduction of two more unique colors – Electric Green and Rose pictured above.

AT&T Centro Colors

Clearly the continued expansion of the Centro range is a testament to the popularity and success of this terrific “Best Value Smartphone” which continues to delight millions of people with its small form-factor and terrific functionality.

Sprint Centro Colors

If you haven’t yet experienced the Centro you may want to have a look at this fun video review below from The New York Time’s David Pogue as well as naturally read my own in-depth review.


Separately, if you already own a Centro and are looking to add some accessories such as a new case or cradle to your existing smartphone kit or are planning to get one soon here is a short list of my top recommendations to help you find what you need in the Centronauts Store:

Editor’s Choice Centro Accessories

Centro StylusSeidio 2in1 Pen Centro Stylus
If you’ve ever been anywhere struggling to find a pen at hand to write something down you’ll quickly understand just how useful this dual pen/stylus for your Centro really is.

Centro Screen ProtectorSPE Centro Screen Protector
You could risk scratching your screen accidentally or simply choose these great screen protectors for your Centro instead.

Cellet Centro CradleCellet Cradle Dock
This is the slimmest and most elegant Docking + Battery Charging cradle available for your Centro and my own top choice.

Centro Skin CaseSmartphone Experts Skin Case
The most popular protection for your Centro remains a skin case and these thin one are washable, translucent, soft and durable while also including a removable belt clip.

Palm Air CasePalm Air Case
My favourite and Editor’s Choice Centro case provides a slim but very robust all-round protection against scratches and drops for your smartphone.  (See my review)

SPE Retractable S&C CableSPE Retractable S&C Cable
Probably the single best value accessory and one of the most essential items in my kit – this is one product you should never be without.  (See my review)

Palm Centro BatteryAnother great offer for Centronauts is the price drop of a spare original 1150mAh Palm Centro Battery which is now available for only $29.95 – saving you $20 (40%) off Palm’s MSRP.

This 1150mAh spare Centro battery from Palm (see my review) will provide you with an additional 3.5 hours of talk time or 240 hours of standby time – perfect for that extra juice you’ll need while on the go.

Additionally, if you’re looking for some great Centro Software please look at this month’s Top 10 applications where you’ll not only find some inspiration but also a 20% off coupon.

Centronauts are always very colorful

Posted by Andrew on September 8, 2008 at 07:30 AM

Palm Centro

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by Pete Lorenz | Sep 8, 2008 1:30:49 PM

Thanks for this info, Andrew......680 guy myself, but LOVE the green one (BOO-yah !!!..........right shade, too !!!)
Wife will undoubtedly go for the rose one.

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