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Treo 800w Skin Case Review

New Seidio FlexArmor Skin Case for Treo 800w Provides Excellent Rugged Protection For Your Smartphone

Treo 800w skin case

Best Treo 800w Skin CaseAlthough they have always been extremely popular, I have personally very rarely been a big fan of Treo skin cases or Centro skin cases but I have to admit that the new Seidio FlexArmor Skin Case for Treo 800w is a welcome exception – one that was sorely missing from both my previous Treo 800w cases and Treo 800w accessories posts.

Skin case for Treo 800w - Back

For starters, although recent skin cases have had the habit of becoming ultrathin this particular FlexArmor Treo 800w skin case is much thicker (still just 1mm) and designed from a high quality, flexible rubber-like material that is not only extremely easy to fit or remove over your smartphone but also happens to feel great in your hands.

Skin case for Treo 800w

In this respect, I particularly like the unique “finger grooves” (detail above) that Seidio has added at the back (four on either side) which further helps to increase the “grip” that this skin case provides.

 Treo 800w skin case - USB port detail Treo 800w skin case - cutout detail

Additionally, Seidio has done an incredibly good job at ensuring that its FlexArmor skin case is perfectly moulded for the Treo 800w with every single cutout for access to the USB port, side memory card slot, IR port, WiFi button, and back speaker and camera among others are fully and easily within reach.

Treo 800w skin case - keyboard detail

At the same time, I was glad to see that the typically tricky area around the keyboard was also properly done providing easy and comfortable access for your fingers to type unencumbered.  Seidio also decided to cover all the hard and navigation buttons with its skin – something which I initially had reservations about but that grew on me the longer I used this Treo 800w skin case.

Treo 800w skin case + holster

Finally, I was also delighted to see that I could combine my Seidio Innocase Holster for Treo 800w (pictured above) with this skin case to conveniently and comfortably carry the Treo 800w within easy reach by my side at all times.

Overall I have been extremely impressed with the new Seidio FlexArmor Skin Case for Treo 800w and I can’t remember the last time I found a truly “rugged” skin case that was this well designed and built.  Considering that I typically don’t even like skin cases it’s quite an achievement that I rated this particular one so highly.

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Treonauts always have a very thick skin

Posted by Andrew on September 18, 2008 at 12:56 PM

Treo Case

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by Jimmy | Nov 20, 2008 12:22:38 PM

Could you further comment on

"that is not only extremely easy to fit or remove over your smartphone".

How difficult was it really to get on or off? I have the Innocase, but it's way too fragile for my needs. So I'm considering the FlexArmor, but concerned that it may be too difficult to get off for when I need to change battery or remove battery for soft reset.

Any further thoughts would be appreciated.


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