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Vodafone Treo Pro Business Sales Begin

Vodafone UK Business Shop Releases Palm Treo Pro For Professional & Enterprise Markets

Treo Pro Vodafone

A couple of days ago the online Vodafone Business Shop in the UK began offering the “Super Hot” new Palm Treo Pro for sale with 12 and 18 months plans where it is available priced from free to £340.43 (some $612.00) depending on the plan that you select. 

For example, an 18 months contract with a plan costing $61 per month that includes 700 Mobile Minutes, 250 Texts, Unlimited Data and Unlimited Landline Calls offers the Treo Pro for $230 while the same plan costing $68 per month provides this smartphone for free (see below).  These are fairly normal business price plans in the UK which in this case will average a spend of between $1,330 and $1,250 over the 18 months period (a figure that is actually some $450 lower than what a comparable 16GB iPhone 3G voice, text and data plan would cost over the same period with AT&T in the US…)


Vodafone also currently has an offer which provides a free Plantronics VBH-300 Bluetooth Headset and Vodafone Universal Holder car kit as an incentive which is automatically added to your cart as you proceed to checkout.


More importantly perhaps, it is expected that Vodafone UK will make the Treo Pro available to the general public in the coming days and based on the overall feedback that I have received to date I expect this Palm smartphone to become a very popular hot seller – particularly with the European professional and enterprise markets that are increasingly adopting Windows Mobile as their preferred operating system.

Naturally, while all of this is great news for Treonauts in the UK and Europe many in the US are wondering when they might finally also get their hands on their very own Treo Pro.  In this respect, it appears that demand for pre-orders of the Unlocked Treo Pro that started a couple of weeks ago have been higher than anticipated.  Some early birds have already received theirs and others will likely be getting their super hot smartphone this week while those placing their orders today may have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery as Palm cranks up the volume to meet demand.

Additionally, it is also rather encouraging that during last week’s earnings call Palm CEO Ed Colligan confirmed that “carrier supported versions” of the Treo Pro are indeed planned for the US market (before the end of the year).  The most likely US carrier partner will be AT&T and I’m very much hoping that it will become available no later than mid-November.

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Treonauts are always ready to start something new

Posted by Andrew on September 22, 2008 at 08:30 AM
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