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Centro Case Specials - 40% Off!!!

Special Promotion Offers You 40% Off Top 3 Most Popular Cases For Your Centro

Centro cases

Following our case special last week a number of Centro owners complained that the cases included in that promotion were much more geared towards Treo and not Centro smartphones so the team behind our Treonauts and Centronauts store have now put together another unique promotion to make up for this…

Today they have selected three of the bestselling Centro cases – with the SPE Skin Case, SPE TopPouch and Mobi Crystal Case – to give you a huge discount coupon offering 40% Off these terrific and most popular cases for your Centro smartphone.

Simply enter the coupon code CENTROCASE40 during Checkout to apply this unique discount towards one or both of these terrific cases (you’re almost getting two for the price of one).  This promotion is valid until midnight PST on Friday, September 26 while stocks last so hurry to get your hands on yours.

Below you’ll find some more information about these terrific cases as well as links to my previous reviews.

Smartphone Experts Skin Case Review

Centro-Skin-CaseThe Centro Skin Case provides a thick (1mm), smooth and extremely elegant rubber skin (available in Clear, Black and Pink) that has been molded near perfection to fit like a glove around your Centro to protect it against bumps and scratches.

I am also particularly impressed by the overall level of detailing that has evidently gone into the design of this skin case.  For starters, the microdots on both sides at the back (detail below left) provide a much enhanced grip for your device and ensures that it won’t easily slip out of your hands as well as providing a very good tactile feel.

Was $14.95 – Now Only $8.97 (You Save $5.98 -40%)

Buy Now >>> Smartphone Experts Skin Case

Smartphone Experts TopPouch Review

Centro-Pouch-CaseUntil very recently most if not all leather Centro cases in our store were not specifically designed to custom fit this tiny smartphone but were instead cases (such as the bestselling P6 Pouch Case) that had originally been designed for the Treo.

Thankfully a terrific new range of high quality real leather Smartphone Experts cases including this Centro TopPouch now offer a very snug and protective fit for your Centro smartphone (available in a range of five colours from black, dark brown, tan, red and beige).

Was $24.95 – Now Only $14.97 (You Save $9.98 -40%)

Buy Now >>> Smartphone Experts TopPouch

Mobi Crystal Case

Centro-Skin-CaseThe Mobi Products Crystal Hard Case will keep your Centro protected without losing any functionality.

Its solid construction and a secure locking system will protect your Centro from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Cutouts for the screen, keyboard and other device features, will give you quick and easy access. A removable belt clip is also included.

Was $14.95 – Now Only $8.97 (You Save $5.98 -40%)

Buy Now >>> Mobi Crystal Case

Separately, please also remember that you can save 20% on any Centro software for you this month.  Simply enter the Coupon Code BESTSELLERS in your cart.

You should also specifically look at the terrific selection of Special Offers section of our software store as you’ll find some superb titles reduced by as much as 80%.

Centronauts are always very special

Posted by Andrew on October 1, 2008 at 12:44 PM
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