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Palm Treo Pro Leather Side Case Review

Molded Nappa Leather Treo Pro Side Case From Palm With Removable Belt Clip Offers Stylish Protection to Carry Your Smartphone

Palm Treo Pro Leather Side Case

With the release of the Treo Pro (now available from Amazon for $499), Palm has not only introduced a superb smartphone but also a completely new line of Treo Pro accessories that includes the new Palm Leather Side Case pictured above.

 Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather-Case Palm-Treo-Pro-Case

The Palm Leather Side Case for Treo Pro offers an interesting hard molded, high quality, very thick nappa leather construction that not only feels extremely solid but also looks more modern than traditional cases thanks to a completely stichless build – it almost feels as if the entire case was put together with a single piece of leather.


This Treo Pro Leather Side Case offers a very slim and tight fit as well as a soft natural suede interior which ensures additional scratch-proof protection.  Hidden under the large flap is one very strong magnetic strip that ensures proper strong closure.

Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - Profile

The slim profile of this Treo Pro case is also combined with an equally slim and very strong removable belt clip (pictured above).  Virtually the only issue that I have is the fact that Palm designers did not take into account the possible need to use a wired headset, music headphones or hybrid headphones (with microphone) as there is unfortunately no space on the side giving you access to the stereo jack.

 Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - Belt Clip 1 Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - Belt Clip 2

Having said this, one of the things that I do really like is that the Palm Treo Pro Leather Side Case has a unique removable belt clip system (pictured above and below) which allows you to lift a small velcro flap at the back to completely remove the ultraslim belt clip and transforms the case into a useful pouch case.

 Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - Belt Clip 3 Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - Belt Clip 4

Overall, although the Palm Leather Side Case is extremely slim and well built, offers a very high quality nappa leather construction, strong magnetic flap and has the convenience of a removable belt clip it nonetheless ultimately falls short of my highest rating because it lacks access to the stereo jack and also because priced at $39.99 it doesn’t offer particularly great value.

Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - On Belt

Therefore, my top three Editor’s Choice cases remain 1) the superb (my favourite) Incipio ORION Sleeve Case (see my review); 2) the equally beautiful Incipio Bond Street Leather Case pictured below (see my review) and 3) the modern and very popular Body Glove Side Case (see my review).  [Note the last two also conveniently have the benefit to fit the Centro and Treo 800w.]

Palm-Treo-Pro-Leather Side Case - Comparison

Treonauts are always looking for the best fit

Posted by Andrew on October 27, 2008 at 08:38 AM

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by Crowdawg | Oct 27, 2008 5:17:47 PM

I ordered the case as soon as it was released and really like the slim profile. The only complaint I have is the velcro piece isn't strong enough. I found it coming up and the case would be dangling from my belt. Since I don't expect to use it as simply a pocket case, I super glued the velcro piece down and haven't had a problem since.

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