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REDFLY Review With Remote Access

Review of Remote Desktop Access on REDFLY Mobile Companion Reveals Absolutely Stunning, Powerful, Fast & Simple Experience

Redfly review

There are always a few moments in life that you just never forget.  In this instance, I know that I will remember the first time that I launched Firefox from within a remote desktop screen using my Treo Pro and the REDFLY Mobile Companion (now reduced to only $199) for quite a while.  It was an absolutely amazing moment and I have to admit that I’m still excited about it as I write this.

As I pointed out in my original REDFLY Mobile Companion review a couple of weeks ago, this is a device that can not only display almost all of the top Windows Mobile software titles that you may have installed on your smartphone at a 800 x 480 resolution within an 8 inch screen, with a full-size keyboard, touchpad and support for a mouse but as I’ve now discovered the REDFLY also works _spectacularly_ well with, among others, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).


For my evaluation tests, the REDFLY manufacturer Celio set me up with a Virtual Machine running on Microsoft's Virtualization technology Hyper-V and after installing a small 700kb WM6 Remote Desktop application on my Treo Pro, entering my username and password I was inside a full Windows Desktop (image above) within a matter of seconds.


Within a couple more seconds I had already launched Firefox (above) and was ready to surf the web as if I had been sitting at my desktop.  Naturally, the speed of your wireless data connectivity is absolutely essential with RDP and I was lucky to have been able to have a steady HSDPA connection for this.  Sure there is a little latency using RDP via your Treo Pro + Redfly computer but overall nothing that really stands in the way of a great experience.

In combination with your Windows Mobile smartphone (such as the Treo Pro, Treo 800w) REDFLY offers a number of Remote Access, Virtualization and VPN options for both the enterprise and general business market including:

Citrix (Remote Access / Virtualization)
Access remote desktops, servers or push individual applications using Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop via the Citrix ICA Windows Mobile client. Full-screen 800x480-pixel display, keyboard and touchpad control provide a laptop-like experience.

GoToMyPC (Remote Access)
Remote access to your desktop via smartphone.
Full-screen 800x480-pixel display, keyboard and touchpad control provide a laptop-like experience.

StoneWare (Remote Access/ VPN)
Remote access to your company network via smartphone.
REDFLY Benefit: See your network line of business applications with an 8 inch display instead of a smartphone screen.

LogMeIn (Remote Access) 
Remote access to your desktop via smartphone. Full-screen 800x480-pixel display, keyboard and touchpad control provide a laptop-like experience.

RDP (Remote Access)
Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Windows Mobile client allows access to remote or virtual machines. Full-screen 800x480-pixel display, keyboard and touchpad control provide a laptop-like experience.

VMware (Remote Access / Virtualization)
VMware installations may be accessed through RDP. Full-screen 800x480-pixel display, keyboard and touchpad control provide a laptop-like experience.


I was already rather impressed by the Redfly and I have to admit that now that I’ve had the opportunity to experience Remote Desktop Access I’m even more keen on the whole idea of such a “Mobile Companion” – particularly now that it’s priced for a limited time at only $199.  Although I had my doubts before, it’s now becoming rather obvious that REDFLY is a winning solution for any Windows Mobile professional.

Top 10 Redfly Mobile Companion Benefits

  1. Present from your smartphone
    Deliver PowerPoint presentations from your phone via the REDFLY’s built-in VGA port.  Anything on the smartphone can be displayed via VGA.
  2. Travel light
    Leave your laptop behind, but take your data with you.
  3. Easy email, attachment and documents
    The larger display and keyboard make it easy to use email and applications such as Office Mobile (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  4. Web browser on a large display
    Enjoy a better web browsing experience with the ability to view pages without scrolling, zooming or squinting.
  5. ALT-TAB like a desktop
    Quickly move between open applications using the familiar Alt-Tab key stroke.
  6. Bluetooth to the phone
    Connect between your smartphone and the REDFLY via Bluetooth for a wire free experience.  Use your phone and REDFLY at the same time.
  7. Use a flash drive
    Access data using USB flash drives or memory cards with a card reader.
  8. Charge your smartphone
    Charge your smartphone while connected via USB for extended productivity time.
  9. Travel with one charger
    The REDFLY can be set to keep the USB ports powered when plugged into the wall. Charge the smartphone via USB and you only carry one charger.
  10. Notes on the fly
    Use the Windows Mobile Notes feature and take notes while on a phone call or in a meeting. All information is always with you and easily searched.

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Posted by Andrew on October 29, 2008 at 10:30 AM

Redfly Mobile Companion

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by caseyatbt | Oct 29, 2008 9:07:15 PM

How do you run Firefox from the WM device?

by Fred | Oct 29, 2008 10:57:11 PM

How is the speed on the remote desktop and on the go2mypc?

Did you feel like a laptop or real slow terminal?

by tomas316 | Oct 29, 2008 11:11:04 PM

They are running a RDP client to a full version of windows somewhere else. You can have access to the full power of a desktop, just using the redfly as a KVM(keyboard, video, monitor). That way your bandwidth is only screen updates. Also a more secure way to live. if someone steals your phone/redfly, you only loose hardware. Your data/software is safely stored somewhere else.

by stevenanny | Nov 21, 2008 6:48:30 PM

does it require active X ? I can not access sbs2003r2 network becuase active x is needed on phone.
I thought sbs relied on RDP?

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