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Top 10 Treo & Centro Software - October '08 Specials

In light of my move to the Treo Pro smartphone, this Monthly Software Bestsellers List changes format slightly to now show the Top 10 for both Windows Mobile software and Palm OS software titles.

As before, to help you enjoy using these terrific applications we’ve created a 20% off coupon valid throughout this month until October 31 – simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart to apply this discount [please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store or Centro Accessories Store].

You can use this coupon to purchase any application found in the software store but I strongly encourage you to start by looking at the 10 bestselling titles below, the full list of bestsellers in our store or my previous Top 100 Treo & Centro Software list.

Top 10 Windows Mobile Software for Treo

CorePlayer-PocketPC1. CorePlayer Mobile for Pocket PC 
There’s a reason why CorePlayer is consistently at the very top of the charts: it’s quite simply the very best multimedia player that you can get your hands on. 

Best Windows Mobile Video PlayerWith huge support for audio, video and image files of all types as well as YouTube suport with built-in browse and search, CorePlayer delivers a truly stunning experience and is in my opinion worth every cent.

>> Was $29.95 – Now Only $23.96

2. Elecont Weather 
Elecont-WeatherElecont Weather is worldwide 10-day, hour by hour weather forecast and current weather conditions plugin for Home/Today screen covering over 51,000+ worldwide locations.

The forecast is displayed with animated effects and multiple icon sets / layout types. Weather data is supplied by WSI Corp. the leader in weather-driven business solutions.

>> Was $14.95 – Now Only $9.95

3. MagiCall 
MagiCallMagiCall is a smart, rule based software for dual-way calls filtering and SMS filtering.

You can block unwanted callers, delete SMS spams, and prevent numbers from being dialled.  You can also use calling cards because MagiCall can automatically insert your card number and pin in front of the original number for you.

In addition, MagiCall can send SMS or launch applications with filtering, such as replying to an SMS to the caller or the sender or playing music.

>> Was $24.95 – Now Only $21.96

4. Spb Mobile Shell 
I have to admit that it would have been almost impossible for me to make the move to Spb-Mobile-Shellthe Windows Mobile Treo Pro without Spb Mobile Shell – to say that it’s an “essential” application would be a gross understament.

Best Windows Mobile User InterfaceSpb Mobile Shell essentially introduces a next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Windows Mobile device.

Spb Mobile Shell is the first program a Windows Mobile user needs to install. It dramatically improves the standard user interface and adds features that most users expect from a modern smartphone.

>> Was $29.95 – Now Only $23.96

5. PdaNet for Windows Mobile 
PDAnet-for-Windows-MobilePdaNet is one of the most popular software for Windows Mobile phones. This software allows your laptop (or desktop) to go online wirelessly by connecting it to your Windows Mobile Phone through the Sync cable, Bluetooth or even Wifi.

PdaNet uses the unlimited data plan on your phone and does not require any extra service.

>> Was $34.00 – Now Only $27.20

6. VsNotepad 2 
VsNotepad-2VsNotepad 2 allows you to organize your notes with a modern, simple and complete interface. You can now create books for a better organization of your notes. VsNotepad 2 has many note tools with indispensable functions.

You can save your pages in JPEG format and transfer them by emails, infrared or Bluetooth. VsNotepad 2 simplifies your daily notes.

>> Was $39.95 – Now Only $31.96

7. Ringo Mobile 
Ringo-MobileRingo Mobile lets you easily add the magic of MP3, WMA or WAV format ringtones to every call tone on your smartphone - bringing it to life, every time it rings.

Set Personal Ringtones for Friends & Groups
Ringo provides an easy way to set and change ringtones and SMS tones for your friends - just pick from a list of the contacts in your address book is listed. Each friend you set up can have a unique MP3, WMA, Wav or Midi ring and SMS tone.

>> Was $24.95 – Now Only $21.96

8. Handy Weather 
Handy-WeatherHandy Weather software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC keeps you connected with updated weather forecast anytime and anywhere. Plan more efficiently with the best weather tracking software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store!

All you need is Internet connectability to get weather news and forecast for 40 000+ preset cities. Weather data is provided by the Intellicast, the world’s leading meteorological company. No more complicated menus to scroll through to find the info you need. Just add Handy Weather to your Today screen and enjoy exact weather forecast. You will wonder how you ever got by without it

>> Was $17.95 – Now Only $14.36

9. InfoSafe Plus 
InfoSafe-PlusInfoSafe Plus is a complete secure information management software for your Windows Mobile smartphones which also conveniently includes PC companion software.

On your smartphone or PC you can now keep track and organize usernames, passwords, website logins, ID numbers, serial numbers, software codes, insurance info, bank accounts, credit cards, PINs, calling cards and much more.  Among others, InfoSafe Plus includes password protection, data encryption, random password generator, special security options, customizable categories and fields.

>> Was $29.99 – Now Only $23.99

10. Resco Keyboard PRO 
Resco-Keyboard-PROResco Keyboard PRO is a powerful input method. It gives you the ability to write texts and control your applications faster than ever before. In addition to the system keyboard, there are three numeric layouts, including a "Writing Calculator" for typing numbers or numerical expressions.

Furthermore, there is a special keyboard that allows you to customize your Windows Mobile smartphone for fast insertion of frequently used phrases. The keyboard is fully skinable and supports more than 20 national keyboard layouts.

>> Was $19.95 – Now Only $15.96

Top 10 Palm OS Software for Treo & Centro

1. TouchLauncher  (Experience Touch!)
TouchLauncherTouchLauncher is a new launcher for Palm OS 5. It sports a beautiful user interface and combines basic launcher features with new ideas. TouchLauncher can be used to run applications on your device with your fingers, as well as perform other basic tasks with them.  The fact that it’s priced at only $6.99 is naturally also a huge bonus.  [Read my full TouchLauncher review.]

>> Was $6.99 – Now Only $5.60

2. Butler  (Always at your Service!)
Butler Treo SoftwareButler is the assistant who thinks of everything with Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard, Hide Popups, Business Card Beam and much more it is no wonder that it has been a top 10 bestselling Treo software for nearly two years now.

Butler contains 7 complete sets of utilities yet costs less than most single applications – probably one of the many reasons why it has consistently proven so popular.

>> Was $14.95 – Now Only $11.96

3. CallRec (Record Everything!)
CallRecCallRec is a small and extremely easy to use application that will record important phone calls, a voice memo or any other sound coming in or out of your Treo or Centro at the simple push of the Side Button so that you can listen to them later. 

CallRec is the premier voice recording application for your smartphone. This simple-to-use application also allows you set an option to automatically record all your phone calls and it store files directly to the memory card and recording duration is limited only by free space on the card.

Read my full review: Treo Call, Sound & Memo Recordings with CallRec

>> Was $19.99 – Now Only $15.99

4. Ringo Pro - Treo Ringtone Player (#1 For Ringtones!)
RingoProThe obvious practical aspect of Ringo is that it will allow you to bring your Treo alive with amazing MP3 ringtones - and set personal tones and pictures for friends and groups. 

Ringo Pro lets you add the magic of MP3 ringtones to every call - bringing your smartphone to life, every time it rings.  You can use your favourite music, or explore the world of "real tones" to add some great new call effects to your phone.

Read my full review: Ringo – Personalize your Treo with Ringtones

>> Was $29.99 – Now Only $23.99

5. VolumeCare Pro (Boost Your Volume!)
VolumeCare ProMany people have complained about low volume input and output while on a call in different environments.  As usual, it should not be too surprising that a small third-party utility called VolumeCare has sprung up to correct this issue becoming one of the bestselling Treo applications in the process – one which countless Treonauts bless every day. 

Read my full review: Loud & Clear with VolumeCare

>> Was $19.95 – Now Only $15.96

VoiceDialIt6. VoiceDialIt 
VoiceDialIt is the premier voice dialing application for the Palm OS Treo and Centro smartphones. This simple-to-use application allows you to dial your existing contacts with ease by simply stating their name. Within minutes you can train multiple contacts and start dialing with high accuracy with your voice.

>> Was $17.95 – Now Only $14.36

TAKEphONE7. TAKEphONE  (Fastest Dialer!)
The latest version, TAKEphONE v7.6 is one of my most trusted utilities which greatly enhances the capabilities of Treo and Centro address books.  TAKEphONE has been extensively reviewed and consistently receives accolades for improving search, dialing, emailing, and SMS on Palm OS smartphones.

TAKEphONE is one of the simplest and most complete Contacts/Phone replacement applications that I have come across and anybody yearning for a better solution than the built-in Contacts program in our Treo and Centro will quickly be won over by it.  (See my review)

>> Was $19.95 – Now Only $15.96

8. Real Dice NetworkReal Dice Network  
Real Dice has been recognized with numerous industry awards in 2006, including Developer of the Year and Game of the Year. When you join the Real Dice family, you can be sure you'll get a first-class gaming experience.

New games are added regularly and the full Real Dice catalog currently includes: Poker (Texas Hold’em), Backgammon, Chess, Mahjong, Sudoku, Dominoes, BlackJack, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette, Hearts and Spades.

CorePlayer9. CorePlayer 
CorePlayer is simply the best video player available for your Treo or Centro and one of the absolutely essential applications on my smartphone.

With huge support for audio, video and image files of all types as well as YouTube suport with built-in browse and search, CorePlayer delivers a truly stunning experience and is in my opinion worth every cent.

>> Was $29.95 – Now Only $23.96

10. Phone Technician  (Do More!)
Phone TechnicianThere will always be some small but irritating things that your Treo can’t or won’t do well or at all – this is when ‘enhancing’ applications such as Phone Technician come to the rescue and empower you to do more and better things with your Treo.  Take control of your Treo with Sound booster to boost your volume so you can better hear your calls, Mp3 Ringtones, escalating ringtones and more. 

Read my full review: Phone Technician – You Always Need One

>> Was $14.95 – Now Only $11.96


Separately, below is a selection of some Editor’s Choice products which contains the bestselling and highest rated accessories for your smartphone:

Essential Accessories for your Treo & Centro

Special Offer: get 20% Off on any one of the three essential items below by using Coupon Code ESSENTIALS at Checkout.

  1. SPE Retractable S&C Cable (see my review)
  2. SanDisk MobileMate SD+ Reader
  3. 2.5mm Stereo Adapter

Editor’s Choice Treo & Centro Accessories

Best Centro Accessories

Best Treo Accessories

Finally, since there are a lot of newly-minted Treo 800w owners this month please see my Treo 800w Accessories Review as well as Treo 800w cases.

Treonauts always get something special

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