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Treo 800w Battery Charger

Palm Spare Battery Charger for Treo 800w and Centro Offers Ultrasmall, Ultralight & Convenient Option With Dual Palm + microUSB Connectors to Charge Your Spare Battery On The Go

Treo 800w Battery Charger

Palm has finally released its superb Battery Charger for Treo 800w (also works with Centro batteries) – an accessory that is nearly identical to similar models previously released for the Treo.  Palm’s battery charger continues to be one of the smallest and lightest portable battery chargers of any kind that I have come across to date and is in my opinion one of the best designed accessories that the company has ever released.

The main difference with this Centro and Treo 800w Battery Charger is that instead of using just the standard Palm connector it now conveniently offers BOTH a microUSB connector AND standard Palm charging connector so that you can use your existing microUSB Treo 800w wall charger, car charger or even USB Sync & Charge Cable (all pictured below) to keep a spare battery charging at all times while you’re on the move.  Centro owners can do the same with their Palm wall charger, car charger and cable.

Treo 800w Chargers for Battery

The only thing that I find a little bit annoying and which has nothing to do with the product itself is the fact that Palm is only making this fantastic Centro and Treo 800w Battery Charger available bundled with a standard spare 1150mAh battery.  This is great for people who have not yet purchased a spare battery but leaves those who already have one having to spend $59.95 for the bundle instead of $19.95 for just the battery charger.

This bundle issue is particularly frustrating for me since I already own the entire collection of batteries with a standard 1150mAh battery (4.5 hours Talk Time), a 2600mAh Extended Battery (10 hours Talk Time) and more recently also added a 1350mAh Small Extended Battery (5.25 hours Talk Time).  I therefore have absolutely no need to add yet another battery to my arsenal.  I would however very much like to get just the battery charger with its microUSB connector – particularly as it will charge all of the above batteries…

Overall there is absolutely no doubt that this battery charger unit is superbly designed and extremely convenient to have when travelling so as to keep your spare battery fully charged.  If you don’t already have a spare battery then this bundle will make a lot of sense but if you do then you’ll either have to be ready to splurge or alternatively get yourselft a Treo 800w Batttery Cradle or Centro Battery Cradle.

Treonauts are always fully charged

Posted by Andrew on October 31, 2008 at 10:36 AM

Treo 800w Accessories

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