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Treo 800w Stylus & Pen Stylus Review

Standard Palm Plastic Stylus and Solid Pen Stylus for Treo 800w Offer Distinct Options & Value

Treo 800w Stylus

As I pointed out in my Treo 800w review, one of the minor disappointments with this otherwise rather stellar and very popular smartphone is the fact that Palm decided to include a plastic rather than a solid Treo 800w stylus.

Treo 800w Standard Plastic Stylus

Considering that many Treo 800w owners use their stylus throughout the day they have found that the standard plastic Palm stylus (pictured above) has a propensity to “bend and bounce” when applied on their touchscreen or held in their hands – something which can evidently become a bit frustrating.

Personally this issue of the bending Treo 800w stylus is not super important for me as I use the stylus far too infrequently for it to really matter.  Having said this, I naturally fully understand how many Treo 800w owners using a stylus daily might prefer to have an option that is completely solid and rigid instead.

Treo 800w Pen Stylus

Thanks to the Seidio Pen Stylus for Treo 800w (pictured above) those looking for an alternative to the standard plastic stylus actually get two additional benefits.  The first is that this Treo 800w pen stylus is completely “solid and unbendable” aluminium body and the second is the fact that the back of the stylus conveniently includes a black ink pen (accessible by removing the cap) so that you can quickly jot something down while on the go.

I personally also like the fact that even with the cap removed you still get to use one side as a normal stylus and the other as a pen so that you can actually write and tap simultaneously.  Additionally, each of the styli contained in this 3–pack conveniently include a set of two spare caps in case they get lost.

Overall, whether you have lost your original Treo 800w Palm stylus or simply want a more sturdy pen stylus alternative the fact is that everyone will agree that a stylus is one of the six most essential accessories for your smarpthone and typically always one of the Top 10 items bought.

Separately, below you’ll find some of the Top 5 Treo 800w accessories:

1. Motorola MicroUSB High Performance Car Charger
Treo 800w Car ChargerPower and battery life has been one of the most debated issues with the Treo 800w.  However, it’s evident that the combined use of 3G + WiFi + GPS on a daily basis will drain power on this smartphone faster and this is presumably the reason for the popularity of this Treo 800w car charger (along with a battery and spare wall charger) which allows you to keep your device fully charged while driving to or from work or while on the go.

This Motorola MicroUSB High Performance Car Charger in particular is extremely well built and beautifully designed with a strong and durable coil for extendable reach and the unique lens illuminates when plugged into your vehicle's power socket

Only $14.95 – See More Treo 800w Car Chargers  

2. Palm 1150 mAh Battery
Treo 800w BatteryPerhaps the simplest way to ensure that you always have some extra power on the go is just to get a spare Treo 800w battery which will instantly double your talk time.

Only $29.95 – See More Treo 800w Batteries  

3. Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors (3-Pack)
Treo 800w Screen ProtectorsAs I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, most seasoned Treonauts know full well that the touchscreen is not only one of the most delicate components of their smartphone but also one prone to scratches if unprotected.  These Smartphone Experts Screen Protectors ensure peace of mind.

Only $15.95 – See More Treo 800w Screen Protectors  

4. SPE P6 Pouch Case
Treo 800w CaseGiven the fact that this P6 Pouch Case has been the bestselling case for all Treo smartphones for over two year it should not be surprising to see that it’s also one of the most popular for Treo 800w owners.  Its extremely sturdy build combined with a large and strong front magnetic flap combined with its low price continue to make the P6 one of the best value products.

Only $19.95 – See More Treo 800w Cases 

5. Motorola MicroUSB Rapid Travel Charger
Treo 800w Wall ChargerAdding to the Treo 800w “power kit” this Rapid Travel Charger from Motorola is not only perfect for travel as it’s very small and light but also ideal for recharging your smartphone quickly as it does so in just 120 minutes.

Only $19.95 – See More Treo 800w Wall Chargers  

Treonauts always look for solid options

Posted by Andrew on October 6, 2008 at 10:38 AM

Treo 800w Accessories

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