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Treo Pro Leather Side Case

Incipio Bond Street Leather Case for Treo Pro Offers Superb Premium Leather, Design, Craftsmanship Solution to Carry Your Smartphone by Your Side

Treo Pro Leather Side Case

As I mentioned in my original Treo Pro cases post, because this latest smartphone from Palm is so ultraslim and shares almost the exact physical dimensions of the iPhone, one of the greatest kicks that I have had is the ability to use a number of iPhone cases and conveniently convert them into a Treo Pro case.

Treo Pro Pocket Sleeve

My first Treo Pro case “Editor’s Choice” selection was the Incipio ORION Sleeve Case (pictured above) which provides a super elegant, extremely well built and ultraslim (adds only 1mm all around) pocket pouch to protect your smartphone in your pants, bag or jacket while on the go.  I absolutely love it and does a superb job protecting my $549 smartphone.

Treo Pro Leather Case

Best Treo Pro Leather Side CaseHaving said this, while the Incipio ORION Sleeve Case is great in my jacket or pocket it lacks a belt clip so after much research I finally found the Incipio Bond Street Leather Case for Treo Pro – a case (pictured above) which retains the elegance, build quality and slimness of my original sleeve case but adds both a belt clip and magnetic flap among others.

 Treo Pro Leather Case - Detail 1 Treo Pro Leather Case - Lining

The Incipio Bond Street Leather Case is made entirely of very high quality leather which feels great in your hands, superb craftmanship (the stitching for example is flawless throughout) and offers smooth micro suede lining inside for extra protection (above right).

Treo Pro Leather Case - Back Belt Clip

I also particularly like the fact that this Incipio Bond Street Leather Case manages to remain ultrathin throughout.  The strong leather covered belt clip for example is one of the slimmest that I have yet come across and even the magnet of the front flap is concealed in such a way that you barely see it’s there.

Treo Pro Leather Case - Profile

I also like all of the strategically placed openings at the bottom of the case (image above) and the sides which make it easy to remove your Treo Pro from the case quickly while by your side (image below).

Treo Pro Leather Case - On Belt

Finally, the good news is that the Incipio Bond Street Leather Case not only fits your Treo Pro like a glove but will also very happily accomodate a Centro smartphone.

Separately, as an alternative I can also very highly recommend the bestselling Body Glove Side Case (see my review) which uses high-quality rubber in its construction instead of leather.

Treonauts always aim super high

Posted by Andrew on October 17, 2008 at 10:20 AM

Treo Pro Cases

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by Dave Beauvais | Oct 17, 2008 11:43:57 AM

The side edge of the case appears as though it would obstruct the headphone jack; is that correct? There's no photo of that end of the device in the case.

by Andrew | Oct 17, 2008 11:53:01 AM

Dave - the headphone jack of the Treo Pro is not _immediately_ available (partly obstructed) but a workaround is to position your smartphone with the headphone jack on the left side of the case and there's no problem at all (full access).

For the Centro smartphone the headphone jack is similarly fully accessible on the right side of the case.

Cheers, A.

by TERRY | Oct 25, 2008 5:22:25 PM

Would it be posibble to fit the palm treo pro and the slim 2g ipod touch into this one leather holster? thanks!

by Bob | Oct 11, 2009 4:51:05 PM

The incipo orion case inside dye marked the rubber key on my treo pro. Therefore they are not white anymore, but purple :(

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