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Treo Pro Now Available In Treonauts Store

New Unlocked Palm Treo Pro Now Available in Treonauts Store For $549.95 – Includes Bonus Free Retractable Sync & Charge Cable ($11.95 Value)

Palm Treo Pro smartphone

There’s absolutely no doubt that the “Super Hot” Treo Pro is the best smartphone that Palm has released in years and and to say that I have been completely bowled over would be a rather mild understatement.  As I have mentioned before, the combination of the Treo Pro looks, ultraslim form-factor and terrific hardware specifications  (including WiFi and GPS) have made me completely fall in love with this smartphone and I now use it every day.

As many Treonauts have already been able to discover, the Treo Pro is simply the very coolest Windows Mobile smartphone with a full front QWERTY keyboard and high-resolution touchscreen that you can get your hands on in the world today. 

Treo Pro Specifications

The good news for those who have not yet made the jump is that the Treo Pro is now available to buy directly from the Treonauts Store priced at $549.95 with the bonus that it includes one of my Editor’s Choice and essential everyday accessories – a bundled free SPE Micro USB Sync & Charge Cable valued at $11.95.

Aside from this free S&C cable and the smartphone itself, the Palm Treo Pro box includes (image at top):

Treo Pro accessories

Naturally, new owners will like me need to get some other Treo Pro accessories to help protect their smartphone and enhance its capabilities.  Some of my own top choices are listed below:

If for any reason you haven’t yet made up your mind to move or upgrade to the Treo Pro below you’ll find the top 10 reasons most highly cited by Treonauts in a recent survey (484 responses as of 09/25/08) who are like me finding the Treo Pro not only extremely appealing but also absolutely irresistible:

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Treo Pro

  1. Ultraslim & Ultrasleek Form-Factor & Stunning Design Treo Pro Top Marks
  2. Full QWERTY Keyboard + High Resolution 320x320 Flush Touchscreen Treo Pro Top Marks
  3. Built-in WiFi (802.11 b/g with WPA, WPA2, 801.1x authentication) Treo Pro Top Marks
  4. Built-in GPS (Standalone and Asssisted GPS) Treo Pro Top Marks
  5. High-Speed Wireless Data (3G HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE) Treo Pro Top Marks
  6. It’s a Palm Smartphone Treo Pro Top Marks
  7. Dedicated Silent Ringer Switch Button Treo Pro Top Marks
  8. Standard 5 Hours Talk Time (Up to 7 hours Continuous) Treo Pro Top Marks
  9. Dedicated WiFi On/Off Button Treo Pro Top Marks
  10. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 Treo Pro Top Marks

Additionally, it is worthwhile noting just how overwhelmingly positive the overall attitude has been towards the Treo Pro.  As you can see from our original poll below (1,652 responses as of 09/25/08) it very clearly and very loudly conveys a unanimous rating: the Treo Pro is definitely HOT.

Treo Pro Hot Chart

If you haven’t already done so, there hasn’t been a better time to order your very own Unlocked Treo Pro smartphone directly from the Treonauts Store priced at $549.95 with the bonus of a free Retractable Sync & Charge Cable.

Separately, if you’re looking for some more in-depth information about the Treo Pro please read these previous posts:

Moving to Windows Mobile Treo Pro
Treo Pro Specifications
Treo Pro Review
Treo Pro Preview

Treonauts are always very hot

Posted by Andrew on October 8, 2008 at 08:15 AM

Treo Pro

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by How hot is it, Andrew? | Oct 8, 2008 11:01:56 AM

Tell us how hot it is!

How many sold in one month on this website?

by Fred Schmitthammer | Oct 8, 2008 11:17:18 AM

We need you to use your great contacts to find out when Sprint is adding the Treo Pro!!!!

I really want the Treo Pro... However, I need to stick with Sprint.

by Bryce | Oct 8, 2008 11:31:29 AM

When oh when will a CDMA version be available for us Alltel/Verizon users????

by ENE | Oct 8, 2008 12:09:48 PM

Hi Andrew: Would you tell me how easy/hard/imposible is to transparently transfer ALL calendar, contacts, memos, etc., info to the hot Treo-Pro? Thanks...I value and appreciate your information very much, keep the good work.

by Andrew | Oct 8, 2008 12:28:58 PM

HHIS - We won't know for sure just how hot the Treo Pro is until Palm release figures at the end of the quarter but based on customer feedback thus far it appears to be doing extremely well.

Bryce - it is unlikely that a Verizon version of the Treo Pro will become available anytime soon but the Verizon Treo 800w should be released very shortly.

ENE - I had absolutely no problem whatsoever quickly transferring ALL my calendar, contacts, memos, etc. into the Treo Pro (using MS Outlook). However, because I use multiple Contact and Calendar folders in Outlook I also installed the Pocket Mirror Professional software to sync these which I now consider essential.


Cheers, A.

by Gee | Oct 8, 2008 12:44:46 PM


I have to agree that this Treo Pro is by FAR the best phone they have put out and I have had "almost" all of them including the Centro.

Can you assist me with one thing? The phone when I purchased it, Palm sales advised me that GPS Telenav would work with "NO" fee, unfortunately when the device was received I contacted Telenav to activate the navigation and it comes with 30 day free trial but $9.99 monthly charge. My question is what GPS service can i download that would work without the need of using a micro SDcard to utilize the maps etc. I use the microSD slot fo memory and would like to not have to take out my micro sdcard to put in navigation sdcard? Thanks

by Chris | Oct 8, 2008 12:50:14 PM

Already bought mine. Then shipped it back & went back to my 650. I'll wait 'til it's got PalmOS instead on Windows Mobile.

by Andrew | Oct 8, 2008 12:51:24 PM

Gee - the Telenav GPS solution is by far the best available if you don't want to use a memory card for your GPS maps.

It's true that the $9.99 monthly charge adds up but then again you get one of the easiest and most trouble-free solutions available.

For example, although I managed to hack TomTom Navigator 6 to work on my Treo Pro I have found it all to be a less than idea solution precisely because of the memory card issue and also internal GPS connection.

Over the coming weeks I will test a number of other GPS solutions for the Treo Pro that use memory cards and naturally write a review of these.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, A.

by Jack Graham | Oct 8, 2008 4:17:42 PM

@Chris: Having used a 650 for a long time, I have to ask: How could you possibly use the Treo Pro and now go back to the 650? I use the 800w, which I am very happy with (although I'd love that 3.5mm headset input on the Pro) but I'd go back to my Centro before I'd ever go back to a 650.

by Ajax | Oct 8, 2008 7:26:16 PM


Something to think about in the GPS write up you will be doing, can you talk about GPS solutions that allow you to put maps onto your own microSD cards. I carry an 8GB in my Treo 800w and I have the space for maps, but i do not know which programs will allow me to use my own card.


by chris | Oct 8, 2008 9:39:42 PM

A. I am probably old school but we have been able to adapt the palm desk top to do some things we have never been able to get outlook to do. so do U think there will be a palm os version of the pro in the future? chris thomas

by TazUk | Oct 9, 2008 1:37:35 PM

@Gee, the solution to the memory card problem is to transfer the GPS Software/Maps from the card provided onto the bigger card you use for everything else :o)

by dmm | Oct 9, 2008 3:14:48 PM

Chris--while I can't speak for Andrew, I'll put my thoughts out there on Palm Desktop and future devices.

1) All indications are that Garnet (the current Palm OS) will be limited to the Centro, going forward. Palm trying to create a device like a Pro running Garnet would mean stripping out enough features that there would hardly be a difference from the Centro. (Palm might integrate things like the flush screen, the 3.5mm jack, and the Micro USB port into a "Centro 2"--if and when they're ready to launch it.)

2) On Nova (the new Palm OS in development), Ed Colligan has referred to "new form factors"--if memory serves, he's made this reference multiple times. Just what those new devices will look like, of course, is still under wraps. I do expect, though, that there will be at least one "safe" option for Nova that will resemble the overall Treo/Centro design. (Whether it would resemble the Pro more than it would other models, of course, is not yet clear.)

3) From the looks of it, Palm did not license Palm Desktop/HotSync from Access along with the operating system, so they're probably working on their own sync utility. Some people have predicted that it will be cloud-based. It's likely to mean limited support for Palm Desktop going forward.

If you're going from a Palm OS device + Palm Desktop to a Pro and don't want to use Outlook, I suggest Mozilla Thunderbird (with either Lightning or Sunbird for the calendar) and BirdieSync.

by Trollark | Oct 9, 2008 8:34:08 PM

Hi there,

Thanks dmm, that's useful information.

I currently own the Treo 700p and am considering buying the Pro. I'm also NOT an Outlook user. So if I move from the 700p to the Treo Pro, what else isn't transferable? Contacts? Am I forced to use an MS email client or is Versamail available? Anything else I'm not considering that will piss me off once I get into the setup?


by dmm | Oct 10, 2008 10:10:51 AM


I'm not an Outlook user either--never have been and I'm not going there. I'll be switching from Palm Desktop to Mozilla Thunderbird--with either Lightning or Sunbird plugins, and BirdieSync (www.birdiesync.com)--to sync with the Pro).

And as I'm getting the Pro for its hardware and largely *despite* Windows Mobile, I'll be customizing the software heavily.

Here's some of the software on my list (in no particular order)

- FlexMail
- Pocket Informant
- SMS-Chat
- Spb Mobile Shell
- Spb Phone Suite (once there's a version compatible with 320x320!)

by dmm | Oct 10, 2008 10:16:12 AM

Oops, need to reread my previous posts next time so I don't repeat myself like that...

by Trollark | Oct 10, 2008 12:32:33 PM

Thanks dmm,

Again useful info and I've bookmarked all the utilities mentioned. Does anyone know if an extensive contact list will port over (from Palm Treo700p to a TreoPro).

I'm itching to click on the BUY feature above, but won't unless this can be done. I ain't typin those in again!


by Chris | Oct 11, 2008 3:48:59 AM


The answer as to how I could go back to my Treo 650, Windows Mobile.

Palm OS is a better design for a PDA/Smartphone. I know it has its limits. It needs some significant updates to modernize it. But all the basic PDA apps included are better than their Windows Mobile counterparts from my experience.

The Palm OS versions of the contact manager, task list, calendar, and notepad are easier to navigate, and are simpler designs compared to the Windows versions. Yet they all have at least as many features.

While I would never buy a phone without a touch screen, Palm OS has the 5 way navigation perfected. I can do almost everything without ever needing to tap the screen. It's great for one handed use.

There are several things I tried doing on Windows Mobile where I could not use the 5 way to navigate, you must use the touch screen, and it eliminates the one handed operation. Even Google Maps on Palm has better keyboard shortcuts than the Windows Mobile version.

I will give Windows Mobile credit, Outlook is better than the built in Palm email software, but I long ago replaced that with SnapperMail Enterprise edition. And SnapperMail blows away Outlook on features and ease of use.

The only other feature of Windows Mobile I preferred was the web browser. I've hated Blazer for a while now. While I refuse to use Internet Explorer on a desktop PC, the mobile version is probably the best mobile browser out there, at least until the Mozilla developers release one.

About the Centro, it looks like a good product, but I just don't see reason to upgrade. The hardware is no better than the 650. The only difference is a little more RAM and a better camera. The specs I see show it to have the same processor as my 650. But I have a larger battery, 1800mAh vs 1150mAh.

Why pay $299 for an unlocked Centro when it's not any real upgrade. Plus I hate the white unlocked version, it needs to have other color options. But if my phone dies sometime, then I'd buy a Centro to replace it. BTW, I need the unlocked version since I'm on T-Mobile.

by eksk | Oct 13, 2008 3:43:30 AM

does the Treo Pro supports all previous application written for Garnet OS via a workaoround ( vis styletap )?

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