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Jabra JX20 Review

New Jabra JX20 PURA Titanium Edition Bluetooth Headset Offers Plenty of Style but Lacks Some Substance

Jabra JX20

Given the huge past success of the Jabra JX10 I have to admit that I was rather excited at the opportunity to get my hands on one of the very first new high-end Jabra JX20 PURA Titanium Edition headsets to arrive in the US.


As with the JX10, the Jabra JX20 has been designed by the famous scandinavian Jacob Jensen design house who have focused on delivering a “luxury” product and a “premium experience” through the use of very clean and delicate lines as well as the titanium front plate and an “intelligent” rather gorgeous desk charger (pictured above).


There’s no doubt that the Jabra JX20 looks extremely good – it’s very small (only 1.5” / 4cm long), very light (only 12 grams / 0.42 oz) and rather comfortable to wear as a result.  There’s also the fact that it offers an innovative On/Off switch (pictured above) that allows you to preserve battery life by simply rotating the main speaker when not in use and conveniently has a built-in microUSB charging connector which is ideal for current Treo 800w and Treo Pro owners.

Additionally, a beautiful JX20 deskstand allows you to keep your headset charging when not in use and a discreet white LED light indicator at the front of the unit displays the current charge level.  There’s also the fact that the Jabra JX20 is ready to wear without an earhook as you can simply insert it in your right or left ear.  At the same time if like me you prefer an earhook two sizes are conveniently included in the package.


The full Jabra JX20 accessories kit (pictured above) includes a microUSB charging cable, a beautiful deskstand, microUSB wall charger, two earhooks (large and small) and two ear gels.  Given its price however I would have expected Jabra to also include a car charger and at least four earhooks since they can get lost easily and also a more complete set of eargels.

In terms of audio quality, I found both the inbound and outbound sound and volume to be excellent and you also conveniently get the option to listen to mono music streaming via A2DP.  An “intelligent volume setting” automatically adjusts the volume level of incoming calls and music while loud voices are reduced and whispers are amplified.  At the same time an “acoustic shock protection” protects your ear from being exposed to very loud and sudden noises.


Although Jabra claims that the JX20 also offers built-in “noise canceling technology” and “active noise reduction” the fact is nonetheless that in my tests under extremely loud and noisy environments this headset unfortunately faltered badly when compared to other best-in-class noise cancellation headsets such as the superb (my favourite) Jabra BT530, bestselling New Jawbone and popular voice-controlled BlueAnt V1.

There is undoubtedly much to like about the Jabra JX20 – it’s a beautiful headset with a unique accessory kit and offers excellent sound and volume – but I nonetheless feel that a premium priced product such as this should be able to deliver much better noise cancellation technology. 

If Jabra were to update the JX20 with the same “Noise Blackout” technology as that found on the Jabra BT530 I would have no trouble recommending it as one of the best headsets on the market but as it currently stands it’s just a very good luxury product that in my opinion unfortunately offers much more style than substance. 

Overall, if you are looking for an exclusive ultrasmall, ultralight and ultracool headset then the Jabra JX20 may be perfect for you but if you’re likely to frequently be in very loud environments then I suggest that you instead look at one of my top noise cancellation headset choices below.

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Posted by Andrew on November 3, 2008 at 08:45 AM

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